Name: Irene ul Copt Metallium

Age: 311 (apparent age in mid-twenties)

Bday: June 8 (Gemini)

Gender: Female

Status: Halfling Monster/Dragon, Elaine's "other self"

Appearance: 5'4", with wild lavender hair down to her knees, feline-like gold eyes, and a trim figure. Her ears are slightly pointed, and if you look hard you might see some ephemeral "wings" of energy sprouting from her shoulder blades, but only if you're attuned to sensing the supernatural.

General Clothing: A black priestess' outfit with a rather daring chest line, black tights instead of the traditional one-piece dress, and black heeled boots. She wears a decoartive hairband in her hair, a pair of small earrings made out of two halves of a seven-sided jewel on her ears, and a silver bracelet on her wrist.


In General: "Been there, done that, bought enough T-shirts to clothe the world several times over". Has a slight persecution complex will automatically assume that everybody hates her and thus will stand up for anybody being picked on, but otherwise tries to avoid conflict whenever she can. Doesn't give her affections or her trust easily, making her seem a bit aloof, but won't be outright cold unless she really doesn't want to have anything to do with you.

Reactions to...
1. Greetings/smalltalk/etc--She'll probably acknowledge your existence, but that's probably as far as she'll go. She doesn't like to do things while active because she doesn't know when Elaine's personality will take over again, and she still feels sort of guilty over merging with Elaine. 2. Hostility/violence/trouble--She'll walk out of it if she can, resorting to her spells when necessary. Since she's quite literally seen hell, very few things get to her, excepting when she sees someone being picked on. Then expect the wrath of an enraged Dragon...
3. Romance--Thinks that anyone who's hitting on her is just making fun of her, and reacts depending on how inclined she is to inflicting violence. If she is interested, though, both Elaine and Irene must agree to the marriage first, and you'd have Xelloss and Phiria watching over your shoulder. And in Xelloss' case, that sort of supervision is very often literal.

Irene has an even smaller chance of making friends than Elaine does, since she's not even "there" most of the time. She doesn't like to talk about herself, and generally keeps away from others to keep herself from getting hurt. However, if she finally meets someone who is willing to love her unconditionally, she may give in to her loneliness and deep need for acceptance.

Daily Life: Irene lives vicariously though Elaine and is content to stay that way, unless there happens to be a way to separate both of them without harming either.

        "Don't get started with me about _your_ problems." (Feeling especially unsympathetic.)
        "We are not amused." (When someone tries to hit on her.)
        "Leave. Her. Alone." (After coming across a gang of bullies.)
        "Power within me, let all air stand still. Seal the voice of magic and silence those who seek to harm me. Let their power disappear with the flow of the wind. Mute!" (One of her incantations.)


Weapons: A heavy lead mace strapped to the outside of her right thigh.

Powers/Skills: Arguably the world's most powerful time mage due to her immense magic potential. Black and white magic, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Due to her unusual heritage, neither Demon Lords nor Dragon Gods are willing to give her anything more than her alter ego can accomplish. Irene's attempts at summoning also run into the same problems, and she's banned from using the Giga Slave and Raguna Blade by L-sama (that's the Lord of Nightmares, the creator of the Slayers universes) for obvious reasons. The headband, earrings, and bracelet are actually a rather elaborate damping system created by Xelloss that keeps her from using full power (thus also masking her true strength, protecting her from the attention of more unscrupulous fellows), and she rarely casts any spell at maximum ability anyway. Wielding that mace has given her considerable upper arm strength as well, though she's not as adept at using it as her mother. She also has better eyesight than most humans, probably somewhere around a bird's level (it comes from being part Dragon).

She is only active when Elaine is completely unconscious (i.e. knocked out cold). Once Elaine regains consciousness Irene once again retreats into the corners of Elaine's mind.

The only offensive spells she knows are: Meteor - shower of extra-terrestrial rocks pelt enemie(s)
Osmose - absorbs enemy's magic points (single target)
Rasp - damages enemy's magic points (single target)
X-Zone - transports enemie(s) to another world with variable success
The rest are spells that boost/hinder already present attributes or abilities.

Weaknesses: For about one week out of every month, Irene's about as good a sorceress as her alter ego, and she's unable to transform back into Elaine should something trigger such a transformation. Not to mention she's irritable, snappish, and prone to bouts of deep depression. And if Elaine should die, Irene loses her connection to the physical world.

Background: Irene is the daughter of Xelloss and Phiria in an alternate universe where the War of the Mazoku didn't happen when it was "supposed to". The two divergence points for this universe were: 1) the Flare Dragon won the original war against Shabranigdo and 2) Phibrizzo, the main instigator of the second War, was sealed away as well. Unfortunately, Phibrizzo eventually freed himself and unleashed even more destruction than the "original" (standard Slayersverse) Wars, wiping out a significant portion of the population in the process. Xelloss and Phiria perished in the ensuing chaos, and Irene nearly lost her own life as well, but managed to flee to the nearest parallel dimension. When a little girl came across her, Irene used the last bit of her power to meld her astral form with the little girl's. It was only after Irene joined with Elaine that she realized the selfishness of her actions. However, by now it was too late to undo the damage, as it was nearly impossible to tell the two's astral forms apart, and it was only Elaine's strong will that kept their personalities separate. To this day Irene haunts Elaine's dreams and "sees" Elaine's thoughts and memories. (It's a bit like having a back seat driver in your head.)

Anime Influences:
Tenchi Muyo! (Sasami/Tsunami)

Non-Anime Influences:
Final Fantasy V, FF VI, FF Tactics