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Imperials Wars: Part 18

Zip! Anne suits up for battle!!

written by Anne Packrat

        Anne had been stunned by Marie's announcement that she was
pregnant.  For one thing, it had only been about six months since they'd
been married.  -Unless time passes differently on Strauss,- Anne
-Then sensei and Marie-san were, uh, enjoying each other's company
they were married...-  Not that that wasn't acceptable or anything, but
Anne had always thought of her teacher and especially Marie as a
boring, but, uh, virtueous couple.  This sudden shock that her
impressions were wrong, would take a bit of getting used too...


        The plugsuit really wasn't standard material.  By tradition she
should be wearing a fuku, but she had always hated that custom. Fukus
were all right for some, but she hated them herself.  She much perferred
the plugsuit.  Another bonus was that the plugsuit reminded her of
Shinji...  Anne blushed and busied herself in her neural linkup so that
Jerry wouldn't notice it and grin at her.  -At least Shinji's safe in
another world...  I don't think I could stand him getting hurt...-

        She completed the hookup and then sat back to wait.  With
came thoughts unbidden.  Her selfproclaimed "father" was feeling
seriously sorry for himself.  -That's my department...- she thought with
a trace of bitterness, -He has a family to think about now...  Unlike
me...-  She shook sudden thoughts of Shinji and the CAPOW gang out of
head.  Now was not the time.

        Carefully she settled back and looked inward.  Her safeguards
eroded almost to the point of not existing since the possession.  She
careful to keep this fact from everyone, including her shikigamis.  She
could easily have access to her full power now, and she could destroy
fleet outside with but a thought if she wished.  -But that would be an
abuse of what I've been given, and it would betray my teachers, Jerry,
and Bob...-  Anne spared a moment to wonder what had ever happened to
only friend from so long ago, but only a moment.  Now was not the time
be going down that *particular* road...

        Anne sighed and mentally prayed to any gods listening that she
would not have to blast open the few dams that kept her power back.  It
was only to be the ultimate last resort.  -I'm going with it I do it at
all...  No one alive should have that power...-

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