[CREATOR:] Lorna Appleby
[STATUS:] Prince of Dimension 281763 (Fourteen North, Sixteen east and twenty-four up from CAPOW on the standard dimensional map.) Katt's mechanical Apprentice / Side-kick

(As a Human) Appears to be in his early to mid-20's, has blonde hair that falls just past his shoulders that has tiny braids hidden it, with some beads at the end. Stands almost 6'4 with broad shoulders and a light muscular build. Is incredibly handsome, generally has a polite court smile on his face when dealing with those he doesn't know. Has bright blue eyes.

(As a Were-Tiger ) Appears to be in his early to mid-20's, has deep orange hair that falls down past his waist that has black stripes through it. He has one braid that comes down along the part to fall down his back that has some crystal beads on the end. He stands close to 6'7 with broud shoulders and a brawny build. Tenrisis still very handsome, but instead of the tame, court smile, a deep feralness burns in his now golden eyes.

(As a Tiger) Well, a big, brawny, healthy speciman of a Tiger.

When in the garage he tends to go barefoot and just wear jeans, when out and about he wears blue jeans, a black trench coat, a white t-shirt and black boots.

A katana. (Nothing special about it.) Teeth and Claws in his tiger form or his Were-Tiger form.

An amazing swordsman for a human of his age (23.) [Not as good as Dachend] As a Were-Tiger he can shift his form three times per day between the three standard forms. On the full moon or in areas of high magic he can shift as much as he likes. Tenris tends to spend most of his time in his Were-Tiger form since he has yet to truly get the hang of shifting. That and his clothes don't automatically grow / shrink .. Heals non-silver, non-magical damage quickly. (A magical blade counts as magical damage, natch.)

Magical or Silver weaponry do twice as much damage to the Were-Tiger as they would a normal human, when he loses control he tends to go bezerk with only Katt being able to calm him down to some semblance of seething rage.

Fairly easy going, open to knew ideas. The dimension he's from is a mixture of medieval way of life with a splattering of modern technology. Speaks formally at almost all times, always on his best manners. Doesn't understand sometimes why he can't continue to act as the Prince he's used to being. ..Also now due to his change of being, he tends to have a rather volatile reaction to his friends being hurt.


(to Katt:) "Lady Katt! I've had some difficulty with the [..] I, uh, didn't mean for it to explode.."
(to friend:) "Ah, Hello [So-and-so], how are you doing?"
(to customer:) "Greetings, Sir/Ma'am, How may I be of assistance?"
(to stranger:) "Good day Sir/Ma'am"
(to Enemy:) "Prepare yourself for my blade." [or claws if he does't have his Katana]

(from someone of lesser power:) "I can not in honour battle you."
(from someone of equal power:) "I accept your challenge, prepare yourself."
(from someone of greater power:) "An honour to fight one of your skill."

(from someone of lesser power:) "Please desist, this attack is folly!" (Will do best to disarm opponent)
(from someone of equal power:) "Finally, a chance at some decent exercise."
(from someone of greater power:) "I look forward to learning from you in your defeat"

(from a woman:) "My apoligies lady, but I must confess I am not interested.."
(from a man:) "Please, do sit down.."

Tenris was raised by a cruel overlord / dictator who ruled the dimension and it's worlds with a Iron Fist. While Tenris doesn't understand that you can't just out and out kill your enemies he does not believe in the cruelty that the lords and ladies of the realm placed upon their subjects. He believes everyone deserves a fair shake. He has a very strong sense of honour.

When he reached of age to be formally recognised as the heir, Tenris realised that he wanted nothing to do with the Throne. He knew that if he tried to change things to how they should be, disgruntled nobles would assassinate him. Stealing one of the dimension hoppers, he set it to random and hoped for a realm where he could find haven and happiness. He found himself in CAPOW.

One of the King's bounty-hunters traced Tenris back to CAPOW and followed him, attacking several times the unarmed Prince. Katt happened to be in the right place at the wrong time and saved Tenris from certain death or slavery if not a mind-wipe. She took him under her wing and installed him in her garage.

Tenris views Katt as a wise older sister and will literally put his life on the line to protect her. Originally it was just due to his honour-debt to the Elven girl, but as time wore on the two discovered how much their pasts were similar. The two became fast friends in watching each other's backs and trying their best to protect one another.

Bounty Hunters and hired thugs still appear from time to time to try and "take out" Tenris or to return him to his father, depending on his father's mood when the orders are issued.

Due to recent events (The beginning of Three Men and a Little Elf) Tenris was .. attacked .. by several voluptuous Were-Tigresses seeking his attentions. The women refused to take no for an answer, and the following fight ended up infecting Tenris with lycanthropy. He takes this as philosophically as everything else, and has found that while he doesn't overly mind showers he's gotten a strong intolerance for baths.

Tenris spends 95% of his time at Katt's garage, he looks after the place when she's not there or busy working. There is absolutely *no* romantic attachment between Katt and Tenris their relationship is very brother/sister. (..Also has something to do with the fact that Tenris prefers laddies to lassies.)