[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Mayumi Watanabe
[ALIASES:] Mayu-chan. (Sensei) Mayu-dono. (Jay) Honeybunch. (Yugo)
[AGE:] 14
[GENDER:] Female
[HAIR/EYE COLORS:] Black hair / Purple eyes.
[STATUS:] High school student, (8th grade). Student at the Kendo Dojo.

She styles her shoulder-length hair in a neatly done ponytail most of the time, using a small dark purple bow. You could say she's beautiful to most guys, (Not like Alzena but..). Smiling most of the time.

Mayumi usually wears baggy clothing, or space pants and a t-shirt, if not her sailor style school uniform. (She likes to wear her skirt _short_. ;P). Anything that she thinks makes her look cute. When at the dojo, she usually wears her ocean blue kimono with sakuras in it, or her plain white training kimono.

Mayumi isn't too good at figthing (Even if she _is_ Toshiro-sama (Sensei)'s granddaugther, and always avoids battle. But if worse comes to worse, she'll defend herself with anything that she can find.

Mayumi enjoys cooking more than anything in the whole world. And she's pretty good at it too. She cooks dinner at the dojo most of the time, (Usually charging the other students for their meals).

Her cooking is the total opposite of Akane's. :P

She's also very good with kids, and enjoys babysitting them..most of the time.. ^^;; (Ah, motherly instincts.. ^_-)

She's actually a soft-hearted sentimental. She tries to hide it acting always happy and tough, and rarely opens up to others.

Can be usually bribed with chocolate bars, (or anything containing chocolate, for that matter.)

Aside, there's always her heart-sickness. Even if the doctors say she should be alright now, and she has totally recovered, she usually can't be too startled. (She won't die, just loose consiousness...)

Hence Jay's special care for her.. ;)

Mayumi looks at the bright side of things most of the time. Always cheerful. She often tries to cheer her friends up if they're sad, succeding most of the time.

Her attitude would make anyone smile.

Of course...there are days when she's the total opposite... Ah, girls are like that...nee..


(From sensei:) Genki desu ka? *Bows humbly*
(Anyone else:) *Smiles* How's life treating you?

{A CHALLENGE:} M-me?! Wh-what did I do?!

{AN ATTACK:} AAIIYEEEE!!!! *Runs for it, avoiding the hit most of the time.* *Sometimes she faints, tho..*

{A PASS:} *Blush* U-uh.. *Short Silence* _SOOooo_...!! *^_~*

Mayumi's mother died giving her birth for she suffered heart disease, and couldn't take the labor, and her father works as an official for the Japanese army. (Intelligence Dept.) Since he rarely gets time off from his work, her grandfather has raised her. Both Mayumi and her grandfather lived in Akita (Known for having the cutest japanese girls around); Sensei moved to Tokyo, where he works on the outskirts of CAPOW, teaching in his dojo. Mayumi stayed in Akita receiving medical treatment, since she inhereted her mothers dissease. Recently the doctors told her she was free to go, since her heart should now be strong enough. She recently traveled to Tokyo to help her grandfather with the dojo.

Her father got her into the Special privato school in CAPOW, where she wishes to follow her fathers footsteps and work in intelligence when she graduates.

Jay and Yugo are her best friends so far in CAPOW, and she's always taking care of them (Or so she says ^^;). She studies at the same private high school as Jay, and has developed a crush on him. She doesn't have the nerve to tell him though.

"Sometimes the best thing about living is just being alive, dont you think?" *Warm smile*
"....Leave. Me. Alone!" >.<
"Smile!" ^o^

Rurouni Kenshin (Don't ask). Fushigi Yuugi. Ranma 1/2. Maison Ikkoku.