[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Naomi Aotori

[AGE:] 17

[STATUS:] Runaway experimental pilot/terrorist for OZ

Naomi is a half Japanese half American girl. She stands at 4'8" and is fairly thin. Her arms have a bit more muscle developed since she's had to control heavy firearms and pilot a large Gundam. Her hair is black and about shoulder length and she has gray eyes. She rarely wears make-up, except for plain lip-gloss.

Naomi's basic wardrobe consists of boot cut jeans, black t-shirts, and heavy sneakers or boots. Stuffed in the back of her closet are a dress military uniform, crimson, and flight uniform, very much like a plug suit, black in color. Naomi carries a messenger bag typically draped around one shoulder, and a personal CD player.

On her person, a 9mm once part of her dress uniform. She's kept it on for self-defense purposes, usually wearing a shoulder harness with a jacket over it. It goes with her almost everywhere. When threatened, her voice can serve as a high-pitched eardrum splitting shriek. Her Gundam OZ-OOMS5 *no name was ever given to it* is a weapon only when someone is in it. The Gundam was ever finished, so it has a portion of the weaponry it was supposed to carry. It came with 2 gattling guns, a beam sword and a vulcan gun. However in Naomi's escape she used most of the ammo and completely lost power to the vulcan gun. It is easily piloted, and is the fastest developed Gundam.

Without the Gundam: a semi-trained terrorist, specializing in assassinations. Can sneak around with inhuman silence, and has an accurate aim, about 7/8 hitting her target directly. Moderate with computers. Great tracking skills, but those have now been reserved for hunting a certain weredragon. Naomi can also sing very well. And she can chug soda like no human can.

With the Gundam: Eh...she's still learning what's what in her Gundam, since she only had one day of formal training, and a few weeks on her own. She knows how to fly it and can maneuver her way out of small or enclosed areas, but she's still awkward in using it. *Read: It may suddenly lurch or fall in mid-flight* Naomi's real skills kick in when she's under pressure, when she will become a ruthless and exacting pilot, however its more of a survival instinct.

Naomi doesn't like face-to-face combat, and does poorly in it. She was trained as an assassin, and prefers to be hidden when attacking. Being in the Gundam cockpit allows her to feel hidden. Naomi has a complete weakness for music. Music drives her mood and she's rarely without it. Naomi HATES digs about her height. She will mope for hours if teased.

Naomi is a typical "genki" girl, with the occasional odd quirk. Naomi might suddenly start talking about her beloved mecha or stop mid-sentence to listen to a song, and then pick up where she left off. Naomi also secretly desires to be an idol singer, or at least PART of a Jpop group. She loves to sing, humming when not talking and may break out singing when she's really happy. Naomi also takes a lot before getting mad. She's upbeat, a little sarcastic at times, but generally a sweet girl. Sucks down Surge by the liter. Just don't mention her height.


Naomi was an orphan brought into the OZ army, at about age 9, in an attempt to make a perfect soldier. However instead of learning what she was supposed to, she became bored, since all she wanted was to be a normal girl. Her disinterest in fighting for OZ, led to her not paying CLOSE attention, thus not being as well trained as OZ had hoped, but still one of the more promising candidates, if not an erractic one. She really turned out to be a typical teenager, just one who knew how to pilot 50foot Gundams and track down high-ranking officials to kill them. When she was issued her Gundam, OZ had hoped to spark something in her to continue her training. However after one day of formal training she flew the coop, Gundam and all. Naomi wanted her freedom from OZ and took out a couple of mobile suits in the process. More then anything she hated the forced learning and her number designation, which was 12 of 30. OZ fought to keep her only when they realized she was taking a Gundam with her. She never obtained high enough authority to get real secrets about OZ, but they DO want their Gundam back.