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            Title : Lambada CAPOW (Curtain Call Version)
                    (CAPOW Third Season End Theme)
     Performed by : LoCo (Capow Opera Troupe)
         Based on : Lambada Ranma (Ranma 1/2 Nettouhen Ending Theme 1990)
           Lyrics : Joseph Sutedja and Dot Warner

[Anne]   This is the Lurker's Retreat
[chorus] Where lurkers go
[Joseph] With fights and water replete
[chorus] From Jusenkyo
[Miyuki] It's such a tragedy!
[Chika]  Watch out for flying objects...
[Anne]   Even on quiet days we manage to have lots of fun!
[chorus] Capow no Roll Call!
Miyuki:  "One hundred bottles of sake on the wa~aaall!"
Ryan:    "'ello, 'ello, 'ello, what's all this, then?"
Talon:   "I've nothing to say."
         "But I'm _never_ sarcastic." (Samui)
Joseph:  "Uncute _immature_ tomboy!" 
Anne:    "Just be glad I didn't mallet you that time!"
Jay:     "I must not fear, fear is the mindkiller..."
         "Um...  Whoops?" (Falora)
Jo-chan: "I _hate_ water!"
Akiko:   "Of _course_ I'm beautiful!  I deserve it!"
Megumi:  "True femininity is true perfection!"
         "Beauty _and_ talent -- the marks of a perfect thief!" (Alzena)
[Anne]   This is the Lurker's Retreat
[chorus] Our little bar
[Joseph] There's lots of people to meet
[chorus] It's not too far
[Miyuki] Would you like credit?
[All characters (under their breaths)] Not that anyone pays the tab...
[Anne]   You'll really like us once you have had a few drinks with us!
[chorus] And now, a tour of CAPOW!
[Chika:] "Here, take a look!
         That's our bar, the Lurker's Retreat.
         With the renowned Great Wall of Sake!
         But Miyuki-neechan's taken over since Madoka-neechan left...
         And over there, that's Katt's Garage!
         If you need something fixed, just go over there!
         Um, but watch out for any flying debris, just in case...
         And here's St. John's Park!
         See, everyone comes here!
         Mechas and building-sized monsters, too.
         But most of the time, it's a nice place to be!
         Just don't ask me who it's named after..."
Katt:    "Whatever it is, I can fix it!"
Tenris:  "Lady Katt, I seem to have broken what I intended to repair..."
Dachend: "I have attitude?!  _You_ have attitude!"
"Dachend, generally you talk to them _before_ you kill them." (Dracho'xian)
Belinda: "I _will_ defeat you, Elyssa!  Oh~HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!"
Elyssa:  "What is _wrong_ with you?!"
Pixel:   "Grandmother, there's something suspicious about that girl..."
         "Read my fangs." (Kokutan)
Junsui:  "Water, water, everywhere --"
Kii:     "Wait a second while I try to construct an appropriate quote..."
Kai:     "You're wrong!  You'rewrongyou'rewrongyou'rewrongyou're_wrong_!"
         "I love you too, NAVI." (Jude)
[Joseph] "But Anne, sometimes when you smile at me, I think you're cute!"
[Anne]   This is the Lurker's Retreat
[chorus] You won't be bored
[Joseph] We bet that you'll find it neat
[chorus] Here, drink some more
[Chika]  There's always more sake!
[Ryan]   Not if you're underaged!
[Katt]   You'll be sucked in just as soon as you step into the door!
[Jay (spoken)] That stands for Creative Anime Prose Original Writing.
[chorus] We'll be waiting for you!
[Elyssa (spoken)] Be sure to stop by and visit!
[chorus] And that's our CAPOW!

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