Stocky, around 5'8" rather long nose and dark skin. Not very attractive, but not ugly or hideous.

Depends on what he is doing, Can be either a Straussian military uniform (if on the Kircheis), or jeans and a shirt (if relaxing).

Has a sword, but is barely adequate with it. Other than that relies on his magic mostly.

Magic- Jerry is a master necromancer, but his spells tend to go for substance over style (in other words, totally opposite of Yumi) This is due to his being magically trained for effectiveness. Jerry also is a master of teleportation, and can talk to the dead and undead (this includes Anne's shikis, who understand him perfectly and can talk back to him in a way that only he can understand). His mastery of other forms of magic is not very good- other messes them up- resulting in Anne learning some unique spells like "Chia-sensei" and "Fukurize"

As an Archduke- Jerry has considerable financial resources as well, and a personal battle-cruiser to travel around in as well. The Kircheis is for the important stuff, and had to be kept near Strauss to keep the Empire from invading again.

Generally that of a nice guy who doesn't get angry enough-sort of wimpish. Likes to let others make decisions for him, but not to excess-this just means he relies heavily on advisors and friends. And Marie of course


(casual:) Nod
(good friend:) "Hi! How ya doing?"

{A CHALLENGE:} "I don't have time for you. Leave or else."

{AN ATTACK:} Teleports out of the way, then throws his standard spell at them "Astra fatigua" or something more powerful if the opponent is more powerful.

{A PASS:} "I'm married, you know."

Jerry and Jay were raised on Strauss by their mother, who died at an early age, and their father, who was largely absent due to his misdeeds unifying Strauss. Jay and Jerry were both trained in the Straussian arts of chi-swordfighting, but Jerry had an aptitude for magic, so tried to go that way instead. Jay was a natural at it. When 15, things changed. There was a big sword-fighting tournament marred by violence leading to the Sarazano massacre, where their father died. Jay became evil due to the loss of his love (also at Sarazano) back then, and Jerry had to flee to the Oni world, where he received intensive training in necromancy from a master there. Ten years later Jerry returned to Strauss to keep it from falling to the Empire. During that time Jerry has become very good friends with Anne, Emiko, and Mai, though he doesn't entirely trust the ACD elements in CAPOW. Also Jerry was able to recapture his love with Marie, which he also had to flee, sending messages whenever he could, which wasn't that often due to his intensive training.

[FAMILY:] Marie, wife, pregnant 7 months as of January; Anne, adopted daughter.


[AGE:] 23
[GENDER:] Female
[HAIR/EYE COLOUR:] Black with a tinge of purple / blue eyes

Looks very mature, more so than she acts at times. Generally is happy at most times, but his an annoying habit of trying to act like a teacher.

Think UY Sakura, GSM Okinu, SM Rei, etc... Usually purple on white, sometimes different. This is what she feels most comfortable wearing, though she will dress appropriately for certain occasions. However, her preferred garb is considered formal on Strauss.

A knife maybe, but she doesn't fight.

Can use magic wards that Jerry makes, and is a miko, so she can repel ghosts, see curses, etc- but not very good at it.

Tries to be very helpful, but feels more comfortable in private than public. Dislikes her family for how they try to use her. Enjoys teaching children immensely, and enjoys children most of all. She often tries, without much success, to teach Anne to be more delicate. She also enjoys being a traditional wife, though she hates cleaning of all sorts- she is a bit of a slob. She likes to cook though.


{A GREETING:} From a friend, she takes their hand graciously. "Hello." a little nervous unless she knows them.

{A CHALLENGE:} She steps back, if not run. If her husband's life was at stake or a child's, she would draw whatever she has out and try to fight, however ineffectually.

{AN ATTACK:} "IYYYYYAAAAAAA!!!!!" she'll either attack or run.

{A PASS:} She will show them the ring, and slap them if they are a letch.

(brief synopsis) Jerry and Marie were childhood friends who fell in love. When Jerry had to flee to the Oni lands due to his brother, Marie hid away in her family's estate, refusing any arranged marriages. When Jerry returned, the two rekindled their love and got married, and now Marie is pregnant.



[STATUS:] Space Pirate

Very pretty and stoic. Tall for a woman, about 5'9" blond hair tied back in a ponytail. Wears a white uniform. Very slender build.

Special rapier, gun. (Has a variety of handguns, and knows which ones are appropriate.)

Her abilities: Nothing supernatural. Very good fencer and average shot. Knows how to command a ship in raids. (She is an experienced pirate, serving under a master until he died, then she took over)

Sword abilities: Can parry many forms of magic and ki blasts. Can penetrate armor easily. (this ability is neither magic, chi, or technological- it is unknown even to her.) The sword does not shoot out fire or anything, other than those abilities, it is just a very-well made sword.

Secret ability: There is one for any of these swords that comes out when their life is immediately threatened, (as in about to be run through).

(According to legend) The sword is one of the six swords of reality that when combined with the Sword Maiden, can change the world. She believes the other swords are located in CAPOW and Genesis.

Calm, Cool, stoic, self-confident yet not arrogant. Has a calm rage.


{A GREETING:} She will nod.

{A CHALLENGE:} She will either draw out her sword or gun, depending on which is more appropriate, and nod. She doesn't bother with cute speeches.

{AN ATTACK:} Move out of the way swiftly, then either shoot or slash. She will be as merciless as necessary. (For example, if she can't kill someone, she will stop them by hacking all their limbs off, and, if necessary, blast the body to bits... then take the remains and stick it in cement so regeneration will be impossible)

{A PASS:} SLAP! The only women she will care about as her Princess, wherever she is.

Orphaned as a little girl, she was saved by the dreaded space pirate Larzik. For the rest of his life she served and protected him. Larzik terrorized ships in Genesis and other dimensions until he was stopped and killed by DCD forces. Since then, she has served as the captain, striking with vengeance towards DCD targets, but otherwise behaving like an ethical pirate. She has a particular hatred of handsome men since a good-looking man killed Larzik (also happened this guy had blue hair- but he is not an elf- old enough to be Eric's father though). She is lesbian. She likes pretty girls, and this is obvious, but she isn't fruity at all.

Most pirates are uncouth, but Larzik was an exception. While she served him, he taught her several subjects, history, math, the classics. He tried to teach a sense of dignity to all his charges, but only a few bothered- because most pirates are uncouth. Shiori hates uncouthness and brutality, and has been known to occasionally raid a planet just to stop a brutal regime. Shiori is a sentimentalist and dreamer despite her occupation. She views herself as a sort of rogue knight, protecting the weak from the tyranny of the strong. In fact, many of her crew have come to her out for the same reason she came to Larzik, out of admiration for how she helped her, and to repay the debt. She is sort of ethical in choosing her targets, and makes sure that the people affected by her piracy live. Shiori is searching for a princess to take care of, someone who she can protect and love. Someone like she was when she was a child. Her inheritance from Larzik when he died was the sword and the ship.

[QUOTES:] "Hmph."

The Ship:
Her ship is named the Orange Rose, it is about cruiser-sized. Does not employ fighters, but contains a few retrieval mecha mostly used for stealing supplies off ships. Her ship uses mostly Genesis technology, but some is used.

Her cargo bay uses subspace, so she can keep it small and arm her ship better.

The ship has a Genesis jump drive which means that she can go to Genesis and back just like the DCD. (she ripped it off a DCD ship). However, due to bugs in the repair, it takes a day to activate.

Weaponry: Mostly your standard laser fare, but with a variety of heavy weapons ripped off of other areas she has kidnapped from

Diffusion Sphere: this weapon is designed to destroy the shields, then penetrate, and destroy the power systems of ships. It works at the weak points of shields.

Has the Oni torpedo technology for sniping.

Mantatic engine: has an engine designed for civilian use and one stolen from the DCD that works fine. The civilian engine is rated 50x, the DCD engine at 100x (for comparison, the Kircheis's best engine is 240x)

Distortion Field- anti-fighter area effect weapon