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A Capow Lemon

A CAPOW original story

(originally posted in Rec.arts.anime.misc)
Written by: Anne Packrat. HTML version by Chris & Madoka

 Madoka wiped down the bar and sighed.  It could be so lonely running 
the Retreat sometimes.  But then she remembered that she wasn't alone. 
Her last customer was sitting at a table in the corner drinking some 
sake.  Her customer was Ace Bandage.  Madoka's heart beat faster as she 
watched him sitting there, drinking.  He looked rather handsome in the 
dimly lit Retreat... 
 Madoka considered Ace.  He was the man who came in here and ordered 
drinks...  He was the man who played card games with a figment of her 
imagination...  And most importantly...  He was the man who delivered 
her mail... 
 Slowly Madoka approached Ace and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. 
Ace looked up at her in surprise and gulped at the hungry look in her 
eyes.  His heart pounded in his chest.  Madoka slowly leaned down to 
Ace's ear and whispered softly and seductively, "Would you like to come 
in back with me...."  Ace gulped again.  Madoka continued, "And pay your 
tab?!  I swear, you drink enough to fill the Pacific Ocean!" 
 Ace facefaulted and fell off his chair.  Madoka helped him sit up. 
"Um... ah...." Ace replied intelligently, "I don't really have any money 
now, but I'm sure I'll win some in the next race!" 
 Madoka sighed and then smiled.  "You always say that!  I guess I can 
let it go for now, but-"  She stopped when she felt something hit her 
foot.  She picked it up and examined it.  It was a... 
 " LEMON ?" 
 Anne, Mai, and Mekira (Anne's tiger shikigami) came out of the kitchen 
carrying a tray, cups and a pitcher.  "Mai-sempai conjured some lemons 
and we made lemonade!" Anne said excitedly. 
 Mai matched Anne's smile, "We wanted to surprise you!" 
 Madoka smiled.  "Well, you did surprise us!" 
 Ace took the  lemon  from Madoka, placed it on the bar and grinned at 
her.  "Here ya go, Mads!  Here's your  Capow   Lemon !" 
[Anne] Okay. That's another Capow chapter done. What? What did you think this was about? HENTAI BAKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM]

Ah, I feel better now. Adios!

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