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Beach Day


Katt was hauling on Dachend's arm, Kimiko was watching, quite amused. "NO! NO! NO! NO!" Dachend was yelling, one arm latched onto the banister, legs locked, and a short, not terribly strong elf, pulling him. Good thing she was so cute. "I'm not going to the beach! I'm not wearing some skimpy bathing suit and sitting around in the sand getting sun-burnt!"

Katt stopped pulling. Dachend almost noticed the difference. "Oh. Well, Y'know.." she said walking around him to look up at him with big, puppy dog eyes. Dachend's will quivered, but he wouldn't give in. "That's kind of too bad.." she scuffled the toe of her shoe against the concrete floor, "Because I will be.. I just this new bikini and.."

There was a flurry of activity that left the girl's mouth's hanging open. One minute it was Dachend, the next minute it was the human whirlwind as he went upstairs, got changed into cut-offs and a t-shirt, found his sunglasses, found his sandals, packed a picnic basket, grabbed a blanket to sit on, found the beach umbrella *and* fetched Dracho'xian from his nap.

"Yawn. Hey Dachend, what's going on?" Dracho'xian asked sleepily. He'd spent the night wandering the city in his humanoid form, he was just all pooped out.

'Shyadup-going-to-beach." Dachend answered rapid fire as he grabbed Kimiko by one arm, Katt by the other.

"Eeeep!" Was all the red haired woman got to say as she was transported to the beach by super-speed demon-hunter express.

"So, do you think he'll actually put on a pair of swimming trunks or do you think he'll just on the beach and growl?" Kimiko asked. The two girls had retreated to the lockers to get changed. Dachend had claimed he was going to go stake a spot with Dracho'xian and leave the sword to guard their stuff.

Katt smiled sweetly as she rooted through her bag, "With Dachend you never know! He's so wonderfully full of surprises!" She found her new yellow bikini and started to change.

Kimiko was wearing her half-white, half-black swimsuit, it may be old, but it covered the important places and fit right. Not like she had anyone to impress. Sigh. "Yeah, surprises like trying to beat my kid br other in half!"

Katt sweatdropped, "Er..! Sorry about that?"

Kimiko grinned, "I don't carry grudges, don't worry. Besides, Dachend's a changed man, you have him well trained."

Katt scratched the back of her head nervously, "Well, I wouldn't go *that* far." She quickly finished changing and grabbed her bag, "Ready to go?"

Kimiko put her shoes in her backpack and stuck on her sandals, "Roger Wilco!"

Katt blinked. "Right." She wondered who or what a Roger Wilco was. "I wonder who'll be here?" She asked as she headed out onto the beach.

Dachend looked around with a scowl "I really hope some of the other guys show up" he muttered to himself.

Dracho'xian blinked "say what?! like who?" Dachend smirked, "well I wouldn't mind if Ahlen and Lyta showed up."

Dracho'xian looked dumbfound at Dachend "okay since when have you started to be social"

Dachend made a grin that almost reached from ear to ear "not recently, just thought it might be a shame to have brought this mother of a supersoaker along fer'nothing, that's all" from behind his back Dachend pulled out a very large waterweapon, sorta like a state of the art assault rifle that had gotten itself pregant with a water pump and a power reactor.

with a fiendish grin Dachend cocked the weapon and there was a high whining 'djiiiiiiii' as something powered up in the weapon. the eye on the sword looked a little unsure on the oversized watergun "uhm Dachend?"



"the hydro cooling unit and the power core for the pump" he grined

Pulling up at the beach on his Motorcycle, Mizu was grinning widely.

"Finally, a day off!! It seems like forever since I had a day to myself.."

As he untied the bag from the back of his bike to head for the locker rooms, he looked around at the beach for a good spot to set up.

"Heh.. fun in the sun.. I can't wait.. No work to do, or assignments to handle, nothing at all. But first the changing rooms."

He headed toward the rooms, and passed by two women who seemed to be heading there themselves.

"I got this new bathing suit, and I think he'll like it.." one of the women said. "Or at least he sure acted like he would.."

"I think he'd like you no matter what you're wearing.." said the other one.

That was all he heard, as they went into the locker room. The males' were further down, so he still had a little ways to go. On the rest of the way, he thought that he noticed the woman that reassured the other was a little down.

*shrug* "Maybe later", he said to himself as he arrived at the locker room and started changing. "For now, the beach awaits!!"

Kimiko laid on her front and pillowed her head. "Mmm.." she murmurred, "this feels great. The sun shining down, the waves crashing on the shores. It feels very relaxing." She opened her eyes and saw the look on Katt's face. "What?"

"Easy there, Kimiko! I'm not a guy so don't start 'getting in the mood'!"

Kimiko smiled. "Oh, sorry. I forgot where I was. Or maybe, when I was." Katt's raised eyebrow awarded her another response, "I have some very interesting memories of the beach."

The little elf backed off a little. "Eh, maybe you should keep those to yourself." A pause. "Then again.."

Kimiko closed her eyes but they snapped right open again when she felt something wet drip on her. Turning her head, she spotted a drenched Lyta and Ahlen standing over her. They were like two gray clouds in an otherwise perfect sky.

"Ahlen?! What happened to you?"

Ahlen flipped a hand through his damp hair and turned to Katt. "Let's just say, one demon hunter with too much time for his own good is going to get a little wet revenge."

"Dachend?" She tried to stifle a smile. "Lyta, I heard you can cast some magic. Why don't you dump the ocean on him?"

"I can't cast magic, right now," she replied sullenly.

"She can't," Ahlen said at the same time.

"Why not?"

Lyta clasped her hands behind her wet back. She tried to put things delicately, "Well it's very complicated."

"It's that time of month again," Ahlen said, bursting through the barricades of sensitivity and flooring it towards the precipice of stupidity.

"I may not be able to cast magic," said a hot-tempered Lyta, "but I can still clock you with my fist! Get back here!!" She ran after him with her hand waving in the air.

Kimiko blinked and rested her hand on her arms, this time facing Katt. "Ah, those crazy kids."

Meditation lesson at the dojo...

Sensei sat in front of Jay and Yugo; they all had their legs crossed and the hands on the knees. Time and again he would open an eye to make sure his seitos weren't doing anything funny. So far, they hadn4t... Sensei raised a brow when his eyes fell on Yugo. Oh, he was meditating alright, with legs in the lotos position and all... but that wicked smile...? And that drool? Sensei doubted his student had emptied his mind and was thinking of nothing. He shifted his weight a little to look past Jay...

Some time later, a seriously annoyed Jay and a seriously injured Yugo sat in their room.

"Pervert," growled Jay. Yugo made a face.

"Hey, how was I supposed to know he'd see it?" 'It' revered to a vacation brochure for a beach holiday. With girls in bikinis (and less) all over it - hence Yugo4s wicked smile and the drool.

Jay rolled over in his bed and glared at the ceiling. "Now we're stuck in here while the sun's shining outside. Just look at the weather! Not one cloud! We could be at the beach right now!" Jay's eyes got a dreamy look. "The beach..."

"The waves..." Yugo added.

"The seagulls crying in the sky..."

"The girls!" Yugo whispered with glassy eyes and a drool.

Jay sat up and threw a pillow in his friend's/foe's face. "Hentai Baka!"

"Baka yourself!"

An all-out pillow fight ensued. That moment, Sensei pushed the door open. "What for Kami-sama's sake is going on in here?"

The battle came to an instant hold. "Umh... erh... ah hehe... nothing?" Jay said with a sweatdrop.

Sensei said nothing. Instead, he waved the brochure in front of their faces. "I have decided on what your punishment will be."

"Hai, Sensei," Jay and Yugo said in unison, both lowering their respective head.

"Your punishment is that your training lessons are cancelled until tomorrow, in hope that you two will show the proper attitude then."

Two heads popped up, one with, the other without antennas. "Does that mean..." Jay began.

"...we have a day off?" Yugo finished.

"One could put it that way," Sensei nodded, closing the door behind him. Not two seconds after he was away, Yugo already rummaged in the chest that contained his belongings. "Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!" he laughed excited. "A day off! A day off! Whoohoo!"

"What the heck are you doing?" Jay asked curiously.

"Baka, I4m packing of course!" The young extra-terrestrian stuffed some things into a bundle and tied it up.

"Packing for what?" Jay asked with a suspicious frown.

"For going to the beach!" Yugo shouted and bolted out of the door.

"The beach!!!" Jay exclaimed. He hastily gathered his things together and ran out. "Hey! HEY!! Wait for me, baka!" he shouted and tried to gain on Yugo, who already was pacing down the street in a little could of dust.

Kokutan stretched happily in the sun. She was currently in fox mode, spread most immodestly over her towel. It had been a chore getting her here, but now she was glad Lyta and Ahlen had insisted. That whole idea of a bathing suit had been gashtly to her. They compromised with a bikini top and denim shorts when she pointed out making a whole for her tail in the bikini bottom would most likely land her in jail for indecent exposure. She purred lightly, chuckling to herself and turned belly up to smile at the sun.

"Hey half-breed."

Kokutan frowned, still in fox mode. Something was blocking her sun. An icy cold droplet of water landed on her midriff. She sat up with a gasp and found herself staring down the barrel of a nasty looking water gun. Dachend stood at the other end with a equally nasty smirk. Suddenly he laughed at her cross eyed expression and look of confusion. The laughing put just a little too much pressure on the trigger.


Lyta stopped her chasing and Ahlen stopped his fleeing. Katt and Kimiko both looked up at the horrid screech that had just come form down the beach. Dachend was stepping back from a soaked Kokutan, laughing hysterically. She brought new meaning to the phrase " a drowned rat.". Her long hair had been matted down to her head exposing just HOW large her ears got at the base of her skull. And they were bent over at the tips with the weight of the water. The light makeup she'd wore now was running making her look like a raccoon. Her once fluffy tail swung back and forth a pathetic excuse for itself, soaked and matted down to the bone, a straggly little thing.

Lyta gasped and then started giggling a little while the others all started laughing too. However Dachend suddenly started backing up. Kokutan was reaching into her hair and mock snarling. She rummaged around for about 10 seconds before pulling out a LARGE water gun, with some odd looking attachments. Dachend took off down the beach, laughing, while she uttered a battle cry and took off after him.

"Well...," Katt sighed, "At least now he'll get it out of his system."

"Where..How.. the hell did she store that?" asked a bewildered Ahlen who had walked back to Lyta. She took her revenge then thumping him in the ribs.

"Not a clue."

Ahlen and Lyta came back, Ahlen with a suspicious looking bump on his head. Lyta kept sticking her tongue out at him while Ahlen rolled his eyes. "Lesson learnt?" She finally asked, shaking out a towel to lie down on.

"Yes dear." Ahlen said with a sigh, appreciating the view from behind.

"Not going to say stupid things like that again?" She asked flomping onto the fluffy, red towel.

"No dear." Ahlen replied automatically, have enjoyed the flomp immensely.

"Good! You may apply sunscreen then." She said, reaching into her bag, pulling out a plastic bottle, throwing it underhanded and behind straight into Ahlen's waiting hands. He wriggled his eyebrows in what he thought was a devilish manner and decided to accept the reward as offered.

Meanwhile, Katt watched the poor Fox-demon chase Dachend all over the beach, up people, over people, across people, through the sand, through the water.. Whoops, she managed to trip Dachend.. Now he was chasing her.. Through the boardwalk, through the ice cream stand.. How DID he get ice cream down her back with just one throw? Back to her chasing him..

As watched she was fishing around in her handy-dandy duffel bag for spare parts. She finally held up what look like a miniature cannon made out of various bits of scrap metal. "TA-DA!" she said holding it up so the sunlight could gleam off it.

"What's it do?" Lyta asked, rolling over to examine the creation.

"It's a water cannon!" Katt said proudly, handing it over to Kimiko.

Kimiko studied the cannon doubtfully, "Where's the water?"

Ahlen walked over to lean over the barrel of the cannon to study the controls.

"It teleports the water from the largest nearby supply and then fires it. No messy, annoying storage tanks! Unfortunately, the battery power will only last three hours." Katt settled back on her towel, leaving the weapon in Kimiko's capable hands.

"Reeeaally.." She looked up at Ahlen, Ahlen's eyes suddenly widening. "IT'S PAYBACK TIME!" She fired, a large stream of water came out, nailing Ahlen square in the chest.

"AAAAAAAAAAH! That's cold!" He yelped, jumping back, holding his hands up to try and forestall further abuse.

"Really? Is it? Imagine that!" Kimiko continued, brandishing the Cannon about. "That'll teach you for all the anguish and suffering you've put me through!" She fired again, Ahlen managed to duck and only get a large water spray in the head. He spluttered and danced about as he tried to get water out of his ear.

Lyta snuck up to Kimiko and whispered in her ear, making all sorts of interesting gestures.

Kimiko's eyebrows raised higher and higher into her hairline. She looked thoughtful, and handed over the weapon to Lyta. "MOUHAHAH! That fink is going to get it now!"

She joined Kokutan in chasing Dachend around the beach.

"Two against one, eh?" Dachend called over his shoulder, blasting water behind him towards Lyta, "I like those odds!"

"What the--?" Mizu heard someone yell something about odds, and he sat up from his blissful sun absorption to see a guy running toward him holding a water gun that he'd never seen, being chased by two women. One was holding a water gun and another was holding a.. water _cannon_?

"Get him!!" Shouted one of the two. As the guy jumped over him, towel and all, Mizu tried to get up and see what was going on. Unfortunately, he had forgotten about the two women following him.

He turned around only to see the two women running toward him at an extremely high speed.

"Get outta the way!" One of the women shouted at him. The other didn't waste time with words. She simply leveled the water throwing device that she was holding and him and pulled the trigger.

"--!!" was all he could start to say before he was hit with a _very_ large and _very_ cold stream of water and flung a few feet out of their way.

Lyta could only look at Kokutan in wide-eyed disbelief as they kept up their pursuit of Dachend.

Kokutan just grinned and said, "Hey, it got him out of our way, didn't it?" Lyta laughed.

"--uncalled for, plain and simply uncalled for." Mizu was saying to himself while he got up, soaking wet and cold where he was once pleasantly warm and dry. He looked after the two women who were now chasing the guy (who still had somewhat of a lead, somehow) across the boardwalk.

Mizu grinned in anticipation of fun. "Payback's a comin'."

"Ne, Yugo?" Jay said, atlast stepping into the warm sand.

"Yah?!" The 'martian' answered, a towel on his shoulder and a cup of sake on his hand. "What is it Alice?"

"You know those two?" Jay asked as they walked further into the beach, heading for a place near the sea shore.

"What two?"

Pointing behind Yugo, Jay smiled. "_Those_ two."

Yugo turned around, blinked twice, and realized that 'those two' were cute girls running towards him. "WHAA!!! Ysee? I just got here and the girls are already chasin meeee".


"They want you to go away alice! The only want me!" You said arrogantly, doing his victory stance, showing off to the two females aproaching.

"..I dont think thats what they meant...I think theyre after the guy that just passed ---"

"Go away Alice!"

"_MOVE IT_!"

Yugo opened his arms as if he was waiting for the two females to hug him tightly and start admiring him, Jay just stepped away, smirking. Yugo smiled, his fangs showing, and closed his eyes, waiting for the warm embrace...

..Although he got a huge, cold spray of water instead. Making him fall back with a @^@ expression on his face. The two girls passed on top of him, heading for the guy Jay had mentioned before.


"Daiyobu?" Jay leaned down and asked.

"WHAT THE !=$("(%& HAPPENED??!"

"I told ya!" Jay answered, followed by a 'beedah'.

"ARHG!" Yugo jumped up, brushing his soaked hair back. "HOW DARE THEY IGNORE _ME_?!"

"It isnt too hard actually.."


"aarraaaa! HEY!"

"You deserved it Alice..Now lets go get us some guns!"

"Um, doshite?"

"They declared WAR!!!" Yugo made a victory sign and winked. "Besides, we'll get to get closer to those cuties!!"

"Figures" Jay said grinning. "Oke, count me in"

"Youll learn how to flirt with the master!!!! MWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Half of the people on the beach stared at Yugo as he laughed like a maniac.

".....AAH! Im not with him!" Jay said out loud, squirming his way to the sea.


"... Hey! Where'd Alice go? Come here Alice!"

"This ought to be fun."

Mizu was walking from the changing rooms, having gone to put on shoes after getting soaked by one of two females with water guns. Adjusting the blue bandanna he had put on to keep the hair out of his face, he stepped onto the boardwalk and sat on the railing to get a better look around for the pair.

"Hmmmm.. they went that way, so they should be coming back from this direction.."

Looking down that end of the Boardwalk, it wasn't too hard to spot them. The guy was barely ahead now, and the crowd was parting for him and the two people following. A real big grin traveled from ear to ear as he figured out what to do to the three and started to dimly glow..

- -

"Give it up!!" Dachend was laughing his ass off, but still was managing to keep distance between him and the other two. "You two know you won't catch me!"

It was probably going to be a while before (if) they would catch him, but they were still hot on his tail. He turned off of the boardwalk to lead them across the beach once more. Lyta and Kokutan were getting tired. "How does he manage to run this long?" Lyta managed between breaths.

Kokutan merely shrugged, not even wanting to waste her breath on talking.

- -

Mizu started moving. The guy was turning onto the beach and heading toward the edge of the water and the women were about 10 feet behind him. Hopping to the top of the railing, water already swirling in his hands, he lowered the temperature on the water balls he was creating until they became semi-loose slush. Jumping from the railing, he threw both of the balls at the two women, trying to catch them both on the upper part of their chests(Drip factor). As he landed, he began to parallel the guy in the lead, waiting to get a good throw with both of the slush balls he was readying...

Dachend sprinting across the sand, beginning to gain a lead on Kokutan and Lyta. he was beginning to consitter how he could lure them into the water for a even more wet attack.

Suddenly there were two high squeels behind him, which both sounded suspeciously like Kokutan and Lyta, Dachend was turning his head to look over his shoulder. when he out of the corner of his eye saw two objekts come hurdling towards him.

spinning out of the way of the first projektile, he fired in the direction it had come from. when suddenly another one, which was very wet and very cold took him strait in the face and clean of his feet.

Mizu shook the water of his arm, some of the guy's shots had take him by suprise. but he guessed it wasn't so bad when he looked at the dark eyed man, who was picking himself off the ground. smilling viciously at him.

Kokutan shook herself to drive the cold water out of her hair and tail, while Lyta was jumping around shrieking "cold, cold, cold!" when the two finaly had subdued their goesbumps, the looked at the guy who had thrown the slosh at them. "hey who's he?" asked Kokutan

"I don't know, but his butts mine!!" Kokutan looked wideeyed at Lyta, who blushed slightly "erhm well not in the same way I mean with Ahlen"

Dachend had pushed himself to his elbows and was looking at Mizu, making a shit-eating grin "okay buddy, I don't know who you are, but you just picked'ya self a fight"

In a flash the dark eyed mans hand dashed for his watergun, Mizu tried to get a defense going but knew he was horriblily to late, he was gonna get oh so wet. but just as Dachend was about to pull the trigger.


"hello there pretty girls!" Yugo made a salute, Jay just behind him. "we challenge you to waterfight, if you win I will allow one of you to date me, if me and Jay wins, you'll both go on a date with me" he beamed. Jay went crossed eyed and then blew his top "what!!!"

Yugo grined "hey, these two are to much for a guy like you, let me handle it" Jay growled at his friend.

Kokutan and Lyta shared a look, then looked at the rambling stooge with the attenas and fangs, then looked down mumbling "uhoh". Mizu just cocked his head and made a 'owie' expression.

Yugo cocked his gun and pointed at them "so by the way, where's the guy you were chasing?"

Jay followed the others looks, gulped and moved away. Kokutan just smiled and pointed "your standing on him"

Yugo looked down, he was standing on the guys head, showing his face into the sand. the guys arms were streached out to the sides. thumb, index and little finger extended (in that oh so ranma-way)

Lyta tilted her head and looked upwards. "Wait a minute," she said to Yugo, "that's a lose-lose situation!"

Kokutan almost fell over.

"What do you mean?" Yugo replied. "It's completely win-win! C'mon, it's just a little water fight!"

Suddenly, a short brown haired kid appeared. His hair was obviously cut with a bowl and he wore large, round glasses. He rushed between the two groups with arms wide. "Wait! You can't! Don't you see how wrong this is? First, it starts off with little water guns. Then, you build bigger water guns. And then, somebody will build the biggest watergun to soak everyone! It's a vicious, sadistic cycle!" His arms were waving in the air.

"Who are you?" Kokutan asked.

"Me? I'm Willy."


"I'm a generic but annoying NPC!"

"NP what?" Lyta asked.

Willy nodded, then turned around frantically. "Did you hear that? Oh, must have been the fourth wall! Remember my words!" He started running off as quickly as he entered. "Hey kid! You can't mix strawberry and rockyroad on that cone!! For the love of frozen dairy products, STOP!!"

Everyone sweatdropped in unison. Even Dachend. [pause] Well, maybe not Dachend.

Lyta's face got squirted with water. "Pftlphtt.." she sputtered, mopping her wet face with her hand.

Yugo grinned, holding his water-gun. "Suckerpunch! You might as well give up and we can start the date sooner! Err... hey.. what's wrong with you? Hey, Alice, why is she glowing red like that? Hey! Are you okay? Moshi moshi?"

Kokutan blinked as Lyta extended her hands forward and nothing came out.

Lyta blushed. "Doh.. reflex reaction."

Suddenly, a spray of water soaked Yugo. The steady stream came from Dachend's watergun. "Hey people! Don't think I haven't forgotten you all! Hahahaha!"

Willy looked back and shook his head, sighing. "Oh, they'll never learn. When will it ever stop! The pain! The horror! Ooh, a shiny rock.."

"He was INTERESTED!! Silber you DIRTY LITTLE-- STOP!!!" Came a high-pitched panicky voice. Everyone looked up to see the huge silver wolf weave through the crowd with a Jinx on rollerblades holding onto her tail and finally knocking down Yugo and Jinx crashing into Jay.

"C'mon!!" Lyta demanded as she tugged at Kokutan. "Best get away while we can!" Kokutan nodded, but before they managed to dash off, Dachend included one more good spray before running off, laughing manically, himself.

"Grrrr... that little..." Kokutan growled and the two ran off.

"H-hey!! Wait!!" Pleaded a semi-concious Yugo. Silber yawned and decided that right on top of Yugo seemed the *perfect* place to take a nap.

"Uggh..." Jinx groaned and got up. "Oh! Jay-kun!" Jinx exclaimed as she helped him to his feet. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah.. I think so.." Jay rubbed his head. "Going a little over the speed limit aren't you?"

"Oh! Jinx!!" Yugo began drooling again as he eyed Jinx's teeny purple bikini halter and small surf shorts. "Hey, Jinxy baby!!! Hey! Down here!"

Jinx, of course, ignored Yugo since it was Jay she was interested in, anyway... "I'm really sorry, Silber wouldn't stop.. so.. um.. what are you doing here? What's going on?"

"I tell you Bitsy, it's the perfect place." The man was looking down at the chaos of the beach below. He was wearing a pair of white Dockers and a sailor's shirt. His cel phone was clipped to his belt, as were his keys and pager. His shoes were the $300 version of cheap sandals and his haircut had probably cost more than most people spent shopping for groceries. He was a .. yuppie.

"Perfect?" His partner asked him, he cute little nose all wrinkled, "It's so.. so .. dirty! Why can't we just get another mall instead?" She, a gorgeous, long haired blonde was wearing a red tube top and fashion cut-offs. Meaning, you paid twice as much for a pair of jeans that had the legs cut off as you would for the original pair of jeans. Her sandals, being platformed affairs were completely inappropriate for the beach. In her arms was a cream coloured Pomeranian who was quite happy to be carried around instead of using his own four legs.

"*Another* Mall, Bitsy? Please?" The man put his hand to his forehead to shaded his eyes from the sun as he looked about ."No no, think about this, it's the perfect place. It's the only beach in CAPOW, and CAPOW is a dimensional crossing zone, meaning *everyone* comes here. We buy the beach, spruce it up, and start charging admission, we'll add to our already incredible fortune!"

"Oh, I don't know Jeffy," Bitsy said looking out at the sand, the bugs, the icky sea life like shells and things, "It's all just so .. yucky."

"I'm not telling you to swim here, dear, I'm just saying that we have to .. take it over."

She sighed, "Very well. I'll summon the take over requirement." She handed the little dog over to Jeffy. The dog growled at him, he stuffed the dog under his arm so it could satisfy itself with gnawing on his bicep.

Bitsy took a few steps back into the parking lot and held her hands out straight in front of her while chanting. Soon there was a large lightning strike (purple) and a large pinewood box was standing in front of her. On the front it said "Generic Monster #1." Bitsy nodded happily.

Jeffy wandered over, handing the dog bag, 'Why don't you EVER summon a crowbar as well?"

Bitsy sniffed, heading back towards the red convertible. "That's YOUR job. I don't *do* physical labour. Come on PePe." The dog, PePe, would have had difficulty *not* coming, since he wasn't moving under his own power.

Jeffy sighed, looked at the box and flicked a finger at it. With one power word, the front of the box fell off and a hideous monster stumbled out. Jeffy pointed at the beach. "Go scare everyone off the beach. Don't hurt anyone unless you *have* to."

"Gurrrrh!" The monster nodded several times and lumbered off to the beach.

Katt was idly kicking her feet as she lay on her stomach reading the latest tech manual on magnetic flight capable power armour. She happened to look up and then promptly paled.

"Uhm, Kimiko.. Did you happen to bring your gun with you?" She asked in what she hoped was a calm and reasonable voice.

Kimiko was more than a little suspicious at the question, "No, why would I bring my gun to a beach?!"

"Erk." Katt said, "No stun gun or wrench with me, either.."

"Why do you ask?" Kimiko asked, not sure if she really wanted to know.

Katt pointed. Kimiko followed the Elf's directional finger to see a really big, ugly, horrible .. THING. What would classically be reported as a 'monster'.

"Uh-oh." Kimiko muttered, rolling to her feet. So far the rest of the beach hadn't noticed the thing. By some sort of luck it had appeared close to the two women.

"I hate to use this line of defense, I want you to realize that it's a line of defense I only use when I have no other choice.." Katt started, getting to her own feet, tucking the manual into the picnic basket.

"Uh .. Okay. What's so horrible about it?" Kimiko asked, sweatdropping. Again, not really sure if she wanted to know.

Katt summoned her sword and armour, she then let out a piercing shriek of absolute terror. Kimiko stared at her wide-eyed. "It's the maiden in distress summon aid technique." Katt informed her politely.

She then turned and charged the icky thing, hoping Dachend would be behind pretty quick!

the second before Katt reached the monster, a shape moved up beside her, Dachend flashed his partented sly grin and say "you shrieked Kitten?"

making a silent sigh Katt nodded "why?" was Dachend's reply, Katt sweatdropped and pointed... exsactly two seconds too late. with a sound *smock* Dachend ran smack face first into the monster.

stumbling back a few steeps Dachend rubbed his face and looked up at the monster. who's appearence suggested that some luny kid had gotten his hands on the little mad scientests gen manipulation set. cause the monster looked like some freak cross betwin a lion, a hedgehog, a eagle and a white killer shark, and somebody had been thoughtfull enorgh to stuff a humanoid body in there, so the thing could walk around on two legs.

"damn your ugly" muttered Dachend, the monster roared. Dachend, Katt and every body standing remotely close behind them, held their noses. "and his breath stinks" whimpered Katt, eyes watering.

Dachend grinned, a grin that would send persons more experience with people of Dachend's type running for the hills. Pointing a finger at the beast, Dachend growled "hey ugly, you teasing my girlfriend? I don't like that"

In a flash Dracho'xian was in Dachend's hand and before the monster could as much as growl, snort, roar or fart. Dachend had cut it in two, from head to groin. the starting smirk on Dachends face, just slipped back where it had come from. when the monsters two parts in a seconds grew back together. Dachend took a steep back "okay guys, any good ideas?... any bad?"

Ahlen, who had gotten the water out from his ears, was beside Dachend in a flash. Just as surprisingly, he had his sword, Mizuno Heiwa, in his hands, too. The slightly curved sword always appeared to him whenever he needed it, it seemed.

"No, no, you're doing it all wrong," Ahlen admonished. "Here, let me show you."

Dachend sunk Dracho'xian into the sandy ground, and leaned on the hilt. He watched with slight amusement, and a little annoyance.

The monster growled and took a swipe at Ahlen. He leapt into the air and came down, slicing the monster in half, in a similar way Dachend had down, except with the extra leverage. At the same instant, he knocked himself against one of the halves and pushed it away.

"Let's see you heal back up, now!" Ahlen said.

The two halves of the monster vibrated slowly and began glowing a pale purple. Its facial features melted in on itself. Suddenly, from each half, another arm sprouted and the face reappeared, whole this time. Now, there were two monsters.

Dachend gestured to the second monster near Ahlen. "Smooth move, all-star."

The beach was being quickly emptied once word got around that there were not one but _two_ monsters somewhere nearby.

"Well, they had their turn.. guess i'm up now..." Mizu said, walking up between Ahlen and Dachend.

Dachend was looked at Mizu "Just what can you do, smartass?"

"Hmph. Watch Mr. Arrogant.. You'll see."

"Fuck up, its your ass.." Dachend singsonged jovially.

Mizu nodded grimly. "I know." He began to glow blue as he turned to face the monster.

The monster let out a growl and began to stalk toward him.

"Not me, ugly." Mizu cocked one hand back, and then slammed it on the sand, palm open, yelling "WATER GEYSER!!"

The geyser launched the unlucky monster high into the air and flung it a ways down the beach. He held up his hand, holding two darts. Dachend and Ahlen looked at him, and then looked at the darts wondering what he was going to do next. Mizu concentrated, making the darts colder and colder, until they were cold enough, he hoped, to freeze anything they touched.

"Now!!" Mizu yelled, starting foward and flinging one at the monsters head, and the other at the monster's chest. They hit, and as he hoped, they froze a little of the area around them. "They're not enough, keep his hands off of me!" he said as he used his forward momentum to jump kick the monster in the chest, knocking it down. As he landed on top of it, the monster's shark-like jaws snapped at him, missing by mere inches.

Dachend used Draco'xian to pin down its head, while Ahlen and Katt held its arms. Mizu placed his hands on the dart that hit the monster's head and made it colder. The monster's struggles slowed and finally stopped, and he placed his hands on the dart in its chest, doing the same as he had done before. Soon the monster was frozen solid.

"Alright everyone, you'll need to back off for this one", he said. Dachend, Katt, and Ahlen backed off as he brought his hands forward, then pulled them in as if he was praying. A look of pain crossed his face, and they saw his hands start to glow a bright white. He separated his hands, focused on the monster, and with a loud "EIIYAHH!", hit the monster with one glowing hand, shattering it into many medum monster chunks.

Dachend was mad. "Fuckin' idiot! You realize that when they thaw, they'll be dozens of those things!!"

Mizu raised his other hand, reabsorbing the energy still on it and stalling Dachend in his rant. "That's what that's for." He pointed.

They all followed his hand to see what he was pointing at, and saw a large ice cream freezer.

"Isn't there any fucking way to kill the damn thing?!?"

"Of course there is!" Mizu replied. "I just...haven't thought of it yet."

Everyone fell over.

Ahlend tried another swipe at the monster, to no avail. "Damn it," he gasped, clutching his aching arm. "After Mizu froze it, it must have somehow transformed itself to being a giant blob of water."

"Oh, thank you SO much for stating the fucking obvious!" Dachend shouted, hacking ineffectively at the monster.

Kimiko's eyes lit up. "Water...of course! Why didn't I think of this earlier?!?"

"Hey!" Ahlen yelped as Kimiko grabbed him and gave him the noogie. "What's that for?"

Releasing Ahlen, Kimiko opened her purse, dug around for a while, and brought out a small white packet. "This!"

Mizu looked at the packet and facefaulted. "Strawberry jello?"

Kimiko grinned. "Yeah. I got it as a sample a couple of days ago but I never got around to using it."

Dachend muttered something about convenient plot points before continuing to fend off the monster. "Well, then, hurry up and make fucking jello already!"

"Right." Kimiko turned to Mizu. "You can do that ice thing again, right?"

Mizu flipped Kimiko a thumbs up. "Leave it to me."

With one swift motion, Kimiko ripped open the jello packet and tossed it as hard as she could at the monster. Draco-x'ian then imbedded itself into the monster's chest and morphed into a giant spoon. Dachend gave the sword-now-spoon several vicious turns before jumping back so that he wouldn't get in Mizu's way.

The now jello-ed monster went *wobble*.

Katt stared at the large pink blob in amazement. "I can't believe that actually worked!"

"Yeah," agreed Ahlen. Then, almost as an afterthought, he added, "it looks pretty delicious, too."

Everyone fell over again.

Bitsy fought the urge to scream. How dare they destroy her precious monster and ruin her perfect day!

"Told you so," Jeffy said smugly.

Bitsy clenched her fists. "Shut up! So I miscalculated their powers a little!" She began casting another summon spell.

"This isn't going to work, either, you know," Jeffy commented casually.

Bitsy narrowed her eyes. "I'm warning you..." Finishing the spell, Bitsy flung her hands forward, and another, even meaner-looking demon appeared. "Go forth and destroy!" she ordered.

"And this time, try not to get yourself killed," Jeffy added snidely.

"I've seen some odd things, but that is the oddest yet." Mizu said, poking his foot at the now jello-ed monster who wobbled back at him in ineffective anger. "What do we do with it now?"

"Um.. worry about it later?" Katt said, her voice wavering.

Everyone looked at her in question. She just pointed down the beach at the other monster that Mizu had flung away so they could deal with its other half.

Then Ahlen spoke up. "Hey, I think we've got another problem." He was looking in the opposite direction.

Heads turned as one to see another, meaner looking monster flying toward them from the other side. It had leathery bat-like wings and a humanoid shape, with a large set of teeth, but that's where all similarities to the previous monster ended.

"Anyone order a monster double?" Mizu quipped.

"Whew!" Lyta exclaimed with a puff of breath as she held Kokutan's slender wrist, dragging her away. "I'm glad we got away from those two."

"Ano.." Jinx started.

Lyta looked back. "Ahh! You're not Kokutan!" She spotted the rollerblades on Jinx's feet. "No wonder why you were so easy to haul away."

"No, I'm not," said Jinx dryly. "All I remember is someone grabbing my arm and dragging me off in a big hurry." She dusted some sand out of her hair. "You kick up a lot of sand when you run, too."

"Gomen ne! I just had to get away from those two annoying guys. Oh well, poor Kokutan. She'll manage. Either that or she'll make me cook tonight's dinner." She paused. "You're Jinx, right? We probably haven't spoken that much. I'm Lyta." She held out her hand.

Jinx shook it gingerly. "Oh, the flower lady from St. John's park!"

"'LADY?!" Lyta almost screamed. "How old do you think I am?!"

A voice behind them coughed. Turning around, a short boy presented himself. He had short, un-styled hair that hung over his eyebrows. His glasses were large and circular and gave him an eternally inquisitive look.

"Hi there, remember me?"

It was Willy. (the annoying NPC)

"Oi, it's that weird kid again," Lyta whispered to Jinx behind her hand.


"Oh, you weren't there." Lyta put on a happy smile. One that was much too-happy for anyone other than the mentally insane. "Hi there litle boy!" she said in a very condescending, adult manner. "Where's your mommy and daddy? Are you lost?"

The kid looked confused. Not insulted or angry, just surprised. "Little boy? No no, I'm not that young. I may look like a little boy. It's amazing how many people mistake me for a kid. But, hey, it's amazing how many people ignore you too, and you learn lots of interesting things when you're ignored."

Lyta looked back. "Sorry, did you say something? Look, I don't have any money for ice cream, so go play along now." She waved 'bye-bye' cutely and took Jinx by the elbow.

"Okay, well, it was nice meeting you ladies," Willy said, (and both Lyta and Jinx grimaced) "watch out for the monster!"

They stopped. "Monster?" they said at the same time.

"Oh yeah, big ugly guy, over that way," Willy pointed to the direction Kimiko and Katt were sunbathing. "But, you should see the two people who made him. Boy, do they really need to relax. Eaagh!"

Lyta switched from Jinx's elbow to Willy's wrist. "Take me to these two people," she said.

"Ow! Oww.. hey you're hurting my hand. please let go. I'll give you a shiny rock. Ooh, there's another one. Oww!"

* * *

"And try not to get killed," Jeffy added snidely. The monster grunted and stalked off to finish what the first had started.

"This is way too much trouble," Bitsy complained. "Why can't we just have the beach! I'm starting to sweat out here." She placed the back of her hand delicately over her forehead. PePe barked shrilly.

A little boy came up to them and held out a small rock clenched in his fist. "Hiya! I'm Willy. Wanna shiny rock?"

"Eww!" Bitsy backed off sharply. She pointed at Willy. "See Jeffy! This is exactly what I'm talking about. Icky, weird people, who knows where they've been. Yuck, don't make him touch me!"

Jeffy rolled his eyes upwards. "Oh, for the love of money, shoo kid! Shoo!"

In the distance, Lyta, with Jinx close behind, caught up with Willy. She regarded the two strangers and immediately disliked them for their dress. "Hey, are you the two conjuring up monsters and terrorizing the beach?!"

Bitsy looked back smugly. "And what if I am?"

Lyta knew there was only one way to deal with bullies, and that was to bully them back. Unfortunately, her magic wasn't working today. So, as her mother had taught her, there was only one other way to go about it. A good, old fashion boot to the head. She decided that the girl's fragile beauty meant she was hardly a physical person.

She took a menacing step towards Bitsy. Sensing this, Bitsy raised her arm into the air, while holding PePe tightly under her other arm, and lowered it. From above the clouds, a giant piece of plywood fell right in front of Lyta.

Lyta jumped back, nearly smashing into the wooden wall. A summoner! This was going to be more trouble than she thought. She turned and nearly hit another wooden wall face-first. Turning back and side to side, another wall came down. And finally, the last wall boxed her in.

She banged against it futilely. "Hey, let me out so I can kick your ass so hard, it's going to bounce twice!!"

Bitsy and Jeffy laughed evilly (TM). "Muahahahaa! Ahahaha!" They paused, gave eachother a look and continued. "Ahahahahhaa!"

Katt looked from the new monster to Dachend and back, waving her hands about in the air, "I THOUGHT YOU SAID THERE WOULD BE NO MORE DEMONS?!?!?!?!"

Dachend smirks, "It's not a demon. It's a summoned creature of a negative plane, but it's not a demon."

Katt flat out glared at him. "What's the difference?!"

"It won't sacrifice virgins for power, it'll just eat people. Big difference."


Ahlen looked at her, "Why should *I* do something? *HE'S* the bounty hunter!"

Kimiko sighed, "If you want something done right.." she stomped up the beach. Which, in itself, was a remarkable feat, considering the beach, like most beaches, was covered in sand. Yet, she stomped. She stomped right up to the monster before the warriors behind her could quite figure out what she was doing. "YOU!" she said pointing at the monster.

The fearsome beast blinked, eyes wide and pointed a finger at it's own chest, "Grr?" it growled.

"Yes, YOU!" Kimiko said, waggling her finger at it, "What do you think you're doing on OUR beach? Going to eat people eh? Well, I don't THINK so."

Katt, way behind, leaned towards Dachend with a huge sweat drop, "Has she gone insane?"

Ahlen answered, "Huh? This is nothing.. should have seen her when I didn't put the seat down after.."

"Grr Mrr Guh!" The Monster gestured around it and made eating motions.

Kimiko kicked him in the shins, "I don't THINK so. You are NOT eating people." She grabbed the huge monster by the paw and hauled him off towards the foodstands. "I'll introduce you to PIZZA! You'll never want people again!"

"I think I'm going to be sick." Dachend muttered.

"PIZZA?" Jeffy exclaimed, looking down at the beach through super-expensive binoculars. "That's just .. That monster was defunct!"

Bitsy sniffed, "You can have a full refund then!"

Jinxie was gesturing behind her back, a round-about motion, while she did her best to look calm and cute.

There was a sudden yelp from PePe as Silber grabbed the little nuisance out of from Bitsy's arm and ran off with the dog by the scruff of the neck.

"HEY! YOU UNCOOTH MUTT! YOU GIVE ME BACK PEPE!" and Bitsy, trendy sandals and all, went chasing after Silber. Silber thought this was a great game and was very glad Jinx had thought of it.

Jinx tried to smother giggles as a hand came down on her shoulder. She looked up at the scowling face of Jeffy. "Er, uh-oh?"

Kokutan stood staring down the beach. Where the hell had Dachend gone? And so suddenly? She had been so close to getting revenge...SO close to soaking his close to getting this strawberry popsicle mashed into his hair...SO close, so close, SO CLOSE!!! Kokutan started trembling and developed a yellow glow about her.



Kokutan's yellow aura disapated very quickly as she stared dumbfounded at the young bandana'd man next to her shouted that last line. She *piku*'d a few times before realizing that this young man was glowing blue and looked like he was ready to explode. She dropped the strawberry popsicle which had pretty much been squashed in her fist during her rant. She started to look around. Kokutan became aware of the many stares of young children and their pointing fingers. She KNEW she was covered in ice cream and soaked to boot. Her ears drooped as she heard those children's mother's telling them to look away from the crazy people.


Kokutan decided to slink away before this young man did something that might hurt her.




Kokutan sighed...That guy had put on a fireworks show saying something about evil jello and how it had all been some Ranma's fault. She sighed and shook her head, grimacing as she felt the ice cream coating her back getting stickier. "Damn him anyways!! Why not sorbet?" She looked around before noticing the shower stand unoccupied. She dashed over to the shower before anyone else could and pulled the chain welcoming the rush of cold water and scrubbed with one hand trying to get the ice cream out of her hair and tail. To hell with the demin shorts...they would dry. It was hot. She tilted her head back and washed the scorch marks off her face twitching her ears against the flow.

She sighed and flicked her hair over one shoulder and let go of the chain stopping the water flow. She closed her eyes and started to squeeze the water out when she heard a sort of funny breathing. Barely daring to open one eye she found herself being oggled by a drooling heavily breathing antenna'd guy.

"...pre...tty..." was uttered by the guy accompanied by about a pint of drool.

"EYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHH!!!" This was just not a day for Kokutan's vocal cords.

Jeffy glared at Jinx who tried to look innocent but had a hard time doing it. "That wasn't very nice of you, brat," he growled. Jinx tried to back away but Jeffy grabbed her by the arm tightly. Jinx yelped. "Where do you think you're going? Now that Bitsy is chasing her mutt, I think it's time I ran the show."

"Hey asshole, let go of her or I'll wipe your Gucci ass all over this beach," came a challenge.

Jeffy looked up. Dachend, Ahlen and Katt were just climbing up the beach to them. His grip on Jinx's arm lightened and she snatched herself free. "Oh ho ho, if it isn't the beach heroes!" sneered Jeffy, crossing his arms in a smug way.

"That's right bub," Dachend responded. "I think I'll kick your Gucci ass around anyway."

Jeffy raised an eyebrow. "Is that so?" He stuck two fingers in his mouth and dog-whistled. In a dash, two men appeared beside Jeffy. One was dressed in an expensive yet out-dated suit. The other was clad in aprons, a chef's hat and wielded two wicked cleavers. Both men easily overshadowed Jeffy's frame. "Bitsy likes to do all the fancy magic stuff. Me, I like to do things the old-fashioned way."

"Yeah, like call in your goons to do your dirty work," Ahlen said.

"But of course! Let me introduce them." He pointed to the man in the suit. "This is Bennett, my butler." Bennett yelled in a sort of gutteral way and moved his arms in a blurry motion of martial arts. Despite his suit, he seemed to be a big man.

"And this is Pierre, my personal chef."

Pierre swished his cleavers in the air in a sort of show-off manner. "I slice. I dice. I make ze julienne friez."

"I get the Swedish chef," Ahlen said to Dachend, raising up his sword a little.

"Wimp," Dachend replied while staring down Bennett who was busy stretching different parts of his body.

"GO GET THEM!" Jeffy roared.

But before anyone could move, something strange happened. A drop of water fell onto the sandy beach. Then another, and another. Soon, it started to rain.

"Sir, your clothes are getting all wet!" cried Bennett in an old english accent.

"Monsieur, we must get youz back in ze car!" said Pierre.

"No no! Go get those guys!"

Bennett tsked. "No no, this won't do at all sir. Hep hep! Pierre, let's take sir inside." He grabbed Jeffy by the right arm.

"Bien sur!" Pierre responded and took him by the other arm.

"Hey, wait! Let go! I want you to beat up those guys! Hey!" They hefted Jeffy's feet off the ground so he couldn't run anywhere.

"Hurry Pierre! I think sir is getting damp!"

Ahlen lowered his sword and gave Dachend and Katt a bewildered look. Katt shrugged.

A yapping came from close by. Bitsy stalked back to them, soaking wet from the rain. Pepe was back in her arms, but the dog only resembled a wet mop with four legs and a tail. "I HATE THIS BEACH!!" she screamed in a uptight, childish manner.

A squak indicated Silber had changed into her aviary form and perched on Jinx's shoulder. She pruned her feathers keenly.

"Well that was just plain dumb," Dachend said sheepishly, hoping to have kicked some butt.

"Where's Lyta?" Ahlen asked looking around.

Jinx pointed to the four wooden boards off to the side. "She's in there."

"Lyta?!" Ahlen yelled.

"AHLEN!" Lyta cried from inside. "Get me out!"

Ahlen and the others rushed up to the box. "Can't you fly out?"

"NO OF COURSE NOT!!" Lyta shouted.

"Oh yeah, I forgot," muttered Ahlen.

Dachend rolled his eyes upwards. "Sheesh. You know for someone with such a flat chest and ungirlish figure, you'd think their PMS cycle would have ended hours ago!" He said this quite loudly.

Suddenly, one of the wodden boards crashed outwards. Lyta burst out, body glowing red and a vicious frown written across her face. "WHO SAID THAT?!" she snarled.

Dachend, slightly surprised, pointed to Ahlen.


Ahlen stuck out his hands. "No, it wasn't me! Dachend you bastard!"

"COME BACK HERE!! YOU'RE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH TONIGHT!!" Lyta took off after Ahlen, chasing him in the rain.

Dachend fell on the ground, laughing. Katt stalked up to him. "That was mean."

Dachend just smiled wickedly and kept laughing.

"Where's Kimiko?" wondered Katt.

Meanwhile, Kimiko and a certain monster were sitting under a patio umbrella in a local (abandoned) pizzeria.

Kimiko lifted a slice to her mouth. "Nowadays, they're coming out with weird stuff to put on pizza. Spinach, chicken pieces, bacon. That just won't do! Pizza should be cheese, pepperoni's and mushrooms! None of that crazy weird stuff. I mean, god forbid, what if they start putting brocolli on it?! Now, pizza's gotta have just a little bit of oil dripping out and a big crunchy crust. I see these wimpy pizzas with no crust and I think, 'what do you call that?! It's a flat piece of bread!' Hey, what are you staring at me for! Eat your slice! Cold pizza is another thing! It's gotta be just a bit before piping hot! We can't have no microwave garbage here! Straight out of the oven, baked fresh!"

The monster sweatdropped as Kimiko continued lecturing it on the finer points of pizza.

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