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When You Wish Upon a Goddess

a one-shot by Dot

        Falora jumped when the phone rang sharply.

        Yipes, that thing's scary, Falora thought, going over to it andpicking it up. "Hello, this is the Morisato residence."

        "IT IS I," a baritone voice stated with absolute authority.

        Falora gulped. "Hello, Sir. Who do You wish to speak to?"

        "YOU, FALORA."

        Falora gulped again. "Me? Did I do something?" And, very quietly, she added, "again?"


        Falora felt her heart skip a beat. An assignment! She was finally starting her real duties as a Goddess! "What is it, Sir?"

        For a brief moment, Falora thought she could hear Kami-sama smile. "YOU'D BETTER SIT DOWN."

        Skuld and Falora separated from their hug reluctantly, neither wishing to let go.

        "I'll miss you," Skuld said, forcing back the urge to cry.

        "Me, too," Falora replied, tears already beginning to gather at the edge of her eyes.

        Urd rolled her eyes. "Come on, it's not like you'll never see each other again."

        Belldandy was next to hug Falora, and although hers was much briefer, it was no less loving. "We'll visit," she reassured Falora. She smiled brightly. "And I'll bring homemade chocolate chip cookies!"

        Falora's eyes lit up at the mention of her favorite food. "Really?" She let loose a wide grin. "Promise?"

        Everyone laughed. Urd mussed Falora's hair playfully. "You still haven't grown up much, have you?"

        "Hey!" Falora yelped as Urd grabbed her into a noogie. "Ow! Stop that!"

        "Urd, leave her alone," Keiichi managed to get out between breaths. Urd gave Falora's head a final knock, then released her.

        Falora made a face at Urd, then shook Keiichi's hand. "Thank you so much for letting me stay here."

        "Hey, it's not every day that a guy gets to have the Goddess of Luck under his roof," Keiichi answered, winking, causing Falora to blush.

        Urd cleared her throat and tapped her watch. "You're going to be late, Falora."

        "Oh, right." Hefting her luggage, Falora walked out into the yard under the magnificent cherry tree that grew there until she was completely engulfed by its shadow. She closed her eyes and recited a spell in ancient Norse, causing the shadow to glow a bit. "Good bye, every one!" she cried out, waving, as she sank into the shadow. Soon, the shadow closed in on itself, and everything looked normal again.

        "I'm worried about her," Urd said after Falora was gone. "Is she really ready for this?"

        Belldandy smiled enigmatically. "I believe in Kami-sama's judgement."

        Falora hated waiting. She wanted to get started on her job right away, but she knew that the Ultimate Force just didn't work that way. The right moment was coming soon enough, anyway...


        There it was.

        "Hello, you have reached the Goddess Helper Office," Falora greeted, feeling her pulse flutter as she uttered those words. "Please hold, a representative will be with you shortly."

        "Uh...I think you have the wrong--"

        Falora "hung up", then concentrated on where the call had emanated. Almost immediately, a portal opened up before her.

        Joseph stared at the receiver. "That was weird."

        "What happened?" Anne wanted to know, channel surfing in front of the TV. She finally stopped at a strange gaijin cartoon where a big, fat man in a blue uniform was chasing three black-and-white puppy-faced creatures with red noses.

        "I dunno. Got some weird girl from some company, I think."

        "Who are you calling weird?" A voice that seemed to come from behind the sofa asked with a touch of hurt.

        As Falora rose into the air, the little boy fell onto the seat of his pants and began scrambling backwards frantically, while the little girl assumed an aggressive stance.

        "Who are you?" She demanded, pulling out a HUGE mallet from what looked like out of thin air.

        Falora gulped mentally. Wow, Kami-sama wasn't kidding when he said that this wouldn't be an easy assignment. Managing the friendliest smile she could, Falora pulled the rest of herself out of the shadow, for the moment still keeping her luggage out of sight. "Do not be afraid; I mean no harm," she intoned, trying her best to imitate what Belldandy had taught her. Walking over to the boy, who was still trying to escape, Falora bowed deeply, causing him to freeze and stare at her in amazement. "Falora, Goddess Second Class Limited, pleased to meet you. Joseph Sutedja, you have been judged worthy of a wish."

        Joseph stared Falora, still not quite believing that she had just appeared from the couch. She certainly didn't look very threatening, not with her enormous milk-chocolate-colored eyes. He wondered briefly what those strange symbols on her cheeks and forehead were for. Must be a new fashion.

        "A-a wish?" He managed stutter, forcing himself back to the present.

        "Yes," Falora affirmed, nodding. "Anything you desire."

        "Really?" Joseph raised an eyebrow. This sounded too good to be true. He darted a quick glance towards the door of Washuu-oneechan's lab, which still had the "busy" sign glowing a bright neon red on it. Drat. He could really use some adult advice on this matter, even if he had to ask Washuu-oneechan. She was the only relatively grown-up person around.

        "Well?" Falora prompted. "Isn't there something you want to wish for?"

        An idea popped into Joseph's head, and he smirked. "Sure there is." Standing up and assuming a Dramatic Pose, he pointed towards Anne. "I wish that Anne would never mallet me again!"

        Falora blinked.

        And then the dots on her forehead erupted.

        A blinding column of light shot towards the ceiling and passed through it harmlessly. Falora began rising in midair, and some of the smaller items in the room started floating as well. A high-pitched whine could be heard as well, and it grew so loud that Joseph and Anne had to cover their ears.

        Finally, as abruptly as it began, it stopped. Falora slumped to the ground, exhausted.

        "Wish granted," she said quietly, as if it was taking her immense effort to say those few words.

        "What?" Anne asked incredulously. "You mean you really are a Goddess?"

        "Hahaha!" Joseph danced around gleefully, nearly hysterical with joy. "No more mallets for you, kawaiikune!"

        Anne saw red. "BAKA!"

        Down came the mallet. Joseph's eyes widened as it grew dangerously near his head and promised much pain and suffering--

        I knew it! He thought. There couldn't be something that good! I can see it now..."Joseph Sutedja: Baka Hentai, He Shall NOT Be Missed"...

        --and sailed passed him harmlessly, crashing onto the floor with a loud squeak.

        Falora scratched her head. "That's funny, I was supposed to close off her access to--" she slapped her wrist against her forehead. "D'OH! I totally forgot!"

        "Forgot what?" Joseph asked, nervously watching Anne get angrier and angrier as she failed to hit him.

        "Anne's the keeper of Hammerspace! I can no more stop her from pulling out mallets than I can stop water from flowing downhill!" She thought about this for a moment. "Actually, wait, that's a bad example..." She shook her head. "Never mind! I just have to stay here until I can figure a way around this..."

        "ARGH!" Anne screamed as another mallet failed to make Joseph into a nice, flat pancake, or at least make a satisfying sound against his cranium. Furious, she turned her anger to Falora. "This is all your fault!"

        Falora understandably panicked. "I'msorryIdidn'tmeantoIwasonlygrantingawishthatdoesn'tmeanyoucan'thithim!"

        Anne stopped in mid-step. "What did you say?" she asked with a dangerous tone in her voice. Falora gasped, clapped her hands over her mouth, and shook her head vigorously. But it was too late, for Anne already guessed what Falora meant.

        "Oh, no, not--" Joseph didn't have a chance to finish as Anne smashed the chabudai on his head.

        Anne dusted her hands off. "I guess not being able to mallet him wouldn't be such a bad thing after all!"

        Falora sweatdropped. "Oh, boy."

If you're wondering why Kami-sama was shouting, he isn't. I purposely wrote His words in all caps because many versions of the Bible has words of Jesus either in red, all caps, or both.

Oh, and Falora's not going to walk around announcing that she's a Goddess. As far as anyone other than Joseph, Anne, and Washuu knows, she's from some exotic foreign country (like Norway ^_^).

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