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Ian's Prison Diary

A CAPOW original story

(sent in by Joseph Sutedja)
Written by: Ian Kim. HTML version by Chika.

Dear Diary

I never thought up to this day that I would be writing a diary in a jail
out in the middle of no where.  Oh well, I guess you can't predict the
future.  Today was interesting, if you can call jail
interesting...perhaps after a few weeks of the same tasks will somewhat
eliminate whatever enthusiasm I have for this place.  Trust me, even
now, that enthusiasm is not that high.

Anyways, today started with the strip down search of my body for any
tools I might have hid away in me.  Let me tell you it is quite
humiliating, though I think the cyan-haired female officer was enjoying
her job.  I suppose having an attractive girl (of course she's you know any non-attractive anime girls?) feel your body
shouldn't be too bad, but it is when your in a cold dark room with one
light glaring above you and all these officers staring you down from the
second floor.  Seems I couldn't get my eyes to stare back at that Diskan
woman, who remained motionless through the entire experience.  Her
assistant seemed to be rather nerve-racked...perhaps I can convince him
to get me some favours.

After that was the guide down to my jail cell.  The prison seems to be
well maintained, though it had no real funky gadgets or things used for
extra security measure.  Heck, why would they?  After all, this was a
prison for RL's...plain average people with no superpowers.  Diskan gave
me a thorough lecture of my rights and restrictions, along with the
infinite number of reasons why I will not be able to break out of here.
Let me tell you, she is quite convincing.  Being locked up made me
realize that I would not see Emiko and the rest for a little while, and
at that point I regretted the most not posting that prologue.  Ah, but
that's the past, and now here I am, learning my lesson.

After an hour of killing all the bugs in my cell and resting in what
you could remotely call a bed, I was sent to the mess hall with the rest
of the people, to chow down on what looked like puke.

Yummm...regurgitated lima beans...  Anyways, as I sat there wondering
who all these people were (as I'm the only person I know of who was
arrested), Keon came over and talked to me.  I tried my damnedest to not
let him find out that I squeeled on him.  Hey, if you're presented the
thought of going home to one of Mai's hugs sooner than usual, wouldn't
you rat on a guy?  After all, Keon WAS as guilty as I was.

A few hours later I found myself in a room full of video tapes.
Apparently we were to watch StreamLine dubs for about 5 hours, and in
the process write down every single thing that StreamLine did wrong, and
what caused them to go out of business.  I suppose this is a good lesson
to learn, but after about the 3rd tape one of the prisoners tried to
kill himself with a blunt object.  Diskan came in and shocked him into
unconsciousness...ouch, I do know that feeling.  I still don't know who
these other people are.

I wish I could say that time flies here, but in order for time to fly,
you have to be having fun.  The highlight of the day was when I was told
Mai was here to visit me.  I still laugh when I think about the moment
when she tried to hug me through the glass wall.  I think even the
guards got a good laugh out of that, the hethens.  Oh well, I suppose a
hug over the phone is better than nothing.  She was bawling her eyes
out, and was asked to leave before the visitor area was flooded.
Next?  Well, due to the artistic nature of my hands, I was sent to a
special division where we spent what seems like an eternity drawing
cells drawings of C-ko.  I think I now know how they get people to draw
that evil little girl.  A few times I was "disaplined" because I made
C-ko look remotely attractive.  So sue me, I was thinking about Mai-chan
at the time.

After dinner (uh..Keon found out I rat on him...let's just say I'd
rather not talk about what happened next ^^;;) I stayed a good distance
from my CAPOW chum until he cooled off.  Since we were all well fed (ha
ha), Diskan thought it appropriate for us to shed that energy on
something we were sent on a well secured area where we
spent the rest of the night repairing/building tiny mecha-roshi.  As one
was destroyed almost every day, _someone_ had to make new ones.
Oh well, now here I am in my bed.  I think my elbow as relocated itself
to it's proper position, ready to take on what ever was ahead for me
tomorrow.  We'll see.  For now I'll be dreaming of Emiko and a way to
bust out of here.  G'night.


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