[STATUS:] Free status detective for the Mars Police Department

Ryan is tall and muscular. He wears his blonde hair back in a ponytail, and has a thing for the color black in clothes. Ryan's eyes are red, surrounded by silver as a result of his cybernetics. Ryan generally sports a lopsided smile, and is usually quite friendly.

height - 6'8" (2.03 meters)
weight - 652lbs (295 kg) (cybernetics is heavy stuff...)
blood - type O

Ryan wears sunglasses almost religiously. He also usually sports a black leather jacket, black jeans, and a bair of black cowboy boots.

Ryan has 2 chrome-plated colt .45s that are his main weapons. One is engraved with the name "Peace" and one is engraved with the name "Justice". He sometimes carries other police paraphernalia, such as tear-gas, stun grenades, and batons.

Ryan is a Type-6 Cyborg. As such he has improved strength, speed, and endurance. He also has improved eyes, which allow him to use his sunglasses as a Heads Up Display.

Strength: about the same levels as The Savage Dragon. In other words, he could pick up a car, but it would be pretty damn tough for him.

Speed: Running speed is basically unaffected since Ryan's increased leg strength is bogged down by his increased weight. His reflexes, however, are fast enough to be unseen by the human eye in certain circumstances.

Endurance: Ryan can take a lot of damage and keep on ticking. He could conceivably walk away from having a bus dropped on him, though he'd be pretty beat up from the experience.

Ryan has a strong sense of morals, and dislikes intolerance, racism, and religious persecution. Ryan misses his old partner somewhat, and hopes to find him somewhere in the CAPOW universe.

Ryan can b a bit blunt at times, and is the consummate hard-boiled cop. He's got a weak spot for children however, and even though he comes across as dark and silent most of the time, he can be quite easy to get along with. He's one of those people who beleive actions speak louder than words.


{A GREETING:} "Yeah?"

{A CHALLENGE:} "It's your funeral."

{AN ATTACK:} No words, just actions.

{A PASS:} "Hi there, can I buy you a drink?"

Before joining CAPOW, Ryan was a detective for the Mars Police Department. He and his partner James served in the same unit as the famous Armitage. After the whole fiasco with the murders of the type-3 androids, James and Ryan were involved in a high-speed chase that ended in the destruction of an entire city block. Both James and Ryan survived, but Ryan blamed himself for the civilian casualties, and soon after he and James transferred to Free Agent status as detectives attached to the MPD. A few months later James disappeared while on a case. Ryan has been searching for him ever since...