[REAL NAME:] Seshinno Kokutan

[ALIASES/NICKNAMES:] Koku-chan, Koku-san

[AGE:] Born sometime in 1728

[HAIR/EYE COLOUR:] Straight copper hair, slightly darker ears, with pale gold eyes

[STATUS:] A demon living in an anti demon shrine

[GENERAL APPEARANCE:] Kokutan is one half kitsune and one half ice demoness, ultimatly being 100% demon. Kokutan stands about 5'6", and has butt length straight copper hair, with ears poking out on top of her head. Her tail is the same colour as her hair but ends with a white tip. Her eyes are pale metallic gold with black cats eye pupils. She wears jade drop earrings in the base of each each. Kokutan also has canines like what you might find on a wild animal, but they only show when she smiles or shouts. Her feet are really just large paws, three toes each, each with a nasty retractable claw.

[GENERAL CLOTHING:] Kokutan used to be seen in a chinese style pants and a tube top that permitted her to move when fighting. Since then she walks around more in street clothes, usually loose jeans and some tank top. She'll wear yukatas when she's in the shrine, and a kimono for fancy occasions. She absolutly HATES shoes and socks and won't be caught dead in them.


{GENERAL PERSONALITY:} Kokutan is generally an easy going demon. She's the demon equivalent of a mature 20-25 year old human. She tends to be nervous around "normal" humans, since she worries that they might mis-interpret her demon nature. She's sociable otherwise, full of smiles and a laidback temperment. You can always tell when she's upset, since her ears will be lowered or pressed against her head. Stick her in a room with Dachend however and you'll get either a really really annoyed Kokutan or a Kokutan thats ready to rip something apart. Serious thinking about her past may depress her.

{INTERACTIONS:} Kokutan will greet anybody she knows, passing or otherwise with a smile. If she knows them well enough she will greet them verbally. Strangers she will not really interact with, unless they are visitors to the shrine then she will give a gentle smile. If she senses any hostillity her ears will press down and she might bare her fangs a little.

{REACTIONS TO HOSTILITY:} Kokutan is not afraid of a fight. She ran with a gang for years as a child and can hold her own in a one on one fight. She will generally lets her claws, both on her paws and hands, grow a little longer and she'll bare her fangs in warning. Growling is her last warning before she'll strike. She always tries to look over the situation first before getting involved. If Kokutan is challenged, she won't fight unless her pride is at stake.

{ROMANCE:} Kokutan has had only one major romantic relationship in her life, with her former mate.She'll politly refuse a pass by a female, and may just brush off the human male. She prefers strength and power when looking at males and goes back and forth often trying to decide if humans males are better then demon males. So far the demon males are winning. She also looks at intelligence. Kokutan enjoys flirting with males of any type. She just won't give them the time of day afterwards if they haven't impressed her.


Lyta and Ahlen: Shares the living space in the shrine with them. She interacts as a sort of live in housekeeper, and sort of views both as younger siblings. Friendly with both, although a little jealous of their happiness together.

Dachend: ??? Love and Hate relationship to the max. He can piss her off just by being in the same room, but he also understands her demon side.

Joseph and Anne: She loves them to bits, but tries to distance herself since she tends to see them as the kits she lost.

Kai: A wary relationship. Their auras counteract each other and can cause headaches for each.

{DAILY LIFE:} If given the chance Kokutan loves to sleep the day away. Normal day activities include cleaning the shrine, baking and cooking, periodically checking on the shrine's fire. At nighttime Kokutan likes to go out in the park or maybe visit some little hole in the wall gym where she can workout stress. She'll go out for a "night on the town" only when invited or when she's really feeling perky.



"*facepalm* Don't fireball the microwave PLEASE Lyta-san."

"Un-chibifie me you retched RL you." *4th wall crashes to the floor*


{WEAPONRY:} Kokutan carries NO weaponry, but she has had limited training in sword use. She prefers using what is natural, her claws and teeth. She uses her limited store of ki to make ki bombs and throws them from a close range.

{POWERS/SKILLS:} Kokutan's number one fighting skill is her speed. She can blur in and out of a normal humans vision, and often will use her speed to confuse an oponent. Kokutan also has fighting experience from when she ran with her father's thieving gang. She is in tune with demonic auras and can open up weak doors to the demon world she knows for her periodic visits.

In her new "domesticated" life she loves to cook and is quite good at it. She also enjoys sitting on the back porch of the shrine and drawing.

{WEAKNESSES:}Kokutan is %100 and can be hurt badly by wards. They can cause extreme pain, knock her out, or if strong enough they could kill her. A skilled enough swordsman could cause damage to her as well. She is suseptable to poisons although she can work them out of her system. Her gates to the demon world are weak and can really only let one person thru.


Kokutan comes from the Makai, the demon world. She is the daughter of a kitsune and an ice demoness. She was raised by her father, Kuruma, and was a thief in her kit days, which helped her develop the speed she has now. After all she had to run away from screamingly mad and powerful demons or be killed. Kuruma taught her the ways of a Makai thief after his original partner died, but ditched her in a village when she was 13 since she was injured and couldn't keep up with him. That little experience left Kokutan miffed, more because he got away with the stolen goods not so much that she was dumped.

In the village that she met Tetsu, another kitsune. He was the only one close to her kind living in the village at the time and the only one who showed her kindness. He helped her with her injuries and even tried to help her find her father again. When Kokutan was about 16 she and Tetsu became mates, she gave up thieving and settled into the fairly quiet village life. Kokutan also became the village protector since she had been dealing with the more powerful demons as a thief. She knew most of their weaknesses already and was the best in fighting skills. However during a short trip outside of the village, it was attacked in revenge for her stealing from a powerful demon lord. When Kokutan returned she was captured and forced to watch the violent death of Tetsu. Kokutan blacked out and was woken up 3 days later after all the dead had been buried. She had lost the kits she was carrying during her black out.

[ANIME INFLUENCES:] Kurama from YuuYuu Hakusho, Kasumi from Ranma 1/2, Shigeru from Hana Yori Dango, and Megumi from Rurouni Kenshi.

Other NON Anime influences include enough Pocky to choke a horse, tons of Coca Cola, Ayumi Hamasaki's Fly High (Euro Mix), Sugar Soul's Garden and the opening to Nazca, Ai no Fugue.