[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Jay Arisugawa
[ALIASES:] Jay-kun. (Sensei) Alice. (Yugo) Aokekesu-san. (Mayumi)
[AGE:] 16
[SEX:] Male
[HAIR/EYE COLOURS:] light brown / brown
[STATUS:] High School Student (11th grade)/Kendo Student

Medium built. Around 56". He styles a short ponytail (Battosai style. Not Kenshin, think battosai..More evil >:P), and two bangs (Something like Squall :P) He looks serious most of the time; A "cold", quiet attitude.

Baggy clothes. He hates wearing his school uniform, but is often seen in it. At the dojo he wears a ceremonial or training kimono, as a rule.

Jay studies Iaido/kendo/batto-do , so his weapon of choise it the katana. (He can't really use anything else right...), especializing in Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu (The Flying Heaven's Honorable Sword School) and Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido.

(Kendo is figthing with the sword drawn, Iaido is drawing the sword, slashing, and returning the sword to the scabbard. Just in case you don't know ^_^ )

Jay has the power of the dragon of light (Hikari-ryuu) somewhere hidden in his mind, but it rarely ever shows itself. When it does, Jay turns into the perfect killing machine (Hitokiri battosai reincarnation), also being able to use the light element to help him in battle, using it to blind his foes, shileding himself, or hurting his enemies slightly.

Other than that, he's just like any other teenager. Likes sports, and draws rather well.

Jay's rather shy, and hides his feelings behind his cold attitude most of the time. He has been trained to trust no one, and that can sometimes be a problem.

As for his elemental powers, he still hasn't been able to control or understand them, but that's what he's in CAPOW for.

So far he's only been able to make minor energy blasts (Not in real battle, mind you), and small but somewhat useful tricks. (Mostly blinding and a light shield.) His elemental powers also enhance his figthing abilities, but only for s short while. After that Jay is physically and mentally worn out. [ATTITUDE:]
Jay acts cold and quiet, almost sad, most of the time, but only because of his shyness. He's usually happy and cheerful around his friends, around people he trusts.


(From sensei:) Konnichiwa. *Bow*
(From Yugo:) Oi, Ecchi-kun!
(From Mayumi:) *Grins warmly* Genki genki?
(Anyone else:) Hey..

{A CHALLENGE:} *Stares at the challenger, puzzled, ready for battle.*

(The attack is dodged:) *Smirk* Ikuse..
(The attack hits:) *Grits his teeth, his eyes narrowing as he prepares to counter*

(From any girl:) *Blink/slight blush* A..ano.. *Looks around* Me?
(Mayumi:) *Blush* Eeto.. *Sweatdrop, BLUSH*
(From any guy:) O_o; ano ne..

Jay was born in Kyoto under a good family. His father moved to Canada because of his job, and his mother still lives in Kyoto. (He visits her when he can.)

His mother wanted him to learn martial arts, and the way of the sword had always interested her, so she put Jay under the hands of Seishin Ono, Master of the most famous Dojo in Kyoto, when he was 6 years old.

The training completely changed him into an apparently cold, heartless person, but he was only following his master's teachings. "Hunt as a loner, that way you won't hurt the people around you, the people you love."

Jay was tranfered because of his high grades, (And his elemental powers), and now studies in a private school located in CAPOW. (One of the hardest schools in Japan.) Not only do they teach, but train their students for official jobs. (Military, Political, etc.)

Not wanting to spoil his kendo training, he was one of the first students to sign in the small Dojo in CAPOW. There he lives with his new sensei, Yugo, and Mayumi; His new family.

Jay has developed strong feelings towards Mayumi, but his shy attitude hasn't let him tell her.

"Calm down... You need a cool mind at all times..remember that..!"
"The only thing I trust in this world is my blade..."
"There's always a counterpart for everything and everyone in this world.. That's why I don't like getting involved in anything that doesn't concer me."

Rurouni Kenshin. Magic Knight Rayearth. Slayers. Maison Ikkoku.