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Spirit Link

A CAPOW original story by Anne Packrat

Joseph: Well, since I'm on a roll... ^_^

Chika: On a roll? Wouldn't that squash it? :

Warning: This is a Lemon story, and I'm sure that you all know what that means...

Wearily Anne sat down in a chair. She wiped her brow with her hand and looked over at the girl in the orange and white plugsuit next to her. "Eva?" Anne asked, "How much longer do we have to do this? We've been here three hours already!"

Eva studied Anne. "Gomen, but I need you to perform just a few more tests. I haven't yet calculated all the changes to your powers as a result of the incident in the Evangelion dimension."

Anne sighed and stared longingly over at three of her four shikigamis sleeping in the corner. The Evangelion Incident, as Eva put it had happened a few weeks ago in Anne's timeframe, but only a few days in CAPOW's time frame. (The spiritualist shook her head. This time/dimension stuff was really confusing.) During the incident, Anne had been possessed by an outside malevolent influence, and as a result, her powers were boosted, and some of her safeguards were ripped apart. Anne hadn't had this much power since her apparent death a few months ago; it scared the jeezu out of her.

"Why isn't oneechan doing these tests anyway, Eva? She didn't have to get you to do them. I mean, don't you have to run the ACD computer system?"

"I'm very good at multi-tasking," Eva said, even remembering Emiko's instructions to smile (tho it was a small smile...), "I'm able to control the ACD network even while I'm testing you here through this remote unit. Papa made me well." She said the last with a small touch of pride.

Anne nodded. "Uh, huh. But you still haven't explained why Washu-chan isn't doing this herself..."

"Gomen, but I'm not privy to the exact details, but Washu-chan said it was regarding a number of alternate versions of the Tenchi dimension that have developed recently..."

"Oh..." Anne was a bit hurt by what appeared to be her guardian's avoidance of her. -I know she is really busy,- Anne thought to herself, -but she hasn't really spent much time with me lately... Could it be because of Shinji...?- Anne blushed as she thought of the young Eva pilot who she'd kind of, well, uh, Anne wasn't sure what it was, but she enjoyed being with him. A lot. Suddenly Anne got an idea on how to end the tests. -I'm not sure it would work. Eva's a lot different then the Prototype, but...-

Anne put on her "Of course I wasn't fooling with your quantum experiments, oneechan. I don't know how that alternate reality got there" look. "Say, Eva, how do you pick up stuff over here? I mean, can you make youself solid? Or do you project a field of some sort?"

Eva hesitated for a moment, wondering how best to explain it to the girl. "It's some of both actually. I project a field from the core that allows me to turn solid."

Anne's eyes brightened. That was the explanation she was hoping for. Casually she asked, "Can you touch people? Could you, uh, I dunno, maybe touch my hand for instance?"

Unsuspecting, Eva nodded. "Yes, it's rather an easy application..." She spent a millisecond to turn herself solid and then she lightly touched Anne's outstretched hand. It was then that she was blinded as white hot fire burned through her...

Anne grinned as she concentrated on the link. She was connecting just like with the Prototype Evangelion 00! -Just a push and I'm in...- A mere thought... and she was drowning in the sea of the ACD core...


-Where am I?- she thought, -I can't breathe! But I never breathed before, did I?-

[[[[[[[...dispatch to sector 2...]]]]]]]]
///...diagnostic on senors complete...///
||||||||"Don't forget to smile..."||||||||

-So many thoughts, how can I process them all... But I did before, no...-

]]]]]]]]..."vast improvement over predescessor"...[[[[[[
\\\...shut down unit 5 for repairs...\\\
||||||||...criminal apprehended...|||||||

-What am I? What is all this?-

[[[[[[[[...monitoring Goddess dim-...]]]]]]]
///...request for classified inf-...\\\
||||||||..."uploaded a Type-10 relay virus"...|||||||



-Pain... Where am I...? Are my spirits all right?-

[Still sleeping in the corner they are fine.]

-Good they're okay... Spirits? They're not mine, I cannot manifest shikigamis... Only psychics can do that, I don't have psychic... Don't I?-

[Stomach rumbles]

-I hope Washu-chan's gotten dinner ready, I'm hungry... but I don't need to eat! And Washu-chan? She's not my... but...-

[Breeze from an open window]

-It's cold in here... Cold? My temperature is regulated, I don't feel... What am...?-

["I'm going to end this, now..."]



With great effort Anne managed to break the link. Both stumbled backwards, Anne breathing heavily. "G-gods..." Anne muttered between gasps.

"Wha-What the hell did you do?" Eva angrily asked.

Anne caught her breath and tried to stand up. "G-Gomen, Eva-san, I-I tried to link with you as I did with the Prototype. You're, you're much more... uh, there's so much more to you than the Prototype. I-I thought I-I was going to die..."

Eva relaxed a bit. "But what happened?"

Anne shook her head to clear it. "Analysis indicates, er, I mean, I think we, er, exchanged minds for a moment..."

Eva pikued. "Exchanged minds? I didn't know that you were capable of that."

Anne nodded. "I didn't until I connected with the Prototype. Is, is it really like that for you? A million thoughts going by at once?"

Eva nodded. "Hai. But I don't notice it most of the time. I suppose it must have been strange for you. I-I didn't know that having a body is so, so, *demanding*..."

Anne looked down at the ground and scratched the back of her neck. "Yeah... Uh, you feel the same about Dachend's sword, Dracho, as I, uh, do about..."

"Shinji?" Eva blushed and nodded. "I think so..."

Anne blushed too. "You won't tell?"

Eva shook her head. "No, I won't tell if you won't..." Silence filled the room. Eva cleared her throat. "I think I've gathered enough data to give a report to Washu, now."

Anne nodded and headed toward the door. The spirits woke and left the room, Mekira pausing to make a huge fang-filled yawn.

The spiritualist followed her animals to the door, but hesitated. "Eva?"

The hologram looked up from her contemplation. "Yes?"

"Dracho-xian, he's a, uh, *handsome* sword isn't he?"

This time Eva smiled on her own. "Hai," she answered quietly. Anne returned her smile and left.

Well, there's my lemon story. What? Why was it a lemon? Well it had Eva *Lemon* in it didn't it? What were you expecting? WHAT?! PERVERT BAKAS!!! [WHAM WHAM THUD WHAM WHAM WHAM THUD CRACK PIKU WHAM WHAM WHAM]

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