[CHARACTER’S NAME:] Nomura Megumi
[AGE:] 16
[STATUS:] High School Student, Princess of the Torinne Clan of Weredragons

Megumi is a very pretty girl, as anime girls tend to be, perhaps a little more so than most. (Of course, she's not as beautiful as Akiko, and Akiko never fails to point this out.) She has dark blue hair (bluish-black actually), cut close, but long enough to reach the lower edges of her shoulderblades. Her bangs, which hang over her eyebrows, are cut diagonally towards the middle of her forehead so that they have a triangular appearance. Her eyes are the same color as her hair, extremely dark blue. Height: 5'4" Weight: 119 lbs. (See also general clothing for more notes on her appearance.)

Megumi wears a school fuku most of the time, like Akiko. Hers, however, is not white, blue, and red like Akiko's; it's mostly black with a gold ribbon on the chest. She too wears a Dragon's Eye, the mark of weredragon royalty (in this case, the Torinne tribe). Hers appears to be cut from a single piece of dark blue tourmaline, and it behaves the same as Akiko's when Megumi takes battleform.

Megumi has a battleform which resembles Akiko's, but for the coloring of the scales. Akiko's scales look like facets of sapphires, while Megumi's are tourmaline--they actually have two colors depending on the angle at which they are hit by light, switching between bluish-black and unblemished white. (This color-switching is a trait noted in tourmaline and some other gems.) Megumi's transformation to battleform follows the same rules as Akiko's—she can change instantly with the Eye, but without it it requires 3 minutes for her to change, during which her perception of time is severely distorted.

Her battleform has the same general strengths and weaknesses as Akiko's. They're of the same species, just different tribes, after all.

Relies on her natural powers.

Besides the general abilities granted by her battleform, Megumi is also very intelligent. She is highly resourceful and exploits _anything_ useful at her disposal. Megumi, as the daughter of a successful politician, has been well- schooled in charm and social etiquette, and can be quite charismatic. This charm is further enhanced by her psychic domination powers (described below).

Megumi's father is well-connected politically, and Megumi has followed in his footsteps. Thanks to her skill at charming people and her mental control abilities, she has been able to use her father's political contacts for her own benefit. Nothing like being able to spy on your friends, ne? Megumi has also built a little underground empire of her own, not as extensive as her father's but less dangerous to use (she can only do so much without him catching on).

Megumi also has certain abilities specific to the Torinne tribe. As mentioned before, she can has the psychic ability to control and influence minds. This power only works on sentient beings. She cannot totally rob a human being of his will, however--just cause their thoughts to run in a vein she finds useful. For example, with a minor expenditure of energy she could cause someone to betray a minor detail, a phone number, address, or a small secret (maybe something embarrassing, but nothing significant). With more energy, she can influence people to do things she wants, as long as the commands are not _totally_ against the character's personality and morals. She cannot cause a person to do something suicidal. If the person succumbs to her influence, they do not believe they've been influenced in any way--sure, Megumi suggested it, but she didn't force them. The amount of mental energy Megumi must expend is related to the willpower of the person she targets as well as any psychic abilities they may possess--for example, Akiko would pose a difficult target (and weredragons are resistant to most of the powers of other weredragons to begin with). With a large energy expenditure (large enough to tire her for a good while), she can siphon off a person's willpower, and delve them for deep-buried secrets and (sometimes) repressed memories. With great, great, GREAT concentration (say, a few hours of focus), she can deliver a "psychic blow" which would devastate an opponent's willpower and allow her to deliver powerful suggestions that even their morals would not allow them to oppose. However, suicidal commands are still not allowed. Bear in mind that Megumi's powers, no matter how much energy she spends, are always escapable--but after a point, resistance becomes difficult. Fortunately, mind control that strong requires a lot of time to prepare (making it impractical for use in battle, etc.) and Megumi doesn't like using it, as it saps her energy quickly.

As far as physical combat goes, Megumi is no martial artist. She's a fair fighter, but not as good as Akiko. Direct, hand-to-hand combat is certainly not her style. She prefers talking/charming/mind-controlling her way out of confrontations. But that doesn't make her a coward, and nor does it make her a minor threat: like Akiko, she has a powerful magical attack. It is called the Vortex, a wide wave of blue energy which spreads from Megumi's palm. Those caught within the Vortex are subjected to a terrifying and painful ordeal: besides being surrounded by swirling and chaotic energy which almost completely cuts off sensory input, the bodies of Vortex targets are placed under unbelievable stresses: they feel themselves being torn at by claws and blades, pulled in many directions at once, crushed by unimaginable pressure, any sort of pain a person can imagine. However, this damage is not real (for the most part). If everything a person feels in the Vortex were real, the victims would be dead in seconds. The Vortex DOES cause very real wounds, however--mostly lacerations, which can be quite heavy or surprisingly light, although blunt trauma wounds are also common. No matter how much damage is done, however, the pain the Vortex inflicts leaves its targets disoriented and occasionally delirious.

Megumi is quite an interesting character. The "upbringing" her parents gave her was done mostly through middlemen (servants and such). Due to the lack of real affection she experienced, Megumi has filled the void with the one thing her father did teach her about: political power. Conveniently, this makes her the epitome of her tribe's ideals; the Torinne enjoy pulling strings and political maneuvering. Of course, that's not enough, and while she was training her abilities she discovered yet another benefit for her powers: she could use them to gain the affection she had lacked. Megumi is quite firmly homosexual; she became aware of it when the female Torinne who trained her kissed her and has never considered a relationship with a man. She is not very interested in love, preferring to "conquer" her targets--through her charm and beauty if possible, and by mind control if necessary. (She has not managed to bed a girl yet, thought.) Love is an unfamiliar emotion to Megumi, and should she ever feel it, she will be confused (and probably frightened somewhat) by it. Other than that, her mood matches the situation: most of the time she's friendly but guarded, not giving any more away than she absolutely feels she has to. Megumi's the master of the poker face. She hardly ever loses her temper; even while angry she can appear to be cheerful and ingratiating. Saying one thing and thinking another is the most basic of politician's skills, after all! Generally, Megumi is only concerned with doing things which can expand her influence over others.


(from a friend:) *Charming smile* Konnichi wa! Don't you owe me a favor?
(from a stranger:) *Charming smile, but speaks less brightly* Konnichi wa. *If the person looks useful to her, she'll continue to speak with them and try to glean as much information about them as she can.*

{A CHALLENGE:} *Smiles* Perhaps we can talk this out. Violence is so.... distasteful. (She will then try to talk her opponent out of it. If she succeeds, she will use the new truce to her advantage. If pressed, she will fight.)
(from a formidable enemy:) More or less the same, but she'll _really_ pour on the charm (and she'll resort to mind control much more quickly).
(from a FAR more powerful enemy:) The same, but she'll attempt to influence her opponent's mind from the outset of the conversation.

(from any guy:) She'll scowl and ignore it. If the attention persists, she'll continue to ignore it, it's as simple as that. Eventually, she may resort to mind control to put her opponent off the chase.
(from a cute girl:) Hmmm, I'm not used to being the hunted. *Grin* But I may make an exception for you.
(from a plain girl:) Not interested. I prefer pursuing, not being pursued. Good luck on your next try, though.
(from an unattractive girl:) Um, you think I like girls? I think you made a mistake.

(Side Note: Megumi is obsessed with femininity and the beauty of the female body, which she usually refers to as "the greatest work of art ever made." She will never pursue those who don't live up to her standards.)

"We can do that. Or, if you prefer, we can just go back to my place."
"To my dying breath!" (This is a common pick-up line Megumi uses, used in the context of protecting her target.)