[AGE:] 20
[HAIR/EYE COLOR:] dark auburn hair; hazel eyes
[STATUS:] ex-member of the Dragons biker gang, drifter, hacker

Jude stands around 5'9'' and weighs 145lb of muscle. Looks slender but not delicate. Her hair is cut into a short cap of curls, the curls are just long enough to hang in her eyes but not quite long enough to stay tucked behind her ears. Has the kanji for 'fukushusha' [avenger:] tattooed to the back of her neck. She has a truly beautiful smile; however, she rarely smiles.

jeans, dark tank-top/t-shirts with either a leather jacket or work-shirt.

Two guns: One Seburo-think a rather big rifle with assorted shells and a hand-gun sized submachine gun with a silencer (think Ghost in the Shell). She has problems handling the recoil of the Seburo.

Her computer (one modified to hell NAVI-think Serial Experiments Lain): hey, information is power and she is superb at getting information. Whether people like it or not. ^_~

Fighting-She's not bad with either gun, but she has problems controlling the recoil, e.g. she has to really focus to get off a good shot with that one. A decent martial artist, but she's never been trained. Everything that she knows comes from running with the Dragons, so some of it can be pretty erratic. Jude is very agile and fast, that's what keeps her alive when it comes to hand-to-hand fights since she doesn't really have skill of strength. Note: she's fast for a HUMAN, doesn't mean she's going to be able to dodge bullets-not unless she knows exactly where the guy is aiming before he shoots-but she will be able to dodge most punches/kicks that come her way.

Computer-Jude doesn't really need an interface. Computers love her, which means that she can enter the wired through thought alone. All she has to do it touch a computer and she has access to the wired-all of it, not just that individual computer. (unless that computer has absolutely NO connection to the outside world) Larger computer will wrap their assorted wires, circuitry, and whatever else around Jude to demonstrate their love, this causes problems. This only happens with computers. Jude has no mechanical ability. However, Jude can directly 'download' information into her mind. She also remembers all of it. However, there is a limit to how much she can handle, and if she goes beyond that she slips into a comma that lasts about three weeks. When she wakes up she remembers nothings about what happened.

Non-fighting-Jude can cook for 24 without breaking a sweat and always knows what wine goes with a meal. Pretty damned impressive on her bike. (BTW, touching her bike is a 'do not pass go, do not collect $200' trip to Hell.)

Flashbacks at really inappropriate times: more of a problem than you would think. Try talking to someone when they are turning really funky color/shapes and see how long you're able to stay focused on the conversation, now apply that to a fight.

Claustrophobia: A major problem considering her method of connection to the wired. Since her NAVI wraps itself around her, it triggers her claustrophobia. Therefore, she can only handle three hours of melding with the computer, anything longer than that and she passes out for varying amounts of time. After each meld she's pretty much useless for about 30 minutes, since she is a trembling, irrational ball. Small rooms, elevators, etc. are a no-go for her. Not a chance in hell you're getting her in a room any smaller than 15 by 10 feet-even then she's pretty nervous.

Misc. Jude does not swim. Toss her in a lake and she'll sink like a rock. Does not know when to stop harassing cops and she never passes on dares or bets.

Feisty in a laconic kind of way-it can be done. Lets just say you don't want to piss her off. She's an ex-member of a biker gang and 90% of the time she still acts like a street punk, which means incessant insults to authority figures and anyone else she thinks deserves it. (Such a pity she doesn't quite have the hand-to-hand ability to pull this off…) However, there is something so fragile about her that instead of feeling the need to beat the living daylights out of her most people feel very protective towards her. Most of the time she is fairly mellow and soft-spoken. She doesn't trust most people as far as she could throw them-which ain't far; however, once someone proves that they are trustworthy she becomes a fast and fearless friend. Hurt-or even try to hurt-someone she cares about and she will track you down and do her damnedest to make you pay for it, normally in slow and very inventive ways. Whatever caused the destruction of the Dragons has scarred Jude deeply and she dwells on it. Her loss makes her pretty bitter and unforgiving of weakness in herself. (Not that she's all that forgiving of weakness in other people either.)


Stranger: "What?" Stands with her legs braced and her arms crossed, head cocked with one eyebrow raised.
Cop: "Heya Pig! How's it going protecting the donuts?"
Friend: "Wsup?"
Fellow ex-Dragon: "Oh. MY. GOD!!" Proceeds to fling herself into the arms of the other person.

from a cop: "Bad cop, no donut!!" And proceeds to beat the shit out of them; oh, she will never back down form a cop.
anyone else: "Bug off" turns around and walk away. If she wants a fight she'll tell you.

from a cop: Cop can expect to receive a sound beating. If there is more than one she'll try to kill as many as possible before taking off. (She hates cops remember?)
someone weaker than her: "Bug off"
someone of equal strength: Depends on what's going on. Normally she'll just try to shoot them and be done with it.
someone stronger than her: Enter submachine gun and bike. She'll take a couple shots and then run like hell towards her bike.
In the wired: person can expect to get brain-burned. The computers generally will refuse to attack her anyway.

(a cop) "And why don't you take that night-stick and shove it [insert orifice of choice here:]?" said in a sickly-sweet tone.
(anyone else) "Why don't you sit down and we'll talk?"

Jude used to be a member of a biker gang known as the Dragons. Whatever caused the end to them-and every other major gang in the city-she will not talk about. It destroyed her life and her perception of the world, from which she still has not recovered. She's just drifted around ever since without any real focus. The only solid part in her life is her friends Argentyne and J.J., whom she'll periodically go back to visit. Money isn't a problem for obvious reasons (hey, she's not exactly what you call an upstanding member of society) so she doesn't have any real focus accept avenging the members of her gang who are dead.

Lain (the 'wild one') from Serial Experiments Lain, Satsuki from X/2000, Neon from Neon Cyber and some stuff from Akira.