[CHARCTER'S NAME:] Kattarina (Katt) Delshard
[CREATOR:] Lorna Appleby
[STATUS:] Gizmoteer.

Short for an elf, Katt stands about 5'3", has mid-back length red hair that she keeps firmly tied in a ponytail. Her bangs reach the bridge of her nose and are spiked out. Overall she's rather plain looking, which is also unusual for an elf.

She wears a baseball hat (forwards) that says "Don't hit it! FIXX it!" almost permanently, along with a pair of black leather, silk lined gloves. She has dark green eyes that are cat-slit, with a pale complexion. She prefers to wear jeans and a loose t-shirt to anything else.

A large, iron, heavy, wrench. A stun gun and a Personal Electro-Magnetic Defense Shield.

If its technological or mechanical she can fix it, if it doesn't exist but sounds like a pretty good idea, she can create it.

-Electronics ; Can create and repair any sort of electronics from telephones and remote controlled cars to orbital satellites. The complexity of the project is the variable for the time. (A magnetic defense shield = 5 days without sleep [Re: Nuku Nuku's "Papa-San"]

-Mechanics ; Can create and repair any sort of mechanical vehicle from a Austin Mini to space bound rocket. A decent running car would take her about three months, a space bound rocket about three years. (Thats if she does nothing but eat, sleep and work.)

Weaponry ; Has created everything from six-shot flame throwers to smoke grenades, while weapons of such nature are quick and easy to make, they have a bad habit of backfiring and have only a limited use. Weapons repaired by Katt tend to run into the same problem.

Just because she can *fix* something, doesn't mean she can *use* it.

As a low-noble of Underhill, Katt can summon her armour (standard female fantasy style plate/chain.. rather useless and revealing) and/or her sword at any time, but as she disdains the elven lifestyle she only wears the armour or uses the sword for the most dire and formal of situations. She's an average swordswoman.

While not strong, she has quick reactions and a pretty good running speed. She can also summon gold coins from her home dimension. Katt's also not a bad hand at playing the guitar.

Caffeine makes her drunk. A small allotment, for example from Hot Chocolate, will give her a buzz, Coffee will make her drunk, and a pitcher of coke will have her passed out for a week. "No Sleep" pills are a no-no. If overdosed on Caffeine, it could kill her. (Similar to alcohol poisoning.) Caffeine is also about as addictive as cocaine to her breed of elves.

Can not touch Iron directly, (She calls it the cold death or The Death Metal) must be insulated by silk. If she touches it directly she will get burnt, the longer the contact the more severe the burn. (Her wrench is a statement to her brethren about her thoughts on their society.)

*Terrified of very handsome men.* Katt's easy going, and will often repair mechanical equipment for free if someone's in a spot. She loves working on cars, and often pesters her friends to let her work on their vehicles. Katt's also fairly nice. She avoids violence, more often coming to blows to help or save someone else over actually getting involved to protect herself. ("Attack someone who can defend themselves, and that is fair, hurt the innocent or those who cannot defend themselves and I shall do my best to kick your little butt.")


(a friend:) "Hey! How's it going? Can you sit and talk for a while?"
(a stranger:) "Hi there, I don't think I've met you, I'm Katt!"
(an enemy:) "Uh, I think I better be going.."

(from someone of similar or equal power:) "Can't we just be friends?"
(from someone of greater power:) "Uh.. What's that?" *Point* *RUNS AWAY!!*

(if defending someone:) "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?!" *Pulls Wrench out and proceeds to try and bash brains in* (Or if non-Melee combat pulls out Stun Gun, slaps the Defense grid on the innocent and then engadges in combat)
(no one who needs defending:) "Hey look, violence doesn't really solve anything y'know!" *Actives Defense Grid and then quickly looks for an escape route*

(from a very handsome male:) "Ergh. Ack." *Pulls hat down and hopes they go away.* (If they don't) "Uh, I think you're looking for someone else.." (if they still don't go away) "I.. uh.. gotta go." *Dashes off.*
(from an average male:) "Sure you can sit down, I'm always up to making new friends."
(from an ugly male:) *Smiles winningly* "I'm very flattered, I am, I'm sorry that I'm not interested, but if you'd like to sit down for a while and chat..?"

Born to a low noble house Underhill, (See notes below) Katt found herself often the butt of jokes due to her ugly (by elven standards) looks. She very quickly withdrew from the court life and spent as little time there as possibly. She spent her time instead hanging around with the nearby Kitsune and learning the tricks and trades of their mechanics.

Also learning their easy going personalities and fondness for practical jokes..

With no magical abilities beyond the normal Elven gifts (summoning gold and armour/sword) Katt found herself further ignored by her society, and upon reaching adulthood (16) decided to head out into the "human-world" .. She had a gate opened for her and didn't look back.

Five years of living in the human-world brought her a mechanics shop, and a better appreciation for people, while not completely out of her shell, she has learnt to trust people and have friends. (But handsome men still bring back all the memories of her childhood.)

She decided to call in a favour from a Kitsune friend and return to her homeland to visit her family, when for some strange reason, she, her guitar, and her backpack of belongings ended up.. elsewhere. Not one to sneeze at opportunity, Katt promptly opened a repair garage, although it seems most of her clients bring in Mechas..

Underhill : A pocket dimension populated with Elves and Kitsune. The Elves here are what the stories of the Sidhe are based on, the snotty, self-centered, rather cruel, Elves. Of course, there are a (very) few exceptions to the rule.