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Story fragment - Test, please ignore...

A CAPOW fanfic... er, sorta... hehehe ^^;;

Featuring: Ace Ban Dage, Anne Packrat, Berk Watkins, Chika, Emiko's Agent (Ian Kim), Susano Orbatos

This is for anyone who wondered what the CAPOW initiation was really like. Of course, no two are alike, but this is a rough idea... This was quite an early example, and possibly the only time i ever remember us getting to clear te wall entirely! (Now watch someone prove me wrong... ^_^)

[Anne Packrat]
1 bottle of sake on the wall
1 bottle of sake
After Emiko's Agent and the rest of RAAM is done there is only left
0 bottles of sake on the wall!

[Emiko's Agent]
0 bottles of sake on the wall
0 bottles of sake
Weer did all dem sake go *hic*
0 botters of sake on duh wall!

     Madoka reaches over to Emiko and grabs her shoulder with a firm grip. "Hey, all this singin' is fine by me, but look here, SOMEONE is going to be payin' for all that sake, and it's NOT going to be me, get my meaning?"
     "Eh heh heh heh" Emiko whimpers, a large sweat drop forming on her head.
     "Emehko, *hic*" her agent mutters, "I shuda dran ya wit shorta hair, dam it *hic* Ya loog lik Belldan-waz-er-face with Nuka Nuka's eyes *hic* ...No bodi 'ere nos whad it's like, bein' an agent an all *hic* Y'don no.....bud you... youra good kid....." His hand pats Emiko on the head, before falling unconscious on the counter top.
     Emiko looks glumly at the counter top. "*sigh* another round of grape juice for me, please."

[Ace Ban Dage]
     "Well, It was Anne Packrat's initiation party after all," said Commander Thickett. "Just put it on my tab. I can't believe that they drank a swig of sake after each bottle in the song! That, and after drinking two cases of sake during the movie."
     Walking up to the bar, Thickett carefully examined Emiko's face and then gave Madoka a penetrating stare. "Emiko, your face is a little flushed. Are you sure that you been giving Emiko grape juice, Madoka?"

     "I don't much like what you are insinuating," Madoka bristled with indignation. "I run a respectable bar here!"
     "Yesh...," Emiko was playing find the mouth with a pretzel."Vey, vey reshpect'bal!"
     "I gave her grape juice. Of course," Madoka said in somewhat disapproving tones, "I can't say what that lot have been putting in with it."
     Emiko found her mouth, inserted the pretzel, and fell off her stool. From under the bar, a hand came up, waving weakly as Emiko repeated "Vey, vey reshpec'bal."
     "I'll see to it that this place gets closed down!" thundered the Commander, his face turning a bright shade of purple.
     "Bill for 99 bottles of sake, 3 bottles of grape juice and wear and tear on the wall..." Madoka totted up the Commander's tab, and the Commander seemed to shrink somewhat as the total price was revealed.
     "That's daylight robbery!" he spluttered.
     "It'sh night!" said the voice under the bar, with another hiccup.
     "Be that as it may..."
     "Look, Commander," Madoka purred, "I have a simple saying here. Credit is only available to people over 85 as long as they are accompanied by both parents. I'm sure there's a Ferrengi rule of acquisition that we can use here to come to a mutually agreeable outcome."
     "Well..." the gears whirred visibly.
     "Vey, vey reshpec'bal...!"

     "Uhm... You got, uh.. Any club sodas..?"
     "Gawd, Shushano, you got the worsh taste in da fuggin' world!," yelled Remus, "Drink up, dammit!!"

[Berk Watkins]
     Remus shuddered suddenly as his Detian healing factor kicked in. "Felgerkarb... I'm sober again..." he muttered darkly. He looked down at his drink and sighed. "It'd be too much work to try and get drunk again..." he complained, before finishing off his drink. He tossed Madoka enough gold coins to cover a small defense budget, "That should cover my tab, and the worst of the local damages. I'm going for a walk..." he straightened out his jacket and stepped behind a molecule.
     Susano laughed, shaking his head, "He does it *every* time..." he remarked drolly. He grinned toothily, knocked back his club soda and fell off his stool.
     Madoka looked at the fallen, fallen god and arched an eyebrow. "That's proof somebody's been doctoring the drinks..." she muttered. Oh well, all the more to put on Thickett's tab..."

Ahh, memories! At least someone paid their bar bill! (I seem to remember Mads making a pass at Remus because of that... oh well, ancient history!) If I find any more of this one, I'll add it in!

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