[GENDER:] Female
[STATUS:] Demoness Category II Class II Unlimited.  Succubus
[AGE:] 17

Long hair but light-green, Blue eyes, 5'6-7

Measurements:  It's a secret...

School uniform, skirt. (Back! Back! you perverts)

Hairpin- uses the hairpin the same way one would use a sabre.  But also can harm the enemy just by damaging  their shadow 's equivalent part.

Wears the Claw of Siegfried,  Given to her by Hela, the Ruler of the Demon world.

1. Determination/Devotion.
2. Medical talents: Able to comfort, sooth and take care of wounds.
3. Magic involves darkness and void.
4. Handle a sword with skill.
5. Alternate energy source: Ice tea and strawberry shortcake. ^_^ (Don't ask)

Transportation medium: Phone. (any phone, public, cell, you name it!)

1. Unable to bear loss.  Can't understand why people must die.  Goes into mental shock.  Especially someone close to her...
2. Refuses to fight, except under special situation.  (Fight to protect...or sometimes jealousy...heh...heh)
3. She fears to be alone again, the thought that Shizuka leaving her can be too much to bare.

Have the personelity of Belldandy-sama. Quiet, and calm...doubt her own actions a lot, due to the traumatic past.  Nice and polite, but sometimes mischievious.  Seeks acceptance.  Enjoys Shizuka's company...A LOT. (Been only one who had ever cared about her personal well-being.)


a. (Anybody) "Ohiyo"
      b. (Shizuka) "Shizuka-san."

{A CHALLENGE:} Avoid confrontation at all cost (almost...)

Usually prefers to not to combat, but uses X-zone and void to her advantage.
        If she wins:  "I'm sorry, please forgive me."

{A PASS:} Decline nicely.

Considered a outcast in the Demoness world, a lonely, solitary demoness.  After getting transfered to Marller's office, Haki was constantly harrased by her fellow demons due to her temper, and the way she acted.  Haki was sent as a student to NIT to spy on Keiichi Morisato, but ended up saved by Shizuka, who was sent by Kami-sama to protect Keiichi Morisato.  After saving each other's life respectively.  Haki was able to break through the wall Shizuka had put up, and discover his kind personallity.  That's when she realised that she had fallen for a God, and follows him whereever he goes.

Ah! Megamisama!

Knows Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld, they are extremely good friends.  Skuld still tries to convince Haki that Shizuka is not worth it...

Extremely disliked by Marller, Grand daughter of Hela. Not a high level demon but possess unmatched power when truly angered