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A CAPOW short

By Weapon X and Ian Kim (Emiko's Agent), quickly edited (while Mads wasn't looking) by Chika

Very late one night at the Retreat

 Madoka sat behind the bar, typing furiously.  She was in a heated
debate in #microsoftsucks, an IRC channel she did op duties for.  All the
other patrons had gone to bed save a two lurkers who were making out in a
dark corner.  Though it may have been RL-Susano and RL-Jinx, she wasn't
too sure.  She would let them be as long as they did not get too out of
hand.  Besides, there was more Microsoft bashing to do.  She almost did
not notice when a tired looking man in a dark trench coat slumped himself
onto one of the barstools near her.  "Bar's closed," she said as she
looked up.  "Oh!  Rekishi-san!  What on earth are you still doing up?" 
 "Can we talk, Madoka-san?"
 Madoka sighed.  Her duty as friend and bartender to listen to
other people's troubles took precedence once again.  She set her name on
IRC to Mads_away.  "Of course, kiddo.  What's up?"
 "See, Mads, there's this girl who-"
 "You mean Emiko-chan?" 
 "Nani?  You know?"
 Madoka smiled.  Rekishi's attraction to Emiko was the Retreat's
worst kept secret.  Still, she did not want to scare Rekishi from saying
what was on his mind.  "Er, no, it just seemed like the logical choice.
 Rekishi, lost in his own thoughts, seemed satisfied with the
answer.  "See Mads, the thing is, I think I have really fallen for her.  I
mean, she's everything a guy could ever ask for.  She's beautiful,
charming and funny.  So caring, and so strong and so intelligent."  He
sighed.  "And so beautiful."
 Madoka smiled.  "You said that already, Rekishi."
 "Yeah, yeah I did, didn't I?"  He sighed again.  "I think about
her twenty four-seven, Mads.  Everywhere I look, I see her.  Everything
reminds me of her.  I have not felt in such a way about a girl since.." he
paused.  Did he remember something?  "No, I guess I've never felt like
this.  I even dream about her.
 "No, not those kind of dreams," he said, stressing the word
'those,' though Madoka had not questioned his meaning.  "Well, okay, maybe
there were a few of those at first," he said smiling, though his gaze
never left the counter.  "But somewhere along the line, and I'm not sure
when, it slipped past some boyish infatuation, and into a realm of-"  
 He looked up at Madoka for the first time.  She remained silent, feeling
it was probably best to just listen.
 "Of something more, I guess.  I dream of just being close to her.  Of
holding her close to me, her gorgeous hair pressed against the side of my
face, and her warm breath on my neck.  Of walking with her, and seeing her
look at me and smile, for no reason other than because she's with me."  He
sighed again.  "Every time I see her face it gives me a warm feeling,
right here," he said, holding a hand against his heart, and choking on his
words a bit.
 "That's so sweet, Rekishi-san."  Sweet yes, but a little bit pathetic.
"Have you ever tried telling her how you feel?"
 "Telling her?  Oh, I could never do that!"
A giant sweatdrop appeared on Madoka's head.  This kid has a lot to learn
about relationships. 

The sun had gone to its deep dark slumber, the moon starting it's shift,
pale glow accenting peaks of the CAPOW village.  Rekishi sat alone with
his staff and the wind, watching a great body of water reflect the
elegance of the moon.  His nostrils took in the salty air, grasping every
smell and every fragrance that wafted by.  His mind was on the
moon....and still on Emiko.    Tomorrow he would be gone, off once
again to find out about his past. Who was that woman who attacked him, in
that time which seemed so distant now? What was the connection?  Who IS
he?  Does Emiko like roses or lilies?  Rekishi tore his hands through his
thick blond hair, frustrated.  God, only a few hours till I leave, and I
don't even have the balls to approach her!  I didn't even shave!      
Rekishi's mind drifted off to all those moments he could have said
something to her.  The scenarios with Emiko ran by, his mind editing in
how situations _should_ have ended.  When he met her first, he _should_
have combed his hair, gotten a shave..not look like a bum.  When she
asked him what he loved the most in the world, he _should_ have said "You
Emiko," not "I'm not sure.  I don't remember anything in my life."  He, was...a complete social moron.

The chatter on the screen was endless and interesting, but Madoka's mind
was elsewhere. It didn't help that she moved her laptop to a new
position, conveniently positioned near a window where she could see
Rekishi sulking like a babooon.  She continued to type:

"I agree with what you say...I mean, not only that, but with the new
implementation of Windows98, Rekishi is such an idiot!"

Mads blinked at the wasn't long before someone asked her what
the hfil she was talking about.  Hands slammed the table as she stood up,
switching her IRC name back to Mads_away.  "Okay, this is getting on my
conscious."  The necking couple in the corner had gone upstairs a while
ago, Jinx's wolf in tow. Mug in hand, she pumped it full of hot Java. 
"Think Mads...what can you do here?"  The habitual response she got from
her hand was a light drumming on the bar top.  "What I need here is a
reason to get Emiko up and outside.  Then they can meet, fall in love,
and I can IRC in peace!  Hmmm...."  An evil smile crossed her face.

 "Mads!!" Emiko wailed, banging on the door of the Retreat. 
"You're so mean!!"  She stood outside, wearing a sleeveless body-length
nightgown, buttoned up to her neck.  Her arms hit the door again.  "What
do you mean this is punishment for not paying my rent!?  I didn't see
this anywhere in the rental agreement!"  Emiko paused, then hammered the
door with renewed vigor, "What about Mai or Mika or Eric!?  Why am _I_
the only one out here!?  You're so MEAN!!" Huffing a few times, she tried
a new approach.  "Come on, Madoka-chan! I'll pay you tomorrow! Let me
in!  Please?!"     It was no good.  Emiko looked around, wondering what
to do. This was a new level of cruelty on Mads that the
red-head would pay dearly for..assuming there was a way back in.  She
looked out at the moon, which provided her enough illumination to see. 
Hmph, Mad's was probably laughing her head off in there, that little..  
"I hate you!!" Emiko shouted at the door.  Spinning around, she put her
hands on her hips defiantely.  "Hmph!  See if I save you come next time a
bad guy attacks!"  But her voice was reaching dead ears.  A pout on her
lips, Emiko looked back and forth.  There was a small lump of something
on the edge of a cliff, a silouette on the moon's surface.  The lump was
unidentifiable, but the dragon staff was easy to spot, the golden glow of
it's globe rivaling the moon's beauty. Rekishi-kun? Emiko thought.  She
took a few steps towards him, then stopped when she realized her
situation.  She must look aweful!  Her feet walked away from the
Retreat...then to the right...then to the left... but at three in the
morning, there wasn't much open where she could clean up.  They landed
back where they started.   "Mads! I--!" she started..but when she took a
swipe on the door, it fell on some hair.  "Facecloth, towel, bowl, soap,
brush, moisturizer, water, breath-mint. Have a nice day!" Mads grinned,
slamming the door on a shocked Emiko, who now held a bunch of bathroom
supplies.  "Grr....whenIgetmyhandsonyouI'll..!!" Figuring that further
noise would just wake everyone up (and lynch her), she quickly washed her
face, combed her hair, and made herself look a little more presentable. 
She paused.  What am I doing?  It's just Rekishi!  It had been 'just
Rekishi' for a long time...nothing special.  Maybe she teased him a lot,
but it was nothing serious, was it?  They were just friends..   But
then why was it that her heart beat faster when he was around? She
always tried to impress him, make him laugh...make him like her..and now,
even at 3am, when the night would hide most of the effects of sleep, here
she was, grooming herself.  Her cheeks flushed at the thought of the
dreams she had lately. Maybe it was too unrealistic to think he was like
how she dreamed him to be...nice..gentle..caring...  Silly man, so quiet,
she giggled.  Placing the bowl of supplies gently on the porch, Emiko
made her way to the moon.

 The dark mage sighed once more.  It was probably better to just
go, he concluded.  It's not like there's really much between them to
begin with....just a romantic fantasy loners sealed in their hearts till
they died.   "Hello."   Rekishi paused in his thoughts.  Was he
getting so obsessed with her than he could hear her voice this clearly? 
A gentle wind blew by, carrying with it the sounds of a distant piano,
playing a lonely tune. He was not the only one alone tonight. 
"Rekishi?"  His heart froze.  That was not a delusion. That voice was as
clear as the night sky.  A surge of blood heaved his heart into
overdrive...he was almost certain the world could hear it.  Oh God, she
was standing right behind him. What was she doing up at three in the
morning?!  Was she awake..for him?  All these thought raced through his
mind as he spoke. "E-Emiko-chan?"  He cursed himself for stuttering. 
Soft gentle footsteps came up beside him.  His surprised eyes looked down
at her bare feet, unable to look higher.  "W-what are you doing up?"   
Emiko hesitated, listening to the sound of the distant piano, eyes
closed.  " woke me.."  The truth would just ruin the moment,
she concluded. Rekishi was still transfixed at her feet.  It did seem
silly to be out here in cold weather with only pj's on.  "Uh...I..I was
just so struck with the beauty of the moon, that I forgot where I was."
she laughed, a laugh that struck a few more chords in Rekishi's soul. 
Nana had the sweetest laugh in the Universe, but Rekishi didn't care for
it...Emiko's laugh was not unnaturally was light, kind, and
moving in a inncent way.  He moved his gaze up a few more inches,
noticing that she was only wearing night gown, though it covered her
well.  Normally this would have been a disappointment, the cloth covering
her wonderful figure..but right now, at this moment, it just made her all
the more radiant.  Few people realized like he did how sweet, funny and
cute Emiko was.  It was mostly because Mai was always with her, and took
most of the cute adoring comments from people..leaving Emiko as the more
sexually appealing part of the duo.  He knew better.  Emiko wasn't just
sexy....her personality was innocent..endearing...and he knew that he
looked at her face tonight, he would be in love forever.   "Sugoi...."
she whispered in awe, brushing loose hair over her ear. "The moon sure is
pretty tonight, isn't it?"   Rekishi forced himself to look up,
relieved that she was looking across the ocean, not eye to eye with him. 
"Yeah.." his voice trailed. "Beautiful...."    Her heart skipped,
wondering if that comment was really intended for her. She dismissed the
thought  "But that piano sounds so sad..."    "Hai.."  Rekishi
cursed at himself some more.  Damn it, couldn't he even carry a
conversation?  It wasn't supposed to be this difficult!  Comment about
her hair...ask her what she is thinking, tell her how you feel, you
idiot!     "Are you okay Rekishi?"     His eyes grew wide.  Was he
wearing a grimace on his face?!  "Yes..I mean..I'm okay!" he said a bit
too loudly.  "Anno...uh..."     "Hai?" Emiko sat down, her gown
gently spreading over her knees. Innocent, large blue eyes sucked him in,
soft features accented by the light. They almost threatened to swallow
him whole.  Soft round nose, perfect lips.     "I..." Rekishi couldn't
speak..his mind screamed at him to act, but his will could not muster the
courage.  "I..." he started again.    Emiko closed her eyes and smiled,
ears tuning to the sound of the lonely piano player.  It was getting
cold, making her shudder.  She made no attempt to invade his personal
space, staying a polite distance away. She didn't really know what he
felt...he never expressed himself...never opened himself up to her. What
was going on in that mind of his?  Was it love, or was it
confusion.....mixed feelings?  She decided at that point to give him all
the patience in the world. "A-are you cold..?"  The comment that
escaped his lips made him winced. Well that was a stupid question.  Bravo
Rekishi. "It's okay.." Emiko smiled.  "Giving the moon some
company keeps me warm. And..." she paused, "....I like keeping you
company...Rekishi-kun...."  His name hammered home.  What did you
need, a written invitation, baka? His heart beat faster than freight
train, hands trembling.  It was time to act. Grabbing onto the right
opening of his trenchcoat, he swung it out, opening his coat to her. 
With what remaining gut he had, a small smiled invited her into his life.
 Emiko flushed inside, hoping none of the warmth spread to her
cheeks. Gently, quietly, she shifted over, until her body snuggled into
the confines of his coat.  They didn't look at each other, nor make any
noise. Sighing a sigh of what could have been happiness or relief, her
head rested gently on his shoulder, the naturally sweet smell of her hair
penetrating Rekishi's nose.  He managed to gulped down courage that was
trying to excape, wrapping his coat around her perfect body, until his
hand came to rest on her smooth bare shoulder. It was unnecessary
tonight for proclaimations of was enough to just sit there,
enjoying the same moment, the same breeze, the same happiness...neither
of them alone, anymore.

Mads stiffled and yawn and resisted a happy tear, typing her final line.
"I'm all bickered out guys.  Sweet dreams, Mads out."


This is NOT IW related. Set Post-AW, prior to IW. Count yourself lucky. I could have made it a lot more sappy.:) This little short ditty in no way reflects anything going on in WX's life.

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