Character's Name: Namida Samui (Namida's her last name)

Age: Unknown; she claims to be 23, but doesn't look a day older than 16.

Bday: October 31 (Scorpio)

Gender: Female--or, at least, appears to be.

Status: STRA Agent

General Description: 5'6", medium build, mildly attractive figure, but she could pass for a guy if she tries hard enough, especially with her short hair cut in Audrey Hepburn's style. Her eyes are almond-shaped, and they are light gray with nearly indistinguishable pupils, making her look either blind or immensely creepy. The creepiness factor is intensified by the fact that she usually keeps a blank expression on her face. Oh, and her hair is lime green. Yes, that is her natural hair color.

Clothes: Generally wears two or three layers of shirts and long pants even on relatively warm days. Despite her name, Samui dislikes being cold, since the slightest dip in temperature results in an immediate loss of warmth in her fingers and toes, a very uncomfortable sensation. She usually also wears a jacket over this ensemble, unzipped or buttoned only at the second button to make it easy for her to change clothes. Everything has plenty of pockets so that she can hold the various capsules that she carries around.

What's a Capsule?

Those handy dandy little things from Dragon Ball that can store anything. To retrieve the item, press the button at the top and toss away from yourself; after some Batman-esque sound effects, the item is fully restored. Samui has a small house (1 month's worth of water, electricity, and food; has pipes and wires that can be connected to external sources), a moped (holds up to two adults and one child), and a first aid kit (bandages, salves, splints, and other such stuff) in her capsule collection. Even if she doesn't use them much, she never goes anywhere without them.



In General: Publicly, Samui is formal to the point of coldness, and nothing seems to faze her, although she occasionally lets her wit and sense of humor show through. Beneath that seemingly uncaring mask, though, Samui has a very high sense of responsibility, which means that once she's made up her mind to do something, it's very hard to deter her. As a result, she is very protective of the people she cares about, and for the most part even loathe to do harm unto even the worst sort of criminals. That's probably why despite her excellent aim, Samui will not use deadly force unless it is the only available option. Samui is much more free with her emotions around people she's close to, but even then she will keep some secrets, both because of her job and her fear of rejection.

Reactions to...

1. Greetings/smalltalk/etc--She'll do the standard "hello/how do you do/etc.", but she'll usually just get straight to the point of if she was the one seeking the other person out. Around her friends, she's a lot more inclined to just chat and make jokes. As a guideline, she won't let someone probe deeper than what she's comfortable with, and will draw those lines very clearly in the way she interacts.

2. Hostility/violence/trouble--Samui will attempt to avoid using force whenever possible, opting instead to go for psychological intimidation. However, once she is determined to do something (defeat the challenger/protect someone/etc.), she's a force to be reckoned with. In a bind, Samui is usually calm and collected while her mind cranks out the ways of going around it, but she will react very strongly if she feels that what's going on may hurt the people she cares about or is a gross violation of her beliefs.

3. Romance--Anyone brave enough to ask will probably be rebuffed politely the first time, and afterwards be ignored. She has a very low tolerance for perverts and won't hesitate to use a little martial arts on them. If you can get through the icy exterior Samui puts forth, you'll get someone that would care for you to the point of death. This is, however, very difficult, as Samui usually purposely distances herself from everyone. If you stick to it and prove that you're going to be committed, she'll eventually open up.


Samui will remember anyone that she's been introduced to once, but it takes a very long time for her to get past the "casual acquaintance" level and an even longer time to win her trust. Thusly, she usually only associates with people on her innermost circle, most of whom don't reside in Capow. However, Samui does have a soft spot for children, and tends to be more relaxed around them.

--Talon: Cares for him deeply, and the relationship has begun to move past a simple, platonic friendship without either one of them realizing it.

--Washuu: Has known her for quite a while and respects her greatly as a scientist, but constantly disagrees with her ethics.

--Alzena: Even though Samui has been assigned to arrest Alzena, she hasn't been in any hurry to bring Alzena in. Alzena hasn't committed any real crimes anyway, and she's been rather instrumental in reviving the Retreat's business...

--Kimiko: Hasn't really spoken with her since _Fate, Reality, and Other Misadventures_, but would readily work with the Chobetsu agent again should the circumstances arise, and would trust her more or less absolutely.

--Jude: The two have more or less come to a gruding respect after the Sagawa incident (story in progress). Samui sees Jude as a kindred spirit, one who has experienced the same sort of pain and loss that she has.

Daily Life: On a typical weekday she would either be cruising the beat with her partner Talon or in the STRA headquarters going through paperwork. Weekends she's usually at home on the computer, although she likes to frequent the Lurker's Retreat, The Brighter Side of Insomnia, and Washuu's Bookstore. She lives at the UCHWAN (Unidentified Cheap Housing With an Acronym for a Name), which is within a reasonable walking distance of all those locations. If you're lucky, you might catch her at an arcarde, or maybe see the cryptic initials N18 as the top score of a first-person shooting game.


"Namida Samui. STRA. You know the rest." (Wasting no words when confronting a bad guy.)

"My boss calls it my 'Bad Ass Ice Queen Mode'. Rumor has it that I can be rather intimidating when I do that." (On her poker face.)

"It wouldn't be fun; I don't miss." (Declining an offer to play laser tag.)

"_No_. Don't ask me again." (Being firm about something.)

"Yes, I do have a personality. You can get off the floor now." (After making an unexpectedly humorous comment.)


[Weapons and powers]

Weapons: Doesn't carry any, and usually fights barehanded, but can use almost anything to defend herself. However, Samui uses violence as an absolute last resort; it's usually sufficient for her to look menacing.

Powers/Skills: Her speed, agility, and dead-on accuracy make up for her lack of strength and skill. She dabbles in a style similar to Any Goes Martial Arts, mostly self-developed from reading Sun Tsu's _Art of War_. She's able to hide her emotions very well, and occasionally pulls rather insane stunts (like jumping from speeding cars :) that altogether make her an unpredictable opponent. Again, as mentioned above, Samui prefers to let her reputation preceed her, thus saving her the necessity of using most of her abilities.


Background: She arrived in Capow a stranger and a complete mystery. Both her reticent nature and her job as an agent for the Space-Time Regulation Agency (STRA, something like the Federation from Star Trek) kept her from really interactinig with anyone. Most people quickly wrote her off as another Ice Queen, but when Talon Gauss joined the STRA as Samui's partner, he discovered that there was much more to Samui than she let on. One of the many things that he found out was beneath the unemotional mask, Samui had the heart of a child who had borne great tragedy and pain. That among the skeletons Samui was hiding in her closet was that she was created to be a killing machine, and that she had spent her entire life fighting those ingrained directives. However, Talon, being a man with his own ghosts, sympathized with Samui immediately, and gained her trust in the process.

Through many trials and difficulties Samui has finally begun to truly put

her terrible past behind her and let herself accept the love that her friends have been trying to give her all along.

Anime Influences:

Ayanami Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Soujirou Seta and Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin)

Heero Yui (Gundam Wing)

Non-Anime Influences:

Agent K (Men In Black)

Data (Star Trek: The Next Generation)