[REAL NAME:] Way too complicated for human tongues to pronounce, which is why he chose the human name of "Ray"
[AGE:] 21
[HAIR/EYE COLOUR:] Dark blue/Yellow
[STATUS:] Originally a hunter; became a private detective when banished to the human world.

Slender 6'1" with spiky (Toriyama-style) blue-ish black hair that adds another four inches to his height, and two scythe-like strains hanging to the right of his face. His looks are plain yet fine, with an amazing attractiveness in their simplicity -- in one word: bishounen, like all of his race. In one of the rare moments when he's without his sunglasses (which he wears due to his extremely high light sensitivity), you can see that the pupils of his pale yellow eyes are serpentine slits, a sight that tends to create feelings of slight discomfort in most humans. (Racial memory still equals slit eyes with something highly poisonous hiding in the bushes...)

Ray's basic rule, which he shares with most of the Multiverse's freelancing crime fighters, is "Function over Fashion" -- you never know when you've got to run. Normally he'll be wearing a pale longsleeve shirt under a wornout khaki trenchcoat, Jeans, and good boots. He doesn't have any preference for any kind of clothing, though, and will wear whatever his current case demands; he won't, however, take off the opaque shades that hide his eyes. He also wears a worn-out hip quiver made from black leather at his side, with a good dozen of neatly feathered arrows in it.


Ray is known for his aversion to alcohol, and sobriety is, in every meaning of the word, his most striking personality trait. He is a practical and matter-of-fact person, that calm, analyzing thinker type o' guy, stabilizing element to any group, destined to keep the hotheads at bay until the time to strike has come.
Ray's dry, black humor and his seemingly inborn sarcasm has made him known as the master of the inappropriate larconic comment; however, despite his bent for irony that can give other people the impression of him being an arrogant know-it-all, he is a very likeable and reliable person. He still believes there is such a thing as "honor" in the world; he will not take back a given word without a serious reason and will always seek to keep his promises, no matter what the cost.
Ray doesn't believe that there can ever be any reason weighty enough to excuse a violation of the law. He firmly believes that humans (and elves, of course) can only be counted as sentient beings because they have laws; thus if one breaks the law, one is equal to, if not less than an animal.

Ray is an outspoken and friendly guy when around people he knows and likes. Permanently eager for information on all goings-on, he has his ears and eyes everywhere; he nearly always knows what's happening on the streets, and what he doesn't come to know about by himself he finds out by having a quick chat every now and then with someone or other, especially if he's on an assignment -- even gossip can turn out to be valuable information in the next second. Should he need exact and detailed infos on anything he'll try to subtly steer the conversation round to whatever attracted his interest.

However friendly he may be in dealing with friends and most strangers: In the face of criminals and suchlike he turns into a cynical, sardonic... well, not bastard, but something very close to that. In other words, he shows the typical elven attitude towards humans: Icy, merciless, and without any regard to the criminal's age, gender, color, and, most important, to the criminal's reason (or excuse) for breaking the law. Don't expect him to tell the Bad Guys their rights, because for him, they don't have any.
Deep down Ray is still a hunter, and as a hunter, he seeks to make fights as short (and quiet) as possible. He prefers a good, clean shot over rushing in on a gang of criminals Woo-style -- not only because the first is much safer, but also because the latter could easily endanger innocents. When forced into an open fight he will wait for the right moment to move in and strike, only to back away in order to repeat the whole procedure from start, until his opponent is down and out; while this style of fighting is neither very special nor inventive, it's nonetheless effective.

According to the cliché (elves being popular with women etc), Ray is a popular aim of affections. To say that he doesn't like it would be a downright lie, but he is no excessive ladies' man either and will back out of the whole business in cases of paticularly persistent love declarations.

Ray didn't get around much in the time following the opening of his agency; however, now that he is all set up and has build up a reputation, he has more time at his hands to get to know all the different folks that populate the city. He already knows most of them by hearsay, of course, and has met one or the other patron of the Retreat, but he hasn't really developed relationships to anybody, safe maybe Elyssa.

Ray actually never was a night's person, but in the deep woods of Northwood, there wasn't much difference between day and night anyway. Due to his high sensitivity towards light he nowadays rarely leaves his bed before 2 PM -- not because he's an idler, but rather because working at nighttime is much more comfortable for him. The next few hours will be spent sighting, updating and sorting records, and doing whatever housework needs to be done. After that, he leaves to pull at some strings here and there to get some information out of his sources. His office (which is nothing more than the front room of his apartment) will very likely be deserted, simply because he's away most of the time. He likes to hang out at the Retreat, too -- there simply is no better place for overhearing the newest rumors and stuff.

"You Humans have the bad habit of rubbing off on other races."

"What rights? You forfeited yours when you broke the law."

"Got fire?"


Even though he has come to know the kinds of firearms of the present day and their various advantages over medieval weapons, Ray still prefers his old hunting spear and his arrows. (He doesn't need a bow, read Powers for details) He's a bit stubborn in that matter and even refused to learn how to use guns at all, meaning that he's pretty much useless when he runs out of arrows, since he definitely doesn't excel in close combat, even though he can use his spear quite well.

Even an elf needs to practise his or her magic from time to time, but ever since Ray left his clan, he has neglected to do so out of spite for his kin. Thus he only kept two powers, the ones that he realized would come in handy; but even those skills have deteriorated and become less effective than they could be.
The first power he's kept is an inate ability of his clan. Due to some inborn elemental control, Ray is able to shoot arrows without having to use a bow, or rather, by using a bow out of Air, which looks as though he was using none.
His other power is a regenerative healing ability. Originally a powerful healing spell that could heal any kind of wound, it now is nothing more than an enhancement of the regenerative processes of his metabolism, and thus limited to himself. He can't regrow a lost limb or anything similarly severe, but he _could_ recover from a non-lethal bullet wound within a good couple of minutes, provided the bullet isn't stuck in his body. The process of regenerating is very exhausting and drains his stamina to the point that any overly strenous action (fighting, free-climbing, etc) performed during a certain time of recovery (usually one or two hours) will inevitably end in lingering unconsciousness.
His sight in darkness is like that of a cat. However, the payoff of this is that when he doesn't wear his sunglasses one direct "hit" of light (the sun, headlights, a flashlight) will leave him completely blinded for one or more hours.
Since hunters rarely ever strive for a round of close combat with their prey, his martial arts skills are mediocre at best: he can handle your average street thug, but he won't be able to keep up with a trained martial artist.
Ray's analytical mind deserves to be called Vulcanian, and he has a very good eye for people and details -- another skill that goes back to his days as a hunter. He also has a knack for telling if someone is lying in many (but not all) cases, and the uncanny ability to make people tell him what he wants to know without having them notice that they're doing so.

Poking your nose into others' affairs and causing trouble doesn't make you very popular with the people owning the toes you tread on, and so Ray is constantly being stalked or hunted by someone sent after him by an underworld bigwig; even if the person stalking him is removed, a new one will more or less immediately pick up where the previous left off. Ray's got so accustomed to being stalked that even if the assassin or whatever isn't replaced immediately, he'll always choose his actions with caution and anticipate danger at all times. Ray's advantage is that his stalkers are your average run-o'-the-mill underexposed minion -- they're as thick as a plank, to be honest.
Ray has, for some odd reason he probably doesn't even know himself, taken up the habit of smoking. He's no chain-smoker, but since he finds it immensely hard to concentrate without a stub in a corner of his mouth, it's not rare that you, at entering his office, find yourself engulfed by thick clouds of smoke.


Ray grew up as a hunter in the deep and dark forests of Northwood, a dimension divided into a fantasy-medieval part and a hi-tech section, the former under elven control, the latter in the hands of mankind. He was one of the best hunters his clan had ever seen and surely would have become a member of the clan councils if it hadn't been for his love affair with a human, one of the few hunters in the fantasy part of Northwood. The two lovers didn't spare any effort to keep their affair hidden, but to no avail: they were discovered, and the clan made short work of the huntress, Area by name -- the elves of Northwood don't think much of humans, and the only thing they think even less of is an elf who "gets tangled up with these ugly apes": Ray was considered to have become corrupted and was banished from the community.
Having lost each and every bond to his clan, he did the only thing left for him to do: he moved into the human cities. He quickly realized that his hunting skills were far from being useless in this advanced civilisation. Quite the opposite was the case: many people promised to pay a great deal of money for having other people found out or a mystery solved. Ray took on many of these jobs and became well known only a short while after he had arrived. But as quickly as his reputation grew, so did the annoyance of the resident underworld bosses. Ray barely escaped the assassin sent for him, fled yet again, and ended up in Capow.

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