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Be With You

by Carrie Tobin

A Capow Songfic-
Set to Enrique Iglesias's Be With You

*start music*

*Pan in on a window to the shrine from outside. Kokutan is standing in the window, a cleaning rag in one hand, the other carving little gouges into the window sill.*

[Monday night and I feel so alone,
Count the hours but they go so slow
I know the sound of your voice can save my soul]

*Kokutan leans a little out the window and sighs. She's watching Lyta and Ahlen in the park area surrounding the shrine. They are supposed to be planting flowers, but it's turned into a tickle fight. They fling little bits of dirt at each other, and try to pin each other in the fresh dirt, mud and flower pots. They laugh loudly, attracting the attention and smiles of people passing by in the park.*

[City lights, the streets of gold
Look out my window to the world below
It moves so fast, and it feels so cold, and I'm all alone]

*Kokutan's eyes water a little as the images of Lyta and Ahlen enjoying themselves and playing get overlaid with images of herself and Tetsu; his welcoming her into the village, her blushing face when he first kissed her, their games of tag during their courtship, the happy moments of newly-mated bliss, his stunned expression when she first announced her pregnancy. The images start coming at a faster pace and Kokutan blinks rapidly to stop the building tears and swallows to loosen her throat. Finally she grimaces and pushes off away from the window sill*

[Don't let me die
I'm loosing my mind
Baby just give me a sign!]

*Lyta and Ahlen both look quickly up as the shrine doors slam shut and Kokutan stands on the porch, in a black tank top and sweatpants, with her hair pulled back. She glances at Lyta and Ahlen and shuts her eyes, squeezing a few tears out, breath catching in a small sob. Kokutan's form glows red and she takes off in a blur. Lyta jumps up and calls after Kokutan*

[And now that you're gone
I just want to be with you
And I can't go on]

*Kokutan stands in front of a large punching bag at a small gym, a dead ringer for the types seen in boxing movies, somewhere deep in Capow. She takes a few shuddering breaths, her fists clenching and unclenching before pulling into a solid fist and flying up and into the bag. The other fist comes and jabs at the bag, both punches sending the bag flying about on it's chain. She punches the bag letting out a little cry each time, finally stepping back and begining a series of kicks. The bag is flying about rather haphazardly and drawing the attention of the few patrons to the gym. Kokutan winds up and delivers a roundhouse kick to the bag and follows with a jab, but this one with palm open and claws extended, her hand glowing red. She rips open the bag letting out a loud "KIYA" as she does, deftly avoiding the sand that spills out.*

[I wanna be with you
Wanna be with you]

*Kokutan chases the owner of the gym off with a growl and a display of glowing claws and sharp teeth. She powers down and stalks over to his office, where she writes down her name and the shrine's address for a bill. The owner stares after her as she stomps out the door, slamming it behind her. The patrons wince at the rattling sound it makes*

[I can't sleep, I'm up all night
Through these tears I try to smile
I know the touch of your hand can save my life]

*Kokutan is standing on a cliff overlooking Capow city. The wind is howling because of the steep hillside, causing Kokutan to close her eyes to the sting. There are no lights, no cars, no other signs of civilization. Only a knee high fence is between her and the edge of the cliff. Her fists are still clenched at her sides, her head down and her shoulders are shaking*

[Don't let me down]

*Kokutan's head suddenly snaps up...her eyes are stull filled with tears but her expression is an angry one, pupils constricted to mere slits of black on gold. Her fangs lengthen ever so slightly.*

[Come to me now]

*Kokutan's entire frame becomes bathed in a bright red glow, that reaches up in tendrils towards the evening sky.*

[I've got to be with you somehow!]

*Kokutan lets off a large Ki blast, the ki energy a bright red, tinged with streaks of blue, purple and green. It blasts towards the sky, swirling and leveling when it reaches cloud level. At the shrine Lyta looks up blankly at first and then sadly frowns. She takes away the third place setting at the dinner table, ignoring Ahlen's concerned expression. At Katt's garage Dachend looks up quickly at the display, and also frowns and moves away from the window shaking his head.*

[And now that you're gone
I just want to be with you]

*The ki starts to fade, lessening in it's intensity and light. At the base of the blast Kokutan's form is standing ridgidly. Slight tremours work their way from ears to toes.*

[And I can't go on
I wanna be with you
Wanna be with you]

*Kokutan drops to the ground shaking. She pulls herself up into a kneeling position, and her hands clench into the dirt. Her bangs hide her eyes, but tear trails are evident going down her cheeks and her teeth are clenched tight. She shifts to bring her knees to her chest clasping them tightly and rests her forehead.*

[Don't let me down.]

*Kokutan suddenly cracks and lets out a giant sob*

[Come to me now.]

*A swirling multitude of colours appears behind Kokutan's shuddering frame and Youko Kurama steps out shimmering in the bright light of the portal. He takes a few seconds to adjust to the fading light and settled his sight on his daughter. He walks over to her and squats down behind and to the right, just enough to be in her line of sight. Kokutan spends a few minutes sobbing before turning to look at him. Her eyes swollen and red. Kurama grimaces and holds out a claw tipped hand to her. Her chin trembles and she takes several deep breathes.*

[I got to be with you some how
And now that you're gone...]

*With another sob Kokutan launches herself at her father, who grabs her in a hug. His grip tightens as Kokutan's sobs get a little louder. He manages to ignore the pain as her claws sink into his shoulders.*

[Who am I without you now?]

"Who am I with out him, Tousan?"

[I can't go on...
I just want to be with you]

"I just want to be with him!"

[And now that you're gone
I just want to be with you
And I can't go on
I wanna be with you
Wanna be with you]

*Kuruma shakes his head and lets Kokutan cry on his shoulder. He doesn't say anything.*

*As the song fades so does the scene, leaving them on the cliff above Capow*

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