[STATUS:] Delinquent and hacker-for-hire.

Tallish teenage boy (about 16-17 years), broad-shouldered but more wiry than muscular (built like an EVA mecha). Skin is dark tan, hair is spiky, dark green, and unkempt. His face is almost always scowling, but in the few times he ever smiles he looks very kind and friendly, almost downright angelic. On his abdomen are three large nasty-looking slash wounds that _never_ heal. Because of this, he constantly smells slightly of blood.

Prefers black clothes with some white. Most of the time he wears a black boy's high school uniform with the jacket unbuttoned, sleeves rolled up, and the shirt underneath untucked with the collar undone. Underneath everything he keeps his wounds tightly bandaged-wrapped.

Usually none, preferring to depend on his hand-to-hand and chi abilities. May occasionally wield short melee weapons such as jitte, knives or short-swords.

Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics (ie ICE: security systems, computer hacking, etc)

Technocery (combined tech, magic, and psionics)

Martial Arts (unknown style, special moves & techniques listed below)

Chemfets (nanoscopic technocerous machines scattered throughout his bloodstream, unknown origin and composition, granted powers listed below) [ATTITUDE:]
Lone-wolf type. Grim, laconic, and nearly unfazeable. Cynical about most sentient beings in general. Will not fight at all unless there is serious provocation. Admires self-control and restraint, but dislikes established rules and authority in general. A man with a high annoyance tolerance, but the times he does complain he can go on and on and on and on...


(to a friend or in a good mood:) "H'ya. How's tricks?"
(normal mood:) "..." and merely waves hand
(if he's in a bad mood:) "Who the hfil are you?"

{A CHALLENGE:} "Not interested."

{AN ATTACK:} (sighs) "Yare, yare..." (retaliates unmercifully) "Sugu raku ni shite yaru." ("I will soon end your pain.")

{A PASS:} "..." and shrugs

Kubo is a delinquent high school student from a parallel dimension. He has arrived to CAPOW due to a failed technocery experiment combined with a random demon summoning by Anne. He doesn't seem particularly eager to get back home, at least for now. Various clues (such as his friendship with B-Ko Daitokuji) hint that he possesses a high socioeconomic position linked to several worldwide conglomerates, contrary to what his everyday low-class lifestyle and demeanor may indicate.