[CHARACTER'S NAME:] Yugo Kawajira

[AGE:] Between 16 and 20

[HAIR/EYE COLOUR:] Brown/Brown


Martial artist, work-shy lazybones, Jack-Of-All-Trades, and your average hentai; Jay Arisugawa's rival, friend, and classmate at the Watanabe Dojo; unwanted shadow of all that's female


A slighty-more-brawny-than-average-built, somehow handsome guy of about 17, Yugo stands 6' with a shock of brown hair and brown eyes, a vague aura of boldness surounding him, created by the lopsided, contemptuous smile on his lips. His most notably features are the two flesh-colored antennas sticking out of his wild mop of hair to the right and left, just above the ears; another, rather normal feature (he IS an Anime-influenced character, after all) are the little fangs that give his grin (which can easily reach the size of the grille on a '58 Corvette) a menacing touch.


Yugo wears whatever happens to be in the wardrobe in the morning; he has a special liking for Chinese-style clothes, though, and will mostly be seen wearing baggy white pants, a golden/beige shortsleeve shirt under a open sky-blue vest with wide, long sleeves, soft black Chinese slippers, a black/dark grey scarf, and red martial arts gloves (fingerless, with pads on the back of the hand).



Sardonic and absurd, over-confident, egocentrical and hentai, noble now and nasty the next second. Yugo mostly acts as a bold, cocky, unreliable and lazy person whose only purpose of life seems to be doing nothing, maybe apart from chasing the occasional skirt and driving the people around him mad -- long story short: he can be a real pest, and he IS one most of the time. He's developed a bent for sarcasm over the past few months -- but that doesn't mean he'll miss any chance to ridicule someone, especially if it's in public. However, he never really means to harass or even hurt his victim; he knows fairly well up to which point he can make fun of people and won't go beyond that line. But expect him to use everything below that line as a means for driving people mad...

Yugo sees any rules as mere guidelines and recommendations -- in other words, he prefers doing things his own way and doesn't really give half a damn about what others say and think; once he's sure that what he's doing is the right thing to do it will take a _really_ weighty argument or a lot of fast-talk to prevent or stop him from doing it. Laws? They're something that only happens to other people.


As said in the paragraphs above, Yugo lives for pestering people, but you shouldn't mistake that for being anti-social or something to that effect; it's just his way of showing that he's taken a liking to his "victim". Although he's mostly out for his own well-being, he carries a big heart

hidden underneath the veneer of boastfulness and is (arguably) the best friend one can wish for, as he cares a great deal for people he likes. But even if Yugo is a great pal to hang out with -- if you can live with being pestered and are able to cope with the childish changes of mood he undergoes from time to time --, he definately is the wrong person to take along to a upper-class dinner or something the like; his social grace is that of a supercharged V-8 engine, and he doesn't see why he should sit still and listen to some boring speaker when he can (a) chase after the waitresses, and (b) fill his belly by way of the free buffet -- let the chaos commence...


Yugo's definitely not the one to turn down a challenge -- being the hothead he is he will rather take on several opponents at once. "Defeat" is a word missing in his vocabulary; he will always go down fighting, especially when there are people watching, and in some situations he won't hesitate to prove his prowess to any bystander with the first Heroic-Yet-Unbelievably-Stupid Deed (TM) that crosses his mind.


Yugo and romance? Only if "romance" is a paraphrase of "chasing girls around and glomping them in all possible (and impossible) situations"... Yugo thinks he's the type of guy all girls dream of -- everybody's Mr Right, as it were. He just can't accept a "No" for an answer, especially if his question was "You wanna date me?" Should some girl actually turn the table and pass at him (of which the probability is very, very low, given his reputation), he'd be in Hentai Heaven... You get the idea, I'm sure, so I'm gonna spare you the details. Ahem. ^^;;;

Another thing: Yugo is after everything in a skirt (okay, so he also chases women in other clothes, what's your point?), but his favourite is Alzena. Needless to say that she's anything but happy about Yugo's "affections" for her. Lately he's also directed his attention to Akiko, the were-dragon. (Translation: he glomps her with increased frequency.)


Yugo's relation to Jay "Alice" Arisugawa, his fellow student at the Watanabe Dojo, is coined by the strong animosity between them: the most simple cause is enough for them to start fighting -- one false word and they fall in on each other. It's that kind of animosity that can only exist between really good friends. ^_^ The problem with their constant fights is that none of the two can ever manage to get the upper hand, and so most of their brawls end with them both collapsing at the same time, each being too exhausted to fight on, or when Watanabe-sensei intervenes. That Yugo knows only little, if anything at all, about the meaning of the word "respect" is something Watanabe-sensei ("Old Baka" when out of earshot) knows only too well. Even though he earns himself a good cane-whacking every half an hour or so, Yugo just doesn't seem to learn anything from it, and Watanabe-sensei has already ruined more then a good dozen of his walking canes on Yugo's hard skull to date...


Most of Yugo's days begin with him being kicked out of bed either by Jay just when he was about to finally glomp the girl he'd been chasing around in his dreams all night long. Inevitably the first fight of the new day will ensue, which ends only when Watanabe-sensei intervenes, whacking both his students on the head before dragging the half stunned duo off to breakfast. After breakfast the training commences, a welcome opportunity for Yugo to show "that wimp" (=Jay) that a practitioner of Daikasado can beat the crap out of a Kendo no Seito at any time, especially since Daikasado doesn't disallow any of the "dirty tricks" a Kendo fighter wouldn't even resort to in the most desperate of situations, such as attacking from behind, cheating, kicking sand in the opponent's face, etc. Jay, of course, is no "true" Kendo fighter (yet), and doesn't hesitate to turn the table on Yugo...

After having spent the morning with basically chasing each other around the Dojo time and again they have lunch, which goes by surprisingly peacefully. Yugo is a real glutton in the tradition of Lina Inverse & Co and won't miss any chance of a free meal, so mealtime is the only time you can visit the Dojo without any danger of being glomped (if female) or beaten up (if male). The rest of the day is spent either by relaxing at home in the Dojo -- and to Yugo "relaxing" means no less than having a good fight with Jay (his favorite passtime by far) -- or hanging out at the Retreat, trying (and failing) to empty the Wall of Sake; he couldn't care less about the legal drinking age in Japan and usually will be rolling drunk when he gets home -- if he gets home at all and doesn't spend the night with peeping into girls' bedrooms.


"Ora ora!" XD

"Ora?" O_o;;

"Orarara!" X_x


"Well helloooooooooo there, pretty! *glomp* Wanna date me?"

(after having been beaten up) "Tha's jus' a tem... temporary setback...

Orararaaa...!" Xx;;



Yugo's weapon of choice is a plain deep blue chinese umbrella/parasol decorated with golden flower motifs, usually tied to his back with a simple cord.


Yugo is, despite his youth, a master of a fighting style called "Daikasado" (Way of the Great Parasol). He can use his umbrella as a melee weapon in a very effective way, and can also perform rather unusual actions with it, for example deflecting bullets by quickly whirling it around in his hands and suchlike. That he is a member of an alien race provides him with some noticeable powers: first of all, he has an absolute sense of balance -- he can stand on a pencil tip without any problems. Secondly, he doesn't need life support. This just means he doesn't need to eat, drink, sleep or breathe to stay alive; he is by no means immortal or invulnerable. Thirdly, due to Earth's low gravity (compared to that of Antarees, his home world), he can jump from standing position onto rooftops.


Since he´s no "Earthling", Yugo isn't used to the diseases humans have to deal with. They don't harm him more than they would an average human, though, even less to be honest, but they tend to evoke rather strange effects. If he's caught a cold, run for cover -- he's got quite an explosive sneeze. Yes, that's meant literally. Dogs just don't seem to like him and react hostile when Yugo gets too close. (Even the cute ones that normally wouldn't even dream of harming anyone.) But since he can't stand dogs anyway, Yugo doesn't care much about their odd behaviour towards him. Should you need him to do something for you, try baiting him with the newest issue of certain magazines, or compromising photos of Alzena or Akiko. (Warning: only resort to this if the thing you want Yugo to do is more important to you than your life, which you are definitely about to lose should either of the two aforementioned females ever get to know about this deal...)


Yugo's background is pretty scarce, but there isn't much to say anyway: he is the spoilt only son of a _very_ rich merchant from Antarees, a solar system in a similarly boring side arm on the other end of the galaxy. He had a somewhat protected childhood and got everything he wanted; the result is that he thinks he can get any girl he wants as well, despite what the girl may think about this. At some point, though, his parents decided that it was time their son finally learned some manners, and send him to where they thought he'd learn them: Watanabe Dojo in Capow, Earth. (Yes, the Dojo's reputation is that good.) Ever since then, Ladies' Dressing Rooms in Capow have become endangered reservations...


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