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Exiled King comes to CAPOW

A CAPOW original story

From: Dot Warner

--Roswind Castle--

     "The rebels have surrounded the castle, Your Majesty!"
     Jonathan Edward Roswind V sighed. "Alas. 'Tis what We have feared." He stood. "We have decided to surrender: We shall not jeapordize the lives of the people any longer."
     Pricilla Agnes Morgan Roswind, his Queen, also stood and whapped him in the head. "Idiot! Have you ever considered that if you go out there and surrender to those jerks, you'll only make things worse?!?"
     Jonathan blinked a few times, then lowered his head. "We have not considered that."
     Pricilla whapped him again. "Speak normal English when you're talking to me!"
     Jonathan lost his temper. "We are still the ruler of this country! Even if thou be Our wife, thou wilt show Us respect!"
     The two glared at one another for a few moments.
     Jonathan was first to back off. "Forgive Us. We have been under duress for much too long."
     Pricilla deflated as well. "Me, too. I'm sorry."
     A large explosion shook the entire hall, nearly knocking everyone off their feet.
     "You have to get out of here, now!" Pricilla gave Jonathan an little push.
     "But thou..."
     "I'm not staying here, either! But if we try to leave together, we'll only get caught! Go!"
     Tears began to form in Jonathan's eyes. "Stay well..."
     Pricilla, fighting back tears of her own, forced a smile. "Don't you worry about me. I'm going to stay around long enough make you drop that awful habit of yours!"
     Jonathan was able to give his wife one final, passionate kiss before being hurried off to one of the castle's secret tunnels.

--CAPOW International Airport, Terminal 19--

     "Thank you for flying our airline," an overly cheeful voice announced as the passengers streamed out of the terminal. "We hope that you choose to travel with us again soon."
     If Jonathan's brain wasn't woozy from jet lag, he might have appreciated the irony of the statement. Right now, though, he was only concerned with two things: find his contact and get some sleep.
     Searching through the crowd, Jonathan finally spotted a sign that bore his name. Not his full name, of course, only simply "Jonathan Roswind". Jonathan liked that; it made him feel, if only for a moment, that he was simply another normal person.
     Jonathan gave a little start when he saw the young lady who was there to pick him up, not because he knew her, but because of her unusual appearance. Being a king, it was sometimes necessary for Jonathan to be able to observe a person and read his or her body language for hidden motives and desires. But the lady before her was completely inscrutable; Jonathan could barely even register her presence.
     'Now is not the time to think of such things!' Jonathan reminded himself. He walked forward to the lady.
     She noticed him. "Mr. Roswind?"
     Jonathan nodded. "And thou art?"
     "Samui. I was sent here to pick you up."
     "Lead on, madam."

--Ambrosia Inn--

     After a quick exchange of words and money, Samui handed Jonathan a set of keys. "Here you are. Your luggage will be arriving shortly. I would stay longer, but I have other business to attend to. So, if you'll excuse me, I'll be leaving."
     "My sincerest gratitude to thee, madam," Jonathan called as Samui left.
     It didn't take long for Jonathan to find his room.
     'Not exactly palace material,' he thought, feeling the bed. 'But as long as I can sleep, I don't care.'
     With a relieved sigh, Jonathan sunk into the bed, not even bothering to take off his shoes. In a few minutes, he was fast asleep.
--Later that night--      Jonathan wolfed down the food that Samui had ordered.
     "Delicious!" He exclaimed in satisfaction.
     "I'm glad you like them." Samui gave him another helping. "Now, then, Mr. Roswind...or, perhaps I should say, Your Majesty?"
     Jonathan nearly choked. "T-thou knowest?"
     Samui continued eating as if she entertained exiled kings on a daily basis. "You have many who are loyal to you, Mr. Roswind. They offered me a great deal of money to keep you safe."
     "I see." Jonathan set his chopsticks down and sighed. "Alas, if only I couldst locate mine wife and children as well..."
     "I'm doing everything I can to find any news of them. Meanwhile, I suggest that you find a more permanent residence. There are plenty of apartments available all over town. Again, if I weren't so busy, I'd help, but I'll have to leave again as soon as I'm done."
     "Do not worry, madam. I shall be fine on my own."
     Samui finished the last of her meal. "In that case I'll be going."

Dot: Argh. Jonathan's dialogue is bugger hard to write. But for some reason, I like it when people spout stuff like "thee" and "thou". (Note to self: don't play too many Squaresoft games :)

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