[AGE:] 18

[STATUS:] Latest caretaker of CAPOW Natural History Museum, former Shinto priest-in-training


Cleaning up and organizing things, Collecting trinkets

Weird artifacts and stuff

Dogs, Cruel People/Goldmen

Yue's hair is short up to his neck with ragged bangs, some of them reaching past the eyes a bit and he has some short shoulder bangs. He doesn't have much of a build and is only about 5' 5" tall. His general appearance kind of makes him look a few years younger than he normally is.

Usually wears blue slacks with a white shirt and jacket with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Typically he wears loafers for walking and an authentic Rolex on his right wrist. His clothes tend look ruffled up a bit and occasionally have the smell of incense on them. This is a result of the fact he enjoys carrying a few sticks of incense in his pocket. Yue also occasionally dresses in his old priest outfit, with the lower part being blue and the top is in the traditional right. He still wears his Rolex and replaces his loafer with a pair of sandals through he still wear socks.

{GENERAL PERSONALITY:} Yue is an out-going person, through he can easily become fluster when dealing with associates sometimes. He enjoys wildlife, but still suffers a bit from his little phobia dogs. He doesn't like people that enjoy causing others pain and suffering. His past has left him with some deep scars; through he does his best to put them aside. A quirk about him is love for relics, artifacts, or other trinkets. Yue has a rather large collection of oddities and will become blissfully unaware of everything going on in the circumstance he come upon any said objects.

{INTERACTION:} He doesn't usually open conversation with stranger that he meets since he believes in people have their own personal space. When dealing with complete strangers, Yue tends act nervous since he is unsure on how to best handle this situation. This usually causes him to get a bit flustered when he talks as he tries to not upset the person. He is willing to help some honestly in need.

Dealing with people that he has had some previous interaction with, he tends to get less flustered, through bring up topics about his life will cause him to get embarrass. These people enjoy his full trust and he is always ready to jump onboard and do some really crazy things for the person. Yue will also never break a promise to them and is willing to go through personal embarrassment to keep it. He is very sincere when he gives his word to others, preferring to suffer rather then let another go through unnecessary anguish.

{REACTION TO HOSTILITY:} Yue tries to avoid getting into these sort of confrontation, if he is the only that is involved, then he'll try to convince the hostile party to cease the aggression. Of course, there is no shame for him to turn tail and run for his very existence. He does realize that certain things can't be convinced to stop what they are doing and will usually just make a mad dash for it.

He will not run however if there was some person that is helpless or he promised someone something that keeps him from running away. Yue will not back down in these cases for almost any reason. If there is someone in trouble, he'll probably try to buy them time, before he makes a run for it himself. Promises bind him till he loses unconsciousness, where anyone with more sensibility can usually drag him away.

{ROMANCE:} Yue tends to get unnerved when dealing with a member of the opposite sex for the first time and will act somewhat distance. Being raised in a household with five old sisters that constantly tormented him has made Yue slightly fearful of girls. Through he suspect that most girls aren’t like his sister, he still tends to be a bit fearful of them. He'll eventually mellow out a bit after getting to know them after awhile. Should a girl ever make a pass on him, it will probably not even register in his mind since he is actually pretty ignorant of these things. Back in his old high school, there was so much romantic tension in the air that Yue eventually became tuned out to it or became incredible dense to the signs. It might take some time for him to actually realize that a girl was actually showing interest in him. When he does ever realize this, Yue would prefer to go steady to get to know the person better before he feels he is up for a commitment. The kind of ideal romance that he looks is someone that he can depend on for support and strong in spirit.

{DAILY LIFE:} Usually spends most of his the day organizing the backrooms of the CAPOW Natural History Museum or doing paperwork that are part of the whole administrative work. Whenever he's not doing that, Yue can usually be found hanging around St. John's Park or wandering around CAPOW just to take in the locale. When he's not there, he might be in his building oggling at all the stuff he has there.


{EQUIPMENTS/PROPERTIES:} Rolex that always accurately tells the time and a Palmtop that has been hooked up with a GPS for the sheer novelty sake. Yue also owns a building in CAPOW that he inherited from his father that is about four stories. He has converted the top floor into his own personal residence and used the two lower floors as storage for his personal collection of bizarre things. As of now he currently has no plan for the 1st floors.

{POWERS/SKILLS:} Yue has a knack for cleaning and organizing things up with an amazing record time, no matter how big the mess is he can probably clean the place up. This means that he has the uncanny ability to always find any necessary cleaning instrument needed nearby for the job even in the worse of possible messes. His organizing is always simple enough so that anyone can find what he or she is looking for as long as the said thing is in the area. In his training as a priest, Yue learned how to manufacture and use paper charms for a variable set of purposes. The most common use of charm that he can use is to generate a spiritual barrier that prevents any evil spirits or demon from entering the building it is placed upon. Yue can only generate weak ones that block only the weakest kinds of demon and spirit. Stronger ones can easily break through the barrier. He can write a charm to paralyze the movement of evil beings; through if the target has strong power, Yue must concentrate in order to prevent the creature movement. Any distraction that breaks his concentration also breaks the charms. The charm still must be placed on the target in order to try to seal its movement. Another thing that he can do is make a charm that transforms into a dove that can deliver a message to a person that Yue knows. A charm of illusion can use it to generate an illusion around itself that looks like any person that Yue has met. He can order this illusion to imitate any normal action a normal person can do and imitation of the person's persona is only as good as how much Yue knows of that person. The illusion is instantly dispelled if another person touches it. The most potent kind of charm that he can generate, is one capable of generating a spiritual blast with the effect capable of hurting a demon or spiritual entity along with physical beings. Yue doesn't really like to make these kinds of charms. He also has done some specialized studying into the concepts of mythological beasts and objects throughout the world. His knowledge is quite vast so that he can make a generally classification on any kind of demons and can bring up general knowledge on several artifacts. This knowledge is still flawed by the scope and occasionally misinformation. Training as a priest has increased Yue's spiritual perception allowing him to detect the presence of supernatural entities that come within a 10' radius of him. This perception allows him to gauge their power level in contexts of lesser, weak, medium, high, or nigh omnipotent. He can not however pinpoint them with this ability, just know that they are near him. Another problem he has is that if too many spiritual entities converge around him, he is not train to cope with handling such numbers and will get nauseated from the all the supernatural energy. Yue may able to eventually rise above this problem, after he learns to cope with it.

{WEAKNESS:} Despite the fact that Yue knows how to make numerous kinds of charm, he was never fully train in the art and is known to mess up. Whether from faulty material to improper marking, he is not that use to making charm. If he creates a faulty charm, which he tends to makemore compare to the ones that work, he doesn't know it until he actually tries to use the charm. When he does try to use it, the charm fizzles and destroys itself in a flash. Also Yue tends to only make charm when the occasion calls for it, he never makes any of them ahead of time. Yue has a paralyzing fear of dogs; this was all started a long time ago during an incident involving a litter of attack puppies. His Uncle thought it would be cute to let Yue, who was only a baby at the time, play with the puppies since kids love dog. After that he decided maybe Yue would enjoy the Dobermans more… Since that little incident, he becomes instantly paralyzed and unable to take any action whenever a dog touches him. He'll always try to ensure a dog never gets that close to him in the first place by putting as much distance between him and the dog as necessary. This fear is so great that Yue would even risk personal injury, embarrassment, and even financial ruins to prevent such event. He also has a great love for trinkets or novelties and should ever find such an object; nothing can break him out of his little revelry that he goes into. Usually involve him prancing around as he holds the object and professes the reason why he likes it so much. The whole spectacle is rather an embarrassing scene and Yue is completely oblivious to anything while in this mode. Only drastic action, such as whacking him over the head, will break him out of this. Also whenever, he goes into this sort of mood, he ignores anything that he was doing previously like holding a ladder steady or hiding from someone.

Yue's father was an Archeologist working for Arcam, an international organization that support numerous education and historical studies, and was commonly absent at times. On one of those trips to a dig on an island in the Mediterranean Sea, he took Yue with him; Yue was only six at the time. At the site the workers had discovered a relic that pertain to an ancient Greek myth. Problems arose when of the scientist named Goldmen decided that Arcam didn't need to know about this discovery. Yue's father rejected the idea and was about to report him to Arcam, but Goldmen used Yue as hostage to stop him before killing him before Yue. Yue has never forgot Goldmen's face as he took the relic and took the only boat off the island. Returning back to Japan after the incident, Yue was deeply scarred by the whole ordeal and his mother decided it would be wise for him to go under study of his Grandfather a priest at a local shrine. His years of studying and training at the shrine helped Yue to put aside the events of the past and eventually left the shrine to attend school. His time at the shrine left him bit low on social interaction and he quickly became flustered by all the people. There he engulfed by the sheer volume of romance floating around the place and frankly almost suffocated him. Also he got better aquatinted with his five older sisters and learned how scary they can actually be. After he graduated from high school, Yue received an offer to become the caretaker for the CAPOW Natural History Museum. Interested at the prospect, Yue packed his bags at prepared to head off to CAPOW.

Card Captor Sakura, Fushigi Yuugi, Dragon Knight, Houshin Engi, Ranto, Tokyo Underground