[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Tamashi Shizuka
[GENDER:] Male [STATUS:] Former Secretary to Kami-Sama (with emphasis on "Former" :), Angel: Divine Chysanthenum
[AGE:] 17

Dark brown hair, black eyes, medium build, 6'.  His Deity markings are three purple diamonds arranged in a pyramid, like so--

       /\  /\
       \/  \/
And two purple wedges on his cheeks.

Marking after seals is broken.

         /  \
    \    /  \    /
     \      /
      \  \  /  /
       \  \/  /

Collared shirt (slightly wrinkled), dress pants, sneakers.

Deck of cards.  Use telekinesis to form a sword made out of card... which can break off into different length and use as a projectile, shield or multiple swords under his discretion.   This action require extreme concentration and drain Shizuka tremendously. [can only be used truly effectively after the seal is broken.]

Wears the Claw of Shiva.  A gift given to him by Kami-sama.  a bracer on his right hand.

1. Telekinesis--can pick up textbooks with considerable concentration.  (Can manipulate cards quite well)
2. Highly analytical mind--Thinks things through to the point of being anal.   Can contemplate all possible actions and consequences in seconds.  Thus, he is able to predict with good accuracy the trajectory of projectiles.  (This doesn't mean he can always dodge... :)
3. Teleportation--Thru completely closed doors.  This can lead to interesting mis-fires should someone open a door that he's trying to teleport through. :)
4. Possess incredible speed, to the point of clearing distances in seconds or multiple actions, which also assist his dodging skill.
5. Alternate energy source--Black coffee.

1. Highly allergic to chocolate--If he's anywhere near chocolate, the scent causes severe disorientation.  Numerous consequence can apply, such as flu-like symptoms coma, sometimes may go Berserk or have emotion flips.  If this happens his Telekinesis becomes unmatched, and therefore extremely dangerous (a double edged sword for those that want to drug him) If he eats it...watch out!
2. Dilemma--If encountering a situation in which there is no right answer, his brain will shut down.
3. He is in love with Haki, The grand daughter of the Ruler of Hell.  That make him the prime target of the demon world. (kind of like most wanted.)

At first, he seems like a jerk, but he's actually really nice once you get to know him.  He is known to be heartless when it comes to business.   (Demon slaying.) Which also sealed up most of his feelings toward other people.  Live his life is a systematic manner.  He have a kind, carefree side, but it's rarely shown.  He put up a mask for others and vow to never show his emotions.


a. (Anybody else) "Hi."
b. (Skuld) "What in HFIL are you doing here?!?"

{A CHALLENGE:} Assesses the situation.  If he can win, he accepts.  If he can't, he tries to get out.  If the challenger is Skuld, on the other hand...

{AN ATTACK:} Quite good at intercepting projectiles with his cards (as the "BAKA!" imprinted on some of his decks attest), but direct attacks are a completely different story...

{A PASS:} Tries to get away as soon as possible.  (He's in enough trouble already.)  And besides, he's taken.

Shizuka was the youngest God to achieve the ranking of Diety category 1 class 1 unlimited.  Served as Kami-sama's secretary and personal guard and was one of the designers of the Yggdrasil System.  Originally working in the Goddess Helper Office as a secretary, Shizuka was sent for a special assignment to protect Keiichi Morisato.  During the period of the mission, he met Haki...and started caring for the solitarey girl/demoness.  He fell in love with her by the end of the assignment.   When he returned, he got into a "little" misunderstanding with Skuld that quickly blossomed into a full scale war.  They somehow live through some crisis, and Kami-Sama decided to force Shizuka into a vacation. However, while Shizuka was about to teleport, Skuld "accidentally" spilled a large bowl of chocolate ice cream on him, triggering a catastrophic allergic reaction.  Shizuka careened through the dimensions like a ball in a pachinko machine, but finally ended up in Capow due to the laws of Chaos.

Ah! Megamisama!
Kasuga Kyosuke (Kimagure Orange Road)

Natural enemy to Skuld.