[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Hayashi Junsui

[AGE:] 19

[HAIR/EYE COLOUR:] Black/ Midnight Blue (Navy in direct sunlight)

[STATUS:] Quasi-military escapee


Crinkly black hair that hangs to just above his jaw, around 5'7" tall, has a tattoo over his left cheekbone of the character of "Water". Due to a combination of his looks and his attitude, he is sometimes confused for being 1-2 years younger than he is.


Usually anything casual, Blue jeans, various T-shirts, Athletic shoes.. Tends to wear colors in varying shades of blue, black, gray, and white. (He'd dress up if the occasion called for it, but it hasn't so far.)



Calm and quiet. He tries to maintain an aura of neturality whenever not engaged in conversation.. Doesn't speak more than absolutely necessary, unless he is fond of the person, or has something to say about the current topic. He makes jokes from time to time, his attempts at humor being one-liners, asides, and witty comebacks.


He always tries to appear respectful and non-threatening. He wouldn't really speak unless he had to, and if its to someone he doesn't know well, it would be with a brief nod or gesture of acknowledgement. People that show hostility to him would be met with a hard look and a cold attitude. If he knows the person and considers them a friend, then the nod or wave would be accompanied with a smile or grin. If he does get into a conversation, he becomes very animated.


He tries to avoid any unnecessary physical confrontation, but if he's in the mood for a fight, any threats made would be met with an anticipatory grin and an offer to meet their challenge. If fighting or being fought, he'd only fight to subdue and cause as little harm as possible, unless he knew his life depended on the outcome.


Relatively shy and non agressive. If attracted to someone, he tries to make it known by body language. Flirting is not something he'd do, though he would offer tasteful compliments from time to time.

His ideal romance is with a female who acts from her heart and puts emotion into nearly everything they do.


Kai: He likes her, but isn't really sure of where he wants to go.

Jude: A curiousity more often than not. He wonders how her life could have gone to make her the way she is.

Dachend: Respect. He has an air of extreme competence and efficiency, and he respects him.


His only real constant are the martial arts classes that he teaches in St. John's park. Everything else varies depending on his mood or the weather.


"I'm the only one I need to get this done."

"I'll manage."



Carries no weaponry around. He is average with a handgun (Pistol training) and knows how to throw knives (nothing bigger than 5").


Hydrokinesis. It is rather limited at this point, as all he can do right now is make ice darts to throw, move five or less gallons of water to a limit of 30' max, and alter its temperature, though the temperature increase is mass-dependent (the more there is, the longer it takes). It is very obvious when he uses it, because a shimmering blue aura becomes visible around him, with its brightness dependent on the amount of exertion/emotion.

Is extremely good at hand-to-hand fighting (Intense training day after day for ten years does that), with all the reflex/coordination/strength benefits that come with it (very fast, extremely coordinated).


He has a tendency to think with his heart rather than his head, and has an inability (permanent mental block) to utilize any mecha or device of high technology if it is bigger than he is. Accessories such as bands, or bracers are the limit to what he can use.


He comes from a dimension where people were sometimes born with the ability to control one of the four elements. A government organization in his dimension gathered up such people and trained them as soldiers. Junsui was acquired, catalogued, and trained in that organization, but the methods used were harsh and generally opposed his own philosophy. For a while, it was all he knew, but decided that there had to be a better place to be. He escaped thanks to an inter-dimensional organization and was sent to Capow. He stays there now, as its better than what he knew and is attempting to build a better existence there.


Ami Mizuno (Sailor Moon), Aspen Matthews (Fathom)