[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Lyta Fireheart
[REAL NAME:] Lyta Inverse Gabriev
[AGE:] About 18 years
[STATUS:] Shin Muchitsujo (New Chaos) Shrine priestess

Lyta bears an uncanny resemblence to Lina Inverse. With good reason, for the famous genius sorceress is her mother. Her father is Gourry Gabriev and Lyta's hair is a mix of orange-red with blonde highlights. Lyta is taller and more slender than her mother, standing almost 5'7". Her eyes are reddish and large like her mother's.

Lyta's most prominent clothing feature are the two shoulder guards and cape. The large shoulder guards are gold-trimmed with two flame symbols on either shoulder. The black cape is less of a cape (like Lina's) and more of a cloak that can easily hang around Lyta's body (like Firia's or Syphiel's). The rest of her clothing consists of a light blue shirt, red pants and brown boots. She has a black headband with a brass fire-symbol on the front. She doesn't wear earrings.

Lyta carries a butterfly-hilt short sword which she can use with decent proficiency. Having Gourry as a father meant she's had some training. She's better than her mother but not as adept as Zelgadis.

Lyta's spellcasting abilities isn't as powerful as her mother's. Black magic is beyond her. White magic spells only include sleeping and light recovery. Lyta's specialty is elemental shamanism (except astral/spirit spells), the most powerful being fire. Her trademark spell is "Flame Slave"

'Spirits of magic, elements of fire, heed my call;
With your eternal power, bind thyself to my blade;
Together, smite down those who would stand in my path;
And burn them in my fiery inferno ... FLAME SLAVE!'

The spell is draining and Lyta needs to recover before she can cast it or any other offensive spells. The spell is bound to Lyta's sword and when she swings her sword, a fiery arc of energy fans out.

Lyta and Ahlen share a sort of telepathic ability. It's not true telepathy but somehow they can communicate (in a limited ability) with eachother with mere looks and gestures.

As mentioned above, Lyta's spellcasting is limited to only fire/earth/water/air spells. She cannot cast Black Magic (i.e. things like Dragon Slave, Ragna Blade) and very few White Magic spells. Lyta's Flame Slave attack is draining and requires her to rest before being able to cast any magic.

Lyta often speaks before she thinks, leading to many awkward comments. See below for more details.

Lyta is technologically inept (coming from a Slayers-world). She could make an alarm clock explode just by pressing a few buttons.

Lyta brings together a bit of both parent's personalities. She's usually very friendly and happy with a positive outlook on life. Sometimes her father's lack of common-sense shows up in his daughter and could become totally oblivious to the obvious. Lyta's temperment is like her mother's. She's touchy about her weight, bust-size and age. Any insult to any would result in a nasty spell.

Lyta is a kind-hearted person. She doesn't share her mother's desire for things like power, fame or money, because of her father's wholesome upbringing. However, having parents who both have voracious appetites, she can eat with the best of them (and with speed, too).

Lyta isn't afraid to speak her mind, even when she shouldn't. That often results in a good foot-in-the-mouth. This is the result of Lina not caring what she says and Gourry who sometimes says things at inapproprite times. But Lyta is always honest about her feelings. She's hardly cynical or distrusting. If she doesn't trust someone, she'll let them know. Lyta is very modest and it's hard to give her compliments she doesn't try to protest to. (unless it's Ahlen giving them, then she expects it) As such, Lyta doesn't make it publicly known who her parents are, despite her appearance.

Lyta has a lot of affection for her boyfriend, Ahlen Souichi. They are as close as any couple, short of being married. Like any couple, often Ahlen will say the wrong thing or set Lyta off. That results in either a spell or a good clobbering. Otherwise, Lyta is not afraid to display her affection for Ahlen in public (within decency) and it's clear to everyone else that they are very much in love.

Because of Lyta's devotion to Ahlen, Lyta is a very loyal and driven person. Once her mind is set upon something, she'll do everything she can to carry it out. (Part of the stubbornness comes from Lina Inverse) Lyta hardly doubts herself or others. She believes everyone has good in them (sometimes naively). Lyta also believes in the saying, "Don't start a fight, but always finish one."

Lyta loves flowers and nature. She runs a small flower service on the side since her house at the Shin Muchitsujo Shrine has a little greenhouse.


(friend/stranger) Hello! Welcome to the Shin Muchitsujo Shrine!
(Ahlen) Ahlen! [smile]

{A CHALLENGE:} Can't we work this out without fighting?

{AN ATTACK:} [responds accordingly with a spell]

(a guy) Sorry, I'm already taken.
(a girl) Iyaa! I don't like girls! Anoo.... I mean, I'm not like that!

Lyta Fireheart is the daughter of Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev. She studied under both and gained abilities in each of their expertise. Lyta met Ahlen before he came to CAPOW and they fell in love. She came searching for her love when he was caught in an accident that sent him to Capow.

Lyta and Ahlen established a home in St. John's Park at an abandoned Shinto shrine. Not being a shintoist, Lyta devoted the shrine to the Lord of Nightmares. L-sama sometimes refers to Lyta as the 'Priestess of Chaos' (although Lyta has no priestess abilities) The Shrine also guards a gateway to a demon world.

Also living at the shrine is the drifter Kokutan, half-fox, half-demon (benevolent).