[STATUS:]Seeker, Samui Namida's partner in STRA

Six feet tall with a fair build. He has unkempt brown hair and mysterious gray eyes. He appears to be about 30 years old but his true age is unknown.

Talon normally wears a white shirt underneath a dark green jacket. He sports dark blue jeans and black boots.

Talon carries a bo, or staff, that is roughly the same height as he. Uses it with great proficiency. It is made of a titanium-alum alloy which means it is light yet extremely durable. The staff can collapse to a pocket-travelling size by 2 special buttons in the middle. It can extend or retract quite quickly. On his staff are several slots for materia orbs. Materia allows a person to cast magic spells. Materia are linked to mako, a natural energy from his world. Being in Capow means there is no mako available and so the orbs have limited powers. He can only use them once every so often before they need to "recharge". However, Talon only has a few on him: lightning, elemental and restore. The restore heals people while the elemental-lightning provides some magical protection and a bolt attack. The materia cannot grow.

Talon also possesses a special materia called Locate. It is special because only Talon can use it, as it is mentally linked to his mind. With it, he can find the general location of objects or people. To find an object, he must picture it clearly in his mind with great detail. The more information that is known about the object, the better he can locate it. To find a person, he can either touch something that holds value to that person (like how a dog would pick up a scent) or touch someone who is close to that person.

Talon used to be a very quiet man but after going through much in CAPOW, he's slightly changed. He's no longer as moody and aloof as he used to be. Talon is still quite serious and sensible person, keeping his emotions tightly bottled, but that doesn't mean he cannot be sympathetic or caring. Talon is a very perceptive individual and intelligent. He often thinks ahead before opening his mouth, choosing his words carefully. Talon speaks little of his past and the only person who knows him well is his partner, Samui.


(friend:) "Hello."
(stranger:) Just looks without saying a word.

{A CHALLENGE:}"If you wish." [raises staff]

{AN ATTACK:}Waits for attacker to strike first.

{A PASS:}"...?"

Talon comes from the FF7 universe. He was once assigned to look after the town of Rodick by Rufus, before he took over his father's position as president of Shinra. Talon did so, although ambitious, he wasn't ready for the job. A situation resulted in the accidental death of a boy who he thought was his fault. Talon abandoned his post with Shinra and became reclusive. Vincent Valentine tracked him down, still a Turk at the time. And sympathetic to Talon's suffering, he let Talon go, and gave him the seeker's materia, Locate.

For years, Talon wandered from dimension to dimension helping people find their lost loved ones, hoping to atone for his past sins. His mind began to deteriorate and began projecting images of the boy who died that die in Rodick. The boy served as his bitter conscience, ever reminding him of his failures as a person. Talon came to CAPOW on an assignment to find a wealthy man's daughter who had run away and found herself caught in an underground prostitution ring. Talon then met Namida Samui, a STRA agent assigned to protect a royal, King Edward Roswind. At the time, Talon didn't know she was protecting him and was under the pretense that she had kidnapped him. Their first meeting wasn't a friendly one. But once things got settled, Talon agreed to help Samui and Roswind win back his kingdom. After that, Samui offered Talon a position with STRA and he became her partner.

Through countless adventures, Talon and Samui formed a strong bond. They learned the other's deepest fears and became the only person the other could truly trust and depend on. Also, Talon found healing and forgiveness for his past when his unconscious mind came across a dimension that helped heal his wounds. Since then, he has accepted himself for all that has happened and the little boy haunts him no more. Talon has found a bit of happiness working with Samui and STRA. He's unsure of what the future holds for him and what his relationship with Samui might turn into. Talon is no longer the quiet man he used to be, although now he's still very thoughtful and more grown up than he used to be.

Talon is based in the FF7 game where he draws his powers and skills. However, his personality is based loosely on the non-anime character Richard Rahl from the 'Sword of Truth' fantasy books.