[NPC'S NAME:] Toshiro Watanabe
[CREATOR:] Jay Arisugawa
[ALIASES:] Crazy old man. (His students) Ojiisan. (Mayumi)
[AGE:] 72
[GENDER:] Male
[HAIR/EYE COLORS:] White hair / Dark red eyes.
[STATUS:] Current master of the Kendo dojo in CAPOW.

Toshi-sama looks like your avarage elder man. Wrinkles, and a air of wisdom around him. He's usually in a good mood, laughing most of the time. (Runs in the family I guess..)

(You don't want to see him mad though...)

Sensei is usually in him black kimono. If not, he wears a suit with a red tie. (Goes with his eyes :P).

Sensei is feared around the world for his incredible figthing skills, he has studied almost evey martial there could be during his life-time, so he can easily use any weapon at hand. (From a butter knife to a rocket launcher :P)

Sensei has no powers, but he makes up for them with his skill with any weapon. (As stated before).

He rarely figths, so his inner power is rarely seen.

He has an incredible sense of humor, and outstanding leadership skills.

Sensei rathers let his students take care of his own battles, making him look like a 'fraidycat...

"Why should I figth when I have so..Um.. Strong students! hehe... /Besides, Im to old for this../ *Sweatdrop* Besides, there's other people in this world...ne?!"

His granddaugther is his number one weakness, since she is what he loves most in the whole world. He wont risk himself for his students, he doesnt care about the country, but he'll do _anything_ is Mayumi's in danger. Other than that, he's useless when drunk. (Sake for breakfast, sake for lunch...and so ooonnn...)

Like everyone in the Watanabe clan, Sensei is a jolly old man, always willing to burst out laughing at mostly anything. He's rarely sad or angry, but it isn't a pretty sigth when he is.

Sensei takes advantage of anything and everyone in the world, (Mayumi being the only exception).

{A GREETING:} Oi oi! Genki? *Beam*

{A CHALLENGE:} You dare challenge the tiger of the east? have you no brain to know who you're talking with?! o0(WHERE DID MY STUPID DISIPLES GO?!?)

{AN ATTACK:} *Dodges ANY attack* OI! YAMETTE! *Points at the attacker* Now get ready to die..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Orders his students to fight for him. If none are with him, he keeps dodging the attacks, wearing the foe down.*
(Then he takes out some chopsticks, knocks his enemy out with them, and, with a red marker, draws BAKA BAKA HENTAI on their faces.. ^.^;)

*Wide grin* You talking to me, m'lady?
from a guy: *WHAM WHAM WHAM* O_O;;;;; Y-Yugo!!! Help!

Toshiro was once the most formidable figther in the world, but as age caught on with him, he retired and began teaching in Tokyo, at a Dojo he bought, (Where he shows off all his medals and trophies.)

After his daugther's death, he decided to take care of his granddaugther, Mayumi, since her father was busy with his job. When she turned 13, he moved to Tokyo and started his dojo. A year after Mayumi moved with him to the dojo.

"Baka baka baka baka baka baka..."
"Sake. Good for your mind and spirit!"
"Shomeone shhtop the carr..!*Hic*" @-@
"100 pushups! NOW!"

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