[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Kimiko Souichi
[ALIASES:] Onee-sama (by Ahlen)
[AGE:] 24
[STATUS:] Field operative (i.e. spy/agent) for Chobetsu (Japanese secret service)

5'9", slim, very fit. Has long reddish-brown hair parted down the middle and tied up at the back in a ponytail. She has big brown eyes but they are mostly cast in a sheepish glance. When drunk, her face lights up like last year's Christmas tree.

Loose shirts that hide her figure and sometimes accompanied by a tie (semi-required attire for all agents). She wears loose fitting jeans or pants most of the time to give her legs flexibility. Almost never caught in a tight skirt.

Following the code of "Jackie Chan Martial Arts" anything in the nearby vicinity can become a potential weapon (within reason). Kimiko carries a standard issue Beretta 92 Combat handgun which she uses with good accuracy and ease.

Kimiko also has a special pair of glasses. To the observer, they look like an ordinary pair of Ray-bans. But these glasses have a one-way uplink to a communications-satellite which Kimiko can use to talk with agents at the Chobetsu HQ. A woman code-named "Central" usually responds to Kimiko's verbal requests and data is displayed on the inside of the lens. The glasses are very fragile but easily replaced. This is the only "spy-gadget" Kimiko normally carries with her.

Kimiko is a top martial artist. During her college years, she once ranked amoung the top International Amateurs. What she lacks in raw power and strength, she makes up for in agility and speed. Kimiko also has basic agent skills but her bomb defusal is deplorable. She's also comfortable with a computer but don't expect her to hack into systems without assistance.

Kimiko's weakness is that she's not special. She doesn't have extraordinary strength or superhuman speed. She's not super smart. Her skills are about as high as any normal human being could achieve without biological, technological or magical enhancements. Kimiko can't cast any magic, she normally doesn't have access to sci-fi weaponry, and she doesn't have any powers like being telepathic, telekinetic, affinity with machines, etc.

Kimiko has a low alcohol tolerance and can become drunk quite easily.

No-nonsense type of person. Cautious and cool-headed, she always gives the mission first priority. Generally avoids men who drool after her and think she's an easy target for a good time. However, she has a low intolerance to alcohol. After a few drinks, Kimiko's hidden affections for men may surface quite uncontrollably. Kimiko is a quick thinker and can get herself out of a lot of trouble. Because she's a top agent, Kimiko has no qualms about killing people but that doesn't mean she enjoys it. Career has been a big priority in Kimiko's life, leaving very little for personal or romantic endeavors. However, Kimiko is a very dependable and trustworthy friend.


[friend] "Hey! What's up?!"
[stranger] "Hello." *short brief nod*

[lesser skilled opponent] "I just finished watching a Jackie Chan movie and I'm feeling hyper-active!"
[greater skilled opponent] "I'm ready!"

{AN ATTACK:} Fists raised, legs spread apart in attack stance, unmoving to invite the opponent to try the first hit

(sober) "Do you want a beating or something?" *serious look*
[cute guy] "Whoohoo! 'Nee-chan wants to have a talk with you!"
[average guy] "I'm probably drunk but damn you look good!"

Kimiko was born in Tokyo and after high school, attended university in the United States. Her major in political science and history and top competition in martial arts attracted the CIA's attention. After training her as a field agent, she transferred over to Chobetsu (Japanese secret service) to curb the recent cultist attacks in Tokyo. During a mission, Kimiko lost her partner Yushido Hakaru and lover, whose death she blamed herself. Following that, she refused to accept the advances of other men, but deep down she really needs the company.

Kimiko has an alternate reality brother named Ahlen who now lives at the Shin Muchitsujo Shrine in St. John's Park. In fact, Ahlen's original sister, Kimiko once travelled to earth in the Feudal era. There, she met a man and they bore a child. That Kimiko had to leave and the man took the Souichi name for his own. Over the centuries, the Souichi family flourished until this Kimiko was born, the first girl to be the eldest of the Souichi family. So, she and Ahlen are related by centuries of time and dimensional gap.

Kimiko lives in the "Apartment Complex Without a Name" but is often seen hanging out at the bar, working on her laptop and sipping green tea. Kimiko's missions vary with the objectives. She's done everything to take down gangs and criminals, to infiltrating US military ships for espionage purposes.

Kiyone from Tenchi Muyo!