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Imperials Wars: Part 19

Strike! Clash of the swordsmen!

written by Keon Christensen

[Desert Planet]

"come out Tou-chou!!" Dachend bellowed, his palm pressed against the
cave floor. The three claw marks rippled over 
the cavefloor drawing three long lines in hard rock. Jiro rolled to the
side with a curse on his lips, as the screading pain 
shot through his hip that had resived a fleshwound. Lifting his eyes to
his opponent it was like time froze for a moment. The two swords men
stood facing eachother felling the moment, like two statues, they were
motioneless both waiting for the other to make the first move the first
opening. Then suddenly the two warriors exploded in a fury of motionen
like a wild wind of glitter og blades, sparks and the sharp clatter of
the finest of steel on living metal.
Meiko gasped, being happy that this stranger had taken the challenge
before her, even if she had been without her injurys, she had a nagging
felling that she wouldn't have lastet long in meer swordsplay against
these two men.
Strike, parry, doge, jump, strike, slash, slash parry, Dachend rolled
back, swinging Dracho'xian around shielding his back, stopping the
samurais blade inches from his neck. He gave a mental command and the
sword liqufied and changed it's shape, leaving Dachend standing with two
short swords, that was attached to each other with a chain from the
hilts, from the bottom of the blade was a slightly curved blade, to
catch opponent's blade (like the one he has in Blade of the immortal)
the red eye looking up from the middle of the chain. Still holding
Jiro's blade blocked, Dachend thrustet out with the other blade, Jiro
weaving out of harms way, then turning getting ready for another attack. 
The dark eyed rushed forward lashing and striking with his strange
blades, Jiro was beginning to fell a bit pressed, as he parried one of
the blades, he doged the other losing a strand of hair. A kick to the
gut sent his opponent away, giving time to regain his balance, then he
rushed forward like the wind in the forest. five fluent stroks, four
glints of sparks as they were parried. he eyed his opponent, the stikes
had been so fast that it had looked like the sparks had come
simontaniusly and yet his opponent had manage to parry four of the five
strikes, Jiro looked with a half satisfied smile, as the blood began to
flow from the deep cut in his opponets forhead, that cut should have
been fatale. He focused his mind, now his opponent was blinded by his
own blood, he would die a quick and flawless death.
The second Dachend blinked his opponent rushed forward and thrustet
strait for his heart. Dachend, making a cross with his arms, he caught
the others blade in the chain that attached his own blade to each other,
the point of the sword hovering inches from his chest, the man pressed
on and Dachend tightent the chains hold, felling the point digging into
his chest.   
Dracho-xian's, being more caring and valient than his human partner,
looked over at Meiko, to see if she was okay, then he noticed that she
was trying to protect somebody, as she shiftet slightly he saw the
innocent face with the closed eyes and orange hair. "EVA!!" the sword
This was enorgh to give Jiro the upper hand and press through, Dachend
grined his teeth together in a intese groan as whitehot pain shot
through chest, he fell to his knee and coughed up some blood "*cough*
thanks a lot Drac" "sorry" the sword muttert. Jiro drew his blade out of
the chest of the black eyed man and half turned to face the Senshi. But
he stopped in his track as he heard the others voice "hey where do think
your going?" he sverled around and looked at the other who was holding a
hand on his bloodsocked vest "you are not dead?" Dachend gave a calm
grin "your aim was of by a few milimeters buddy, you only puntured my
lung and I still got one left"  Jiro smiled equly calm, but his smile
was the one of a mad man "you are a strong fighter, I shall make your
death a worthy one" Dachend's grin grew wider "phff I shall destroy you,
this is the end for you, say your prays, yadda yadda same old chatter,
come on you dickhead give me something original" Jiro's eye's flaired in
rage "you mock me, DIE!!" 
Meiko gasped as the two enganged each other in even more fierce battle
than before, their movement almost to fast for the eye to follow and the
the clangs of the blades a ringing chime, that began to edge into her
mind. Then suddenly the two stopped, Dracho'xian was back in the black
katana sword shape. The two firghters where standing, feets pressed
firmly into the cave floor, their blades pressed hard against each
other, sparks hissing from the blades as the enegy that their aggresion
loaded into their weapons made them hiss. 
It was a standoff, no special techniqes, no fanzy swordsplay, only the
raw and brute strengh of two men who gives all that they have and the
first one who makes a mistake dies, and Jiro was that one. Flexing his
arms and twisting his wrists, Dachned sent Jiro's sword out to the side
and his own skidding over the cave floor, leaving Jiro's body open to
attack, the blades in his gauntels sprang out. Jiro seeing death loam
over him, narrowed his eyes on Dachend and his eyes flaired and Dachend
was sent flying through the cave, where he was slammed against the fare
wall, then sliding down and coughing up some thick blood and felling his
brokken rib and puntured lung, he pushed himself to his feet and looked
at her shortly and coughed up some blood "how are the two ladies?" he
asked shortly "Eva needs help!!" called meiko, Dracho-xian growled from
from the floor "comeon Dachend kill the nutcase and let's get Eva some
help" "would you shut up" grumbled Dachend and carefully walking towards
his opponent who was standing facing him calmly, Jiro held his sword out
to the side "your very skilled and quit resilent..." he smiled
innocently and staired into Dachend's eyes. if Dachend had been a girl,
he would have been about ready to give birth to Jiro's children. But
thus by his distrustfull nature and sex, he was only slightly charmed by
the others praise. Jiro's smile became a grin as he threw his sword into
the air, where it dissappeared amoug the shadows under the cave's
celling, he held his arms out to the side "attack me bounty hunter, I am
unarmed" Dachend stood a second, threw a sly smile and sidestepped
cassuly, Jiro's katana swopping down into the ground a splitsecond
later, digging into the rock with a shap *KACHING* if he hadn't moved it
would have puntured through his skull from above. Jiro looked mildly
surprised, Dachend spat some blood "old trick sunshine boy" Jiro gave a
grim smile "you are the first that has not fallen for it" Dachend picked
up the other surperbly forged katana. "Nice piece" he sayd and threw it
over his shoulder, both Jiro and Meiko whent whide eyed "you coward"
hissed Meiko "hey show some gratitude" growled Dachend and staired at
Jiro's furious face "have you no honor" Jiro fumed "plenty, but he left
it in his other pants" Dracho-xian sayd coldly "will you kill a unarmed
opponent" Dachend halfsmiled "hey it's not like your defenseless
_puppet!_ " Jiro growled and lashed forward with his hands, a bolt of
lightning flying from his fingers, Dachend liftet his free hand "come
out Chin-kuu!!" the sphear with the small green appeared and absorbed
the bolt, then seconds later returning it to Jiro, where it exploded
with high boom. Dachend looked at his badly burned hand with angonised
expression "what is this? You too, have great power" Meiko blinked in
disbelief, Jiro stood with crossed arms, completly unhurt by the blast
and staired at the black eyed man, Dachend pushed the pain aside and
sayd in a dry voice "yeah and we both paied a great prize for it
_puppet_ " Jiro growled as Dachend pulled out a black ward with red 
writting "say hello in hell for me" sayd the Wu.
Meiko suddenly felt, rather than saw motion in the edge of the opening
to the cave, she didn't even know if she was 
suppose to call out in warning, then before she could take the desission
somebody had taken it for her. Meiko felt a spray 
of warm liqued as Dachend's body was jerked violently back, her vision
being covered in red, then the tall man fell and landed hard on the
floor. Meiko staired in horro at the hole in his chest, the size of a
fist, then she looked 
up and saw a familiar figur "Huck" she called out
Huck loaded another special bullet into his rifle and to aim at Jiro,
who staired at him "you have betrayed Jay and the 
empire, I have been given the previlage of killing you" Jiro smiled in a
mocking way and focused his power, Huck pulled 
the trigger and the bullet flew, then stopping a few cm's from Jiro's
face, it began glittering and then exploded with a 
shap crack, huck lowered his rifle slightly worried, Jiro had never had
that kind of power.
"Huck" Meiko called and tried to stand up, but her injuries althrough
they didn't hurt preventet her from moving.
A sudden impluse made her draw the katana and swing around at the motion
she had caught out of the corner of her eye, Jiro narrowly doging the
blade. as she swung again, he waitet until the blade had passed his
body, then flew forward and grabbed her, preformed a throw and in the
same motion pryed the sword from her fingers and in the same fluent
stroke parring a shot from one of the soldiers that was following Huck.  

Meiko pushed herself to her elbows and yelped out as a green ward
swopped past her head, followed by several other, 
seconds later the whole room was a inferno of wards and loud explotions,
grey smoke filling the cave, Meiko coughed as 
the dust bite in her lungs "my that's a nasty cough you got there" she
turned and look in amazement at the man she had 
taken for dead or she hadn't taken him for dead, he was dead, he had to
be. The hole in his chest was still there, 
althrough it seemed smaller and there was pouring some sort of red fog
into it.
Jiro look around as he picked up his own sword, this smoke was a bit
disorientating, but with his newly gained power it 
was only a minor anoyense, he caught sight of the black eyed one, he who
had survived the mortal wounds, this was very 
interesting, Jiro looked forward to kill him, to test his power, it
would be a worthy demise of such a foe. then the power 
corruptet Samurai haltet, as he sensed motion around him, casuly he,
without looking, pushed the sword backwards and up, disembowling the
soldier that had tried to sneak up on him. another one didn't even see
the samurai before his head fell from his neck, then Jiro felt a intese
pain in his hands as Huck slammed the butt of his rifle into the others
hands, making him drop his sword. Jiro doged the stoke that was meant
for his head, kicked out at the other, catching him full force in the
face. As the bountyhunter stagger back Jiro picked up his sword and
moved away amoug the clouds of dust, dissappearing "I would like to kill
you now, but I have more important things to do"

Meiko looked at the Wu "what do you want" Dachend kneelet and gabbed her
by the shoulder "can you walk?" "no, but Huck will soon find me and take
me back to Jay, you can take Nana and Eva with you" she sayd like he was
a humble servant "no dice, I was hired to get you and your comming with
me"  "don't give me orders" hissed Meiko and listened for the footsteps
of Huck and his men, that was nearing "I don't think she want's to come"
sayd Dracho'xian from the back of Dachend's hand "I don't recall giving
her a choice" Dachend sayd drily and headbuttet Meiko into submission,
much like in uncontious.  then he swung the girl over his shoulder and
ran over to the still uncontious 
Nana and static eva, he cursed metaly, he was not in position to fight,
he couldn't look after these three and at the 
same time fight Jiro and who ever had shot him. he saw a shadow aproge
through the the smoke, quickly Dachend 
unsheatet his wrist blades and the long slick blades sprang forth on the
back of his arm. He jumped forward and drove his 
right arm in and up, lifting the unfortunat soldier of the ground as he
was screwed on the blades, the man managed to 
scream for two seconds  before his throat was cut.

Dachend kneeled down beside the three girls and focussed his mind trying
to ignore the shouting of rest of the people 
that was beginning to near him as they had heard their comrads death
scream. He placed both his palms on the ground and focused his power "in
the name of Dachend Yayin I call forth Fei-Houn-Yaa" as his yell echoed
around the room there was a deep rumble and the smoke began to dance
around him, then as if the floor was water and not rock, a creature
emerged from below, lifting them on it's back. most of all it could be
descriped as a huge devil manta with rough armour on it's broad body.
The iceblue beast roared and then at Dachend's command boltet forward,
Dachend pulling out four red wards, three he threw at some of the
shadows he could see in the clouds of smoke, that shot after the big
beast. The fourth he threw at the celling over the opening to the cave,
making the falling rock seal the hole, right after they had gotten

Huck cursed to no end, as he realised that he had been made to be the
fool, Jiro and the stranger had escaped, luckly it 
was the stranger that had gotten away with Meiko, so there was still a
chance of finding her alive, he cocked his rifle and 
sent a high powered shot into the seal entrance, shattering the rocks,
then marching out with what was left of his men, 
the stanger and Jiro had taken their tole on his soldiers. Jay was not
going to like this.

Dachend looked out over the desert, as the dark began to crawl over the
sky. He turned and the door closed, the beast craft hummed and began to
burie itself in the sand, while Dachend activatet al it's stealth
functions, when he was asured that they where completly hidden he began
taking of his vest and shortly checking his almost closed wounds, he
then walked into the crew compartment and looked over his passengers.
Quickly he walked over to the android, finaly having it with his friends
nagging demandes of checking on Eva, he grabbed the eye and pulled it
from his body, with his other hand he tore of the top of Eva's cloth,
halting a moment as he noticed that she for a android actualy was quit
well shaped, and matter a fact pretty cute, a second he was temptet to
see if her anatomi completly corrcet, then he pushed it aside, he was
above that and Dracho'xian liked her and that was reason enorgh for the
demon hunter to controle his curosity. "You can examien her yourself" he
sayd with a sly smile and placed the eye just below the chestbone of the
girl. "But.. hey...What..what shall I do" Dracho'xian spluttert "fuse
with her, you can probarly even repair some of her internal damage, say
when you done and I'll hook her up to PAX's power supply" "you want me
to.....INTO HER BODY.... to help her" Dachend nodded with wolfgrin, as
Dracho'xian was effectively silenced, the eye glowed a bight red, a
thing Dachend knew was to interpet as violent blushing.
Then he turned to check on Nana, she was deeply uncontius but otherwise
fine. Meiko was another story, she had some bad injuries in her back and
left leg and the headbutt he had given her, didn't do it much better.
Dachend consittert using a white ward to heal her, but he was pretty low
on supplies of them. so he desided to wake up nana, being a angle she
should be able of doing some healing. He picked up a capsul from the
first aidkid while he looked over at Eva to see what Dracho'xian was
doing. Dachend cocked a eye brow, Dracho'xian was normaly not shy about
comenting loud on female anatomi, but Dachend couldn't help grin. Eva's
body was covered by thin lines of silvergrey and black metal, like the
kobber on a circutboard, the wound on her arm was already being closed
as demon carefully repaired the elektronic and structual damange, the
metal lines however that now was practicly making a lose grid over her,
was placed perfectly clear of her breast and groin. What ever had made
he normal shamless buddy so shy? "Uuuhhhhm Dachend" the others sounded
strangly meek and nervous "yeah" "couldn't you cover her" "hm?" "well
she's out cold and she can't really talk forself, but I think she would
like to retain her modesty" "sure" grined Dachend and grabbed a small
blanket and threw it over the orange haired girl, covering her upper
chest. then he turned back to Nana and crushed the small container then
waving it under the angles nose. 
Nana weakly opened her eyes and looked up at a pair of jetblack pupiless
eyes "hi, felling okay?" the man 
asked dry.


Well I didn't want to hug all the fun of this little fight. After all
both Ian and Jeff have character here. So it can continue from here or
Dachend can just fly back to the Kircheis or what ever bright idears
people can come up with ^_^

note: Nana know's who Dachend and Dracho'xian is, she has allthough only
meet him once, the same goes for Eva.

So as from here, Dachend, Nana, Dracho'xian, Eva and Meiko are hidding
in the beast craft that has dug itself down out in the desert.
Jiro is some where out in the desert too (hope I didn't get anything
wrong about his powers)
and Hucks out there too (and very pissed if I am not mistaken)  
hope I did't mistaked anything

note: on Dracho'xian's healling caparbility, dracho'xian is basicly
living metal and he change his consistanse from water thickness to as
hard as admantium. The thing he is doing on Eva is that he is going into
her body on molacular level and replacing the damaged parts of her with
basicly his own body, changing it to the metal type she needs for her
circutry, wires, chips, what ever. then fusing it inplace, losing it
mass as it becomes a part of her. It takes very deep consentrasion to do
this and it weakens him very much to do it and just about anybody else
than Eva would have to wait and get repaired the old fasion way. Even
when he fuses with Eva Dracho'xian still has a boand/link with Dachend.
By the way, he is only doing this because Eva's life is in danger,
otherwise he would be to shy to even think about fusing with her body.
And he's probarly going to spent the next mouth appologising for taking
advanges of her uncontiusness and scoulding himself for doing something
like that.

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