[AGE:] N/A
[HAIR/EYE COLOR:] Black/ green-gray
[STATUS:] Bound to Earth until she can answer Kami-sama's question

Kai's is pretty hard to miss since she has a pair of feathery wings with about 25-foot wingspan. She can make her wings disappear unless someone with supernatural powers or bloodlines is around. Kai stands at about 5'8'' and weighs 180lbs (Hey, those wings aren't light.) She has a willowy build. Kai' s main vanity is her long black hair that she wears in extravagant arrangements.

She prefers to wear things with open backs for obvious reasons. Weather permitting she just wears cutoffs and loose tank tops or halter tops. She does have the full on angelic wear (the billowing white robs etc.) but she hates wearing it and complains incessantly if she is forced into wearing it.

FLAMING SWORD OF GOD---RESRICTED ACCESS: Well, Kai doesn't have full access to the sword at this point because she hasn't answered Kami-sama's question. The sword only comes in its broadsword shape (see Kamui's sword in X-manga version--for an idea of what it looks like) with the flames. Kai can only call it from Heaven if Kami-sama gives Kai permission. Kai has to prove that it's a really major emergency if she wants access to the sword. (e.g. one of the major demons from the lower hells has to be rampaging thought CAPOW first.)

MARTIAL ARTS: Modified form of Kung-Fu (modified because she has a pair of big ass wings to deal with.). Kai doesn't have a whole lot of physical strength and her bones are more fragile than a normal humans (have to be lighter so she can actually fly) so she uses her wings and her speed to make up for her lack of strength. Her wings can kick-upquite a bit of air pressure but she has to get going to produce a significant blast. (e.g. it takes her about five minutes of pumping her wings hard to get a blast that will knock someone like Dachend backward).

SWORDFIGHTING: She's actually pretty good with her sword. Her skill level is somewhere between Ahlen and Tenris. Basically, she could knock Tenris on his butt, hold her own with Ahlen (for a while) and Dachend would use her to mop the floor. She doesn't use any flashy techniques or special moves.

MAGIC: Kai used to have all her Angelic abilities until Kami-sama kicked her down to Earth to answer Her question, but Kami-sama has bound Kai's powers to a book with an attitude named Amodeus. The book is a modified book of wisdom that acts as Kai's access to her powers, her guide, and her operating perimeters. Essentially, if she wants to do anything she has to flip through the book first. As it stands she can access:

Minor Healing: She has access to incantations or the 'recipe' to make potions to deal with most poisons and wounds ranging from small nicks, to minor fractures, and sprains.

Major Healing: To do major healing she has to get Kami-sama's permission and that depends on how she's been acting. If she can get permission she can do stuff like heal major bone fractures and severed limbs.

Exorcism: Kai is majorily miffed at this one since she used to be able to exorcise demons at a touch. Now she has to go through an incantation first. The level of her power with this also depends on how she's been acting. If she's been acting like Belldandy (not likely, about a 5% chance) she could get rid of a one of lower Lords of Hell. If she's been acting like Urd (only 20% of the time) she couldn't get rid of the most pathetic imp that Hell sent at her. And if she's been acting like Skuld (most likely) she could hand your average youkai/demon/evil whatever. This means she could deal with Inu-Yasha but Sesshoumarou would smear her down to her component atoms.

Note: any ability requiring the use of the book means that someone must protect Kai while she tries to find the appropriate incantation, ritual, whatever. It may take her sometime to find what she needs (beware of her accidentally trying the _wrong_ thing and screwing up everything) and then actually finishing the said incantation, ritual, whatever. Note on the book: Only Kai can actually read the incantions and assorted magic stuff in the book and only Kai can open the book. However, when Amodeus is just communicating anyone can read him. Most of the time he remains wherever Kai put him, but she can call him to her. If and only if he wants to come.

ANGELIC STATUS: She has some abilities built into her that can't be limited. Holy Aura: She can feel demonic/evil/ supernatural auras and can generally pin point where they are. She also makes anything with an evil/demonic aura distinctly uncomfortable if she's around, and her touch will actually leave welts. (works in reverse as well, see below)

Direct link to God. She can talk to Kami-sama at anytime (and does, normally to argue.) However, she cannot get back up into Heaven no matter what is going on until she answers that question.

WINGS (related stuff): Her wings come in handy for fighting but they're actually the most vulnerable spot on her body. They are extremely sensitive. Just grabbing them hard will put her into immediate agony. (If her wing gets broken she'll be completely useless) To kill her you have to rip off her wings first, which isn't as hard as you might think. Kai's wings are also her ticklish spot, especially right at the joints. Kai also has slightly thinner/lighter bones than a normal human being, and are more prone to getting broken if she isn't careful.

DARK MAGIC: As an angel she is especially sensitive to necromancy and other forms dark magic. Basically take whatever damage the spell is meant to do and triple it. Sleep spells seem to work unusually well with her.

DEMONS/YOUKAI/EVIL WHATEVER: Kai's holy aura works against her as well. Demons/youkai/ evil things-in-general will be able to sense her presence and tell where she is exactly if she's close enough. Demonic auras/evil auras give Kai distinct headaches and the stronger the entity the more negative her reaction will be to it. (e.g. Being around Dachend won't affect her. Dracho'xian and Kokutan's mere presence will require one large bottle of advil. Major demons will give her tension headaches and make her really bitchy.) If one of the said entities touches her it'll leave welts.

ARGUING WITH THE HIGHER POWERS: Or in this case THE higher power. She has a tendency to argue with Kami-sama, which gets her into all kinds of trouble. She also argues with that book (Amodeus) and that causes problems for her as well.

TECHNOLOGY: Don't give it to her! If you do expect a prompt and immediate explosion!

Kai was the troublemaker in Heaven and shows no signs of letting up while bound to the mortal planes. She is generally friendly, easy-going, and-for lack of a better word-sweet. She does have a mile wide argumentative streak. (This is the girl that argues with Kami-sama, don't expect her to back down from anyone else.) She has a mischievous streak just as wide, if not wider. If she starts to grin like a bandit watch out! She loves practical jokes, but has very little common sense when it comes to choosing people to play them on. (E.g. don't be surprised if she tries to play one on someone like Ryan or Dachend. O.O) Kai, to the large part, is fairly innocent when it comes to some of the most basic things, like the concept that people die. This innocence, combine with her delicate appearance, gives her an air of almost childlike fragility. That's deceptive, though, attack someone she cares about and she'll certainly try to make you pay for it. She won't hesitate to fight back if she has to, but she does prefer to avoid violence.


{A GREETING:} *folds wings, sticks out hand* "Hi! I'm Kai the Angel of Death-in-training. Nice to meet you." *Flashes giga-watt smile*

{A CHALLENGE:} *Unfurls wings* "Um, do you know who I am?" *keeps Amodeus-her book-very close.*

{AN ATTACK:} "Ach! Jude! Help!" *starts flipping through Amodeus madly*

{A PASS:} *Smiles* "Are you sure you want to ask the Angel of Death (in-training) on a date?"

Kai has been bound to the mortal plane until she answers a question posed by Kami-sama. Kai saved Jude's life without really understanding what she was doing. When Kami-sama talked to her about it later She decided that it was time that Kai was sent down to Earth to learn about death, dying, life, and what it means to live. Kami-sama told her to live amongst the mortals until she could tell Her what it meant to die, and thus what it meant to die. Once Kai answers that question she'll become the new Angel of Death. Kai, on the other hand, has no idea how she's supposed to go about answering that question and doesn't particularly want to answer it either. She's currently living with Jude-since Jude is part of the reason why Kai is down on Earth-and doesn't really have a purpose other than to answer that question.

Ah! Megumi Sama, Yuzuhara from X, Duo from Gundam Wing.

"But You're WRONG!" -to Kami-sama