Suzumi Mikage

Creator: Dare

Suzumi is in her late teens, has short brown hair that is parted to her right and hangs straight. Suzumi is what you would consider those cute, pretty girls that guys would go for. Suzumi's parents were very rich. They were the founders of some huge multinational corporation. However, they died in a car accident, leaving all their riches to Suzumi. As a result, Suzumi just bides her time until she reaches a certain age and can legally take over the company. Suzumi doesn't attend school nor does she have any inclination to. She has access to most of her parents' wealth so she doesn't have to find work. Suzumi's personality is very outgoing and playful. She puts up with Clay's flirtatious attitude only because she likes the attention. Suzumi has no fighting abilities. Anime Influence: any cute anime girl, plus the first and last name should be familiar to Yuu Watase fans.