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(Creative Anime Prose Otaku Writing End Theme)

Sent in by Dot Warner

[Anne] This is the Lurker's Retreat
[chorus] Where lurkers go
[Joseph] With fights and water replete
[chorus] From Jusenkyo
[Madoka] What a tragedy!
[Chika] Watch for the flying objects...
[Anne] Even on quiet days we manage to have lots of fun!
[chorus] CAPOW's Rollcall!.

Anne: "Joseph, YOU IDIOT!" *WHAM*
Joseph: "Uncute tombooooooooy!"
PixeL: "Grandmother is going to KILL me!"
"Give me that sword." -Shiori

Madoka: "Do you have any idea how much this will cost me in repairs?!?"
Ace: "Look at the trophy I brought for you today!"
Kimiko: "I'm probably drunk, but damn, you look good!"
"Yeah, yeah..." -Kubo

Ryan: "You're all under arrest."
Dracho'xian: "Hey, demon swords have feelings too ya know."
Jerry: "Whoops, didn't mean to summon that giant chocolate bunny."
"Yelp!" - Sterling

[Anne] This is the Lurker's Retreat
[chorus] Our bar
[Joseph] There's lots of people to meet
[chorus] It's not too far
[Madoka] Would you like credit?
[All characters (under their breaths)] Not that anyone pays the tab...
[Anne] You'll really like us once you have a few drinks with us!
[chorus] And now, a tour of CAPOW!

[Chika (spoken enthusiastically while the music plays on)] Welcome to CAPOW! Over here is the ever famous Lurker's Retreat, home of the Infinite Wall of Sake! And there, up ahead, is the Convention Center... hey! Stay away from that Nine-Headed Naga Reactor! And where are you people going with those weird looking balloons? AHH! Point that bazooka away from the Annexe! (To herself:) Shinobu-san is NOT going to be happy about this.

Shinobu: "THAT DOES IT! GET OUT! _OUT_!"
Katt: "Let me take a look at that."
Martin: "HI~~~~~!!!"
"............" - Jana

Jinxie: "But onee-chaaaaaan!"
Wesley: "Sorry to break through your floor like that. Where am I at the moment?"
Samui: "I think you're overreacting."
"ZAp craCKle PoP!" - Plum

Saphiros: "Hi there. Could you slow down? I need to take notes."
Natashia: "Wow, he's dreamy!"
Aoi: "Hey! Let me finish my speech!"

[Rekishi (dreamily)] However, darling, when you smile at me, you're cute!

[Anne] This is the Lurker's Retreat
[chorus] You won't be bored
[Joseph] You'll find it really neat
[chorus] Here, drink some more
[Chika] There's always more sake!
[Ryan] Not if you're underaged!
[Thickett] You'll be assimilated as soon as you step into the door!

[chorus] Resistance is futile!
[Jay (spoken)] That stands for Creative Anime Prose Original Writing.
[chorus] We'll be waiting for you!
[Miko (spoken)] Be sure to stop by and visit!
[chorus] And that's our CAPOW!


Chika: Thanks for the cookies, Dot-chan! :9

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