[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Jean-Luic Akagi (Callsign: Disco... his AI is Marcia)
[AGE:] 28
[STATUS:] Disoriented Gear Pilot

A Northerner/Peace River (French-Japanese) man, he's about 5'5 (because the Weasel is such a small gear) with a huge nose (Hey! He's part French), dark eyes and dark hair with a small bald spot that is growing as the years pass.

He usually wears loud Hawaiian shirts and cargo pants. Every once in a while he "enhances" his appearance with loud ties. When piloting a gear, he wears the standard pressure suit with holohelmet.

For personal defense, he only carries a standard issue vibroblade.

His Gear is a light Weasel Chatterbox recon gear... it's got an insane AI that has the annoying habit of flipping off people randomly (the previous pilot was trying to teach it to flip off the enemy.) It's outfitted with a full broadcast system (complete with loudspeakers and transmitters... thus the Chatterbox designation).

The only two weapons this thing holds (since the Weasel is a pretty darn small gear (3.4 meters tall)) are a light autocannon (think oversized assault rifle) and a vibro sword (another quirk was that my gear AI was programmed with Wutai sword fighting moves (ala Shaolin Kids...^_^)...

The machine has the Haywire flaw (which makes it break down often... usually when it's hit...) and a defective AI (which makes it do stuff that you don't want it to do when you are not actively controlling it... (like wandering about and hiding behind trees when it's supposed to be in sleep mode).

He's a trained Gear pilot with decent martial arts training and swordsmanship. Since he pilots a recon / decoy gear, he's fairly good at evasion and stealth techniques. His role in battle is that of a decoy. He basically pumps up the volume and his machine turns on the "disco lights" (large IR, UV and normal spotlights mounted on a shoulder mount of the gear) the broadband radio broadcasting equipment and pumps out either loud music or prerecorded sounds of heavy vehicles out of the massive speakers above his gear's shoudlers. He runs (or wheels around on the Weasel's buttwheel...) around on the battlefield, taking potshots at any enemy forces he can find. Basically, he's a very big bullseye that is supposed to draw fire away from the main forces. Unfortunately, this seems to have had a strange effect on both the man and the machine he drives. One's insane, and another is well on his way...

He can also be hired out for dance parties...

Well... he's kinda crazy... Since his role in battle is to draw fire, he gleefully runs into battle with no regard for his own personal safety and has been known to have "mooned" an Earther Heavy Hovertank at point blank range in an attempt to destract it. Outside of the gear, he has a "look at me!" complex... His gear has been traumatised by his piloting habits and has a nasty habit of trying to "hide" from him when it's supposed to be powered down. Jean-Luic has attempted to get a GearClub(tm) but Marcia was trained to pick locks...

Loud, brash, tactless, and an avid story teller, Jean-Luic loves to be at the center of attention. He sincerely thinks he is God's gift to women and will actively hit on anything female within range.


{A GREETING:} "Hey! You look like a strapping lad! Did you hear about the Badlands Succession Police Action? I got to surf on an Aller!"

{A CHALLENGE:} "You talkin' to me?"

Outside the gear: "You're itchin' for a kickin' pal."
Inside the gear: "Weeeeeaaaaaaahah hah! Geronimo!"
When vastly out numbered: Whips out his VibroSword and charges the nearest combattant. "Remember the ... oh screw it... Dieeeeeee!"

Gals: "Hey, Honey, I'm with ya..."
Guys: "Okay, let's get this straight... I don't do that type of thing."

Jean-Luic is a second generation Peace-River settler from a family that has an arms trading company that used to deal with both the NCS and the SMILCIA. He was a quiet and introspective fellow throughout his formative years, up to his assignment to the PR Maurauder team. After suffering through a grueling six month siege of his first combat post, he came out a changed man...

Some Gundam, some Macross and other stuff.