[CHARACTER'S NAME:] "Jinx", Elisabeth Caites, Sailor Makendo
[STATUS:] Joseph's onee-chan, Strauss senshi
[AGE:] 15

Jinx is cute and stands about 5'7" with a slender and slightly athletic body. Being half Spanish and half German, her skin glows a light olive and her straight black hair falls mid-back, often seen down or up in a ponytail. Her green eyes change color according to major moods, i.e., red: anger, blue: sadness, yadda yadda.

Usually seen in something stylish but comfortable and sometimes athletic. Sometimes her clothes are a tad bit on the expensive side. She'll wear skirts just as often as shorts, but will most likely match them with cross trainers, or hiking boots, mesh, etc. without overdoing it. Always wears a gold and black ring on her right hand, her Makendo ring on the other. As Sailor Makendo, she wears a black and purple modified fuku: one piece mini-skirted dress, sleeveless and turtle neck collar with "Makendo" sewn over the chest under a purple tight fitting vinyl jacket, complete with black fingerless gloves and matching Nikes (Makendo's :D).

She usually small knives concealed on her body. Jinx can either throw them or incorpporate the into her fighting, using one or two. Silber counts as one of her weapons as well. As a wolf or a hawk, Jinx can use certain commands (whistles) for Silber for simple attacks: body slams, bites, slashes.

Makendo Ring: used to transform into Sailor Makendo

Cursed Ring: This ring was found in the shambles of the temple in her parents' last expedition. It was said to be used by great kings until it fell into the wrong hands and was then locked with an unknown curse. It adds the affects of increased speed and strength, with some other unknown attributes (that will later be released) and also slowly replaces the wearer's memory with the curse.

An expert with knives, Jinx can do almost anything with them. She can incorporate them with her fighting techniques, and hit anything within view almost perfectly almost every time. Jinx really doesn't have any powers as herself, besides the fact that she's about five times stronger than a normal fifteen year old girl.

With Silber, she somewhat communicate with her through gestures and her eyes, but not much like telepathy. She's also the only human who can understand what Silber says, aside from other animals. (Well, unless there's someone out there who studied special breeds like her or something :P).

As Sailor Makendo, Jinx can possess huge amounts of energy, but she mainly fuels electricity. I really have no clue what else she does. ^-^; Jinx isn't very comfortable yet using Makendo's powers.

Really cute guys can distract her from anything. ^.^;; Uh, but besides that, Jinx is deathly afraid of guns, being a part of a traumatic experience a few years back (check "The Playground", where it was revealed that Jinx was shown killing her own parents). Just being within view of one sends chills down her spine, but she can control herself. Unless they're being used or if they fall in Jinx's hands, her whole body will pale and freeze up, and usually end up screaming her head off in fear or simply fainting.

The ring she wears contains a lot of unknown information, and it's been very slowly deleting parts of Jinx's memory, which may sometimes cause bad short term memory. (Oopsie.)

Jinx is your everyday CAPOW teenager. She's bright, optimistic, and loves a challenge- anything that thrills her. She loves too strike up a conversation with just about anyone and is always interested in something new. Although she may seem open, she reveals just enough to a person without letting out too muh information.


(friend) [cute, warm smile, maybe a short hug] "Hiya!!"
(stranger) [almost the same, but no hug] "Hi there!" (smile and nod)

"Let's go!"
(from a hot guy) [smirks] "What do I get if I win?"

{AN ATTACK:} "Didn't your mother teach you to play nice?" (jumps into attack mode)

(if interested) [cute smile] "Hey there, wanna catch a flick?"
(if not) [friendly smile, and will let them down easy] "I'm not really interested in seeing anyone, sorry."

Jinx was orphaned when she was twelve from her archaeologist father and researcher mother after a freak accident with her parents on an expedition. She ran away immediately after in fear and has been on her own since. Jinx changed her real name (Elisabeth Caites) in hopes of forgetting her past and hiding from the press, etc. etc. (Her father was a widely known archaeologist and held many partnerships with a lot of big companies.) Because of this, the authorities were led to believe she died a mysterious death after finding the cursed ring missing, while others believe she's hiding and are determined to find her. Jinx managed to hold onto her parents' funds and accounts, and lives off of that. Also, being sheltered when she was younger, she possesses many small, hidden talents. (Like dancing, piano, and being good at a lot sports)

Although she makes friends as she goes along, none of them are really close like she'd want them to be, except for Joseph, her "otouto/imouto-chan". The two of them are pretty much family, and he knows more about her than anyone else. Since becoming an 11 year old, Jinx has had a little trouble coping but tries her best.

Silber was given to Jinx when she was born. Silber is a rare breed of wolf that is taught be their master's lifelong protector. She is one of very few left on Earth. See Silber's char sheet for more info.

One of Jinx's favorite hobbies is flirting, but she's sorta set on Susano. Jinx feels she should keep her true feelings inside, afraid that something bad may come out of their relationship.

Joe Higashi (Fatal Fury) - a female version, of course. :P
Minako Aino (Sailor Moon)

Uhh.. me? :P (Minus the boy-craziness ^.^;;)

"Ooooh! A sale/cute boy/challenge!" "She's a WOLF! A _WOLF_!"


[STATUS:] Rare breed of wolf (hawk splashed with cold water); Jinx's companion/protector
[AGE:] 15 (like Jinx! ;p)

On all fours, Silber stands proudly about 4 feet, with a very nice light gray coat ^.^ and red eyes. When splashed with cold water, she becomes a large brown hawk.

None, unless Jinx happens to get extremely bored and dress her up. ^.^;;

Fish. Hey, she's no cat! :P And junk food. ^-^

Claws, teeth, or beak. Sometimes perhaps, as a wolf, body slamming.. hehe. Intimidation, stuff like that. ;p

Strength and agility - it's a wolf thing :P; but more so than the average wolf. She becomes even faster as a bird, but loses the strength.

Her main weakness would be losing her strength as a hawk. Other than that, she doesn't have much; besides cats and bugs- they all distract her, and if she wasn't busy fighting for/with Jinx, she'd jump out and chase one for the fun of it.

Lazy wolf -- enjoys basking under the sunlight and eating whatever Jinx gives her. She's pretty much carefree, but don't take her the wrong way, she can spring into action within a second. Silber always keeps an eye open and an ear out for Jinx, even when she's sleeping, and usually feels compelled to protect any of Jinx's close friends and children as well. She acts apathetic and sort of I-don't-know-her towards Jinx when she does something incredibly embarrassing or silly. ;p She doesn't seem too pleased with any guys who are out to pursue Jinx; the few in the past she secretly drove away, and is willing to do it again. Towards Joseph, she likes to tease, just like Jinx. Hehe. :) She's pretty much the same in hawk mode, but a little more serious. To Susano, Silber can sense the tension between them and it only makes her want to drive him away more. She'll fake the niceness even more in his case, and let it slip once or twice (i.e., pecking him as a hawk, like below), but will always try and find a way to separate them.

(good friends with Jinx) a friendly "Roff!" [licks their hand, arm, leg whatever ^.^;; excitedly]
( _just_ friends with Jinx) above, no lick ;p (stranger) [watches them carefully]
(stranger, kid) friendly moan and assures them she won't bite
(as a hawk) stares at them

(to Jinx) stays by Jinx's side in a ready position, and wait for Jinx's reply
(to her -Who challenges a wolf?-) jumps back and leaves, but unless it's to fight for Jinx, she's all for it

(on Jinx) automatically joins in with Jinx (unless commanded otherwise)
(on her) simply attacks back

(on Jinx) eyes the guy carefully, pretends to be nice, and secretly plots to drive him away ;p (as a hawk, she has a higher tendency to show her displeasure, and always finds a reason to peck him out ;p)

Silber is one of few left of a special breed of wolves. A month that they are born, they must be given to someone within that same month, or else they become too old to train and useless, and usually die within the next year, and if they're lucky, two. Silber was given to Jinx the day after she (Jinx) was born by her mother's father, and since that day, they were inseparable. Silber became Jinx's best friend, her parents when they were away, and her protector when she was too young to defend herself. She is always by Jinx's side, and unluckily for her, she fell in a cursed Jusenkyo spring while they were passing through China, and is now in CAPOW with Jinx. Silber also has a prolonged life; she can live longer than Jinx does (unless someone kills her, of course ^.^;;).

"Roff!" "Roff roff!" *moan*