Name: Falora

Age: 14

Bday: March 17 (Pisces)

Gender: Female

Status: Goddess Second Class Limited, of Luck

Appearance: 4'9", with cheek-length blone hair, hazel eyes, and a slim figure. Her facial markings are thus: two green cheek wedges (which are more like triangular rings) and two small green rings on her forehead between her eyebrows. She wears two small loop earrings, and has a third silverish stud on her left ear.

General Clothing: Her uniform is something like Skuld's, except the sleeves are a lot shorter, and she wears shorts instead of a skirt, and the overall color scheme is green (her favorite). She also wears a gold hoop around her neck that has three smaller gold rings and an emerald jewel charm hanging from it. The jewlery isn't just ornamentative, it both defines and restricts her powers. When she's not wearing her uniform, Falora tends towards cute, casual clothes that she's comfortable in, since fashion isn't a big deal for her.



In General: Falora exudes an honest, simple joy that makes her very pleasant to be around. She can see good side of any situation, and is very optimistic about its outcome. Her naivete occasionally gets her into trouble, but it's an innocence most people are hesitant to take advantage of. She's also very enthusiastic about her job...sometimes a bit overly so...and very determined to do things right, even if she screws up horribly.

She's a bit short for her age, so she tends to be rather sensitive about her height (or, rather, lack thereof). She's also more than aware of her klutziness, and so will apologize for things that aren't necessarily her fault.

Reactions to...

1. Greetings/smalltalk/etc--Again, Falora is very friendly and cheerful. She'll initiate most conversations, but her topics are limited to what she knows. She treats everyone with an equal amount of affection, but she's learned that most people don't react well to hugs from total strangers. She's the kind of person you'd want your children to make friends with.

2. Hostility/violence/trouble--Other than the chaos she inadvertantly causes, Falora doesn't usually find herself in those sorts of situations because she's just too darned cute for most people to stay mad at her, and she really didn't mean any harm. If she was the causative agent of something, Falora will try to correct her errors, usually making things worse. In a real bind she'll either totally panic (most of the time) or get a very gung-ho, almost reckless attitude.

3. Romance--She doesn't get it at all. She's had a few crushes on other dieties, but that's as far as she's gone in a relationship. She has no clue about the...ah...more physical aspects of human beings, and would probably be too embarrassed to talk about them. Make friends with her for now and she'll probably look at you with new eyes when she gets older. Of course, you should also garner Kami-sama's approval. Mortal-Deity relationships last an eternity, so you can look forward to a lifetime of happiness and then some.


Falora currently resides in the Habuki residence as an exchange student from Norway. Only Washuu, Anne, Joseph, and the people she fought alonside with in _Kindred_ know otherwise, and they ain't telling. Falora is a very outgoing person, trying to make friends with everyone she meets (including demons ^^;), and usually succeeding.

--Joseph: Feels responsible for his current predicament, since she was the one who carelessly granted his wish in the first place. Likes him a lot because he's not at all the nightmare that the previous Goddess of Luck describes him to be and he's one of the few people that honestly doesn't care about her status as a Deity. Occasionally forgets that he's younger than she is because 1) the previous Goddess notes all refer to him as a teenager and 2) he mostly acts more mature than her ^^;. In general, to quote RL-Joseph, "If she got some ice cream, she'd share it with him." ^_^

--Anne: Absolutely adores Anne's shikigamis, and has a very sisterly relationship with Anne herself, although in this case Anne is very much so the "older" one of the two. She doesn't know about Anne's past, but gets enough impressions from Anne's general aura to have an impression that there's "something very sad" about her. Doesn't quite understand why Anne argues with Joseph all the time despite the fact that the two really go well together, but Falora tends to be rather clueless about those types of things.

--Washuu: Confuses Falora to no end, since Washuu is rather unpredictable and occasionally quite scary. However, Falora tries to see the best in Washuu and looks up to her as a very knowledgable person.

--Kai: Looks up to her as a role model and admires her bravery, both in fighting the "vampires" during _Kindred_ and daring to ask Kami-sama the right kinds of questions.

Daily Life: Falora attends Rodriquez Memorial School as a ninth grader. Since it's rather difficult to keep up, she spends weekday afternoons being tutored by various other students or Washuu. Weekends she can be seen in St. John's Park or at the Habuki residence playing with Joseph and Anne, whether that be a game of tag or Super Mario 64. On Sundays, she sings for the junior choir of a local church. She can't carry a tune very well, but most listeners say that her sincerity and joyful spirit more than makes up for her lack of musical talent.


"Uh...oops?" (Standard reaction to a screw-up.)

"Eheh...sorry." (Another standard reaction.)

"Hi. Can we be friends?" (Upon meeting a demon.)

"So?" (Upon the demon's declaration that agents of Heaven and Hell are mortal enemies.)

"I...just wanted to help..." (After a particularly bad screw-up.)



Weapons: The Frying Pan of Heaven, which she stores in a SubSpace Pocket when not in use. Only useful for hitting bugs, although it does hurt if anyone else happens to get clobbered by it.

Powers/Skills: All of Falora's powers are inherently due to her status as a Helper Goddess. First, she can teleport through well-defined shadows cast by a light source. This means teleportation at night tends to be a bit unpredictable unless someone happened to leave a light on somewhere. It can only be done once or twice per day unless an immense stash of chocolate chip cookies, her alternate energy source, happens to be in her posession. Second, she can consume mind-bogglingly large amounts of said cookies with no apparant ill effects, especially after using her other powers. Third, she trained under Skuld and learned how to debug. This means that she can detect, with relatively good accuracy, the location of bugs. However, she can't necessarily deal with them. Finally, since her domain is Luck, she can change the good/bad luck potentials of a person, but this _must_ be balanced by an equal but opposite effect either on a different person or on the same person later on. (For example, she can't make someone slip on a banana peel, only increase their chances of doing so.)

Weaknesses/Limitations: Due to the quirkiness of Murphey's Law (or maybe because she's Mihoshi's long lost sister :), Falora will always inevitably mess something up on her first try. Any further attempt to fix the problem generally also spiral out of control. And yet, things usually work out for the best in the end, probably due to the fact that every bit of something positive that happens to Falora or that Falora bestows on someone results in something negative on Falora/said person, and vice versa. Another limitation to keep in mind is the Goddess Spoiler Protection System. If Falora knows anything that Kami-sama has deemed humanity isn't ready for, especially vital information, she is not allowed to say it, and usually breaks into uncontrollable hiccups trying. Finally, although this may not necessarily be a weakness or a limitation, Falora cannot lie. Ever. This doesn't mean she'll always say everything she knows, but if you ask her a direct question, she must answer truthfully (within the constraints of the Goddess Spoiler System, of course).


Background: Falora may have disappeared forever into the background of the many nameless and faceless Helper Goddesses if not for her overeagerness to "help" in the mortal plane. While still a Trainee, Falora made herself (in)famous by "creating" Yoiko, Ryouga's little sister, causing headaches for everyone. Eventually this was resolved, and Falora went on to become a full-fledged Goddess. At the same time, the former Goddess of Luck suffered a nervous breakdown and had to retire, and thus Kami-sama appointed Falora to take her place, arousing a lot of suspicion that the Ancient One was losing His marbles as well. During further training to prepare her for this daunting task, Falora became reconciled to Skuld (who had been pretty mad at Falora over the Yoiko incident) and the two have been friends ever since. Since becoming Goddess, Falora has also apprenticed under Benten (of Urusei Yatsura fame), another ex-Goddess of Luck. (The job is, obviously, a very stressful one. :)

Falora arrived in Capow under orders to observe and maintain the balance of luck in the area, and especially to keep an eye out for a certain cursed Hitchhiker...and her first official task in Capow, unsurprisingly, was to interpret Joseph's wish in the worst possible manner.

Anime Influences:

Ah! Megamisama!

Mihoshi (Tenchi Muyo!)