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A Day in the Life of CAPOW...

A CAPOW fanfic

Featuring: Ryan Matheuszik

Time Magasine is proud to present, in conjunction with Ryan Matheuszik
Productions, Time Magasine's:

A Day In The Life Of CAPOW With Ryan, MPD.
        For Ryan the day starts at 9 am. Ryan get's up, and goes a few
rounds with the punching bag. Afterwards it's a shower, shave, and down
to the car, as Ryan's day officially begins. Ryan's first stop is a Tim
Horton's Donut Shop, then it's off to The Lurker's Retreat, a local bar
and hang out. As Ryan enters the bar a small girl runs up and embraces
his waist, which is shoulder hight for her. Her name is Mai, and Ryan
smiles for the first time this day as he disengages himself from her hug.
Mai spots Ryan's bag of pastries, and several seconds later is perched
on one of Ryan's massive shoulders, munching on a jelly donut. Ryan makes
his way to the bar and, after carefully setting Mai down, takes a seat.
He greets Madoka, the owner of the retreat, and orders a coffee. As he
sits and drinks his coffee he taps away on the keyboard of a small
laptop computer. On the screen is displayed a list of names, each with an
accompanying "thumbnail" picture, percentage, and a dollar value. It's
almost time to pay his rent, and Ryan is searching a police database of
suspects in his area for a suitably large bounty. He explains that the
dollar value is the bounty on each suspect's head, and the percentage a
danger rating. He doesn't appear to be paying much attention to the
danger rating. Sitting next to Ryan, Mai has polished off a large portion
of the donuts. After a couple of hours at the bar Ryan gets up to leave.
He deposits the remains of his bag of donuts on a plate at the end of the
bar. The plate, which is covered in crumbs, already holds a number of
black disks that Ryan identifies as: "Akane's cookies. Don't eat them.".
On the way out he waves goodbye to Mai, and stops at a table near the
exit to talk shop with Stryker, a local bounty hunter.

        The afternoon finds Ryan leading a mid-twenties punk up the steps
of the local law enforcement building. Ryan admits that his captive wasn't
the suspect he had set out to catch, but, with a 1500$ bounty on his head
for kidnapping, Ryan is more than happy to put him behind bars.

        After an hour at the station, Ryan returns to The Lurker's Retreat.
Back at The Retreat there is a bar fight in progress. Two regulars whom
Ryan identifies as Emiko and Eric are being assailed by a large number of
"lurkers". On his way to the bar Ryan only pauses long enough to catch a
flying beer bottle, and re-direct it to hit a lurker who was about to get
the drop on Emiko. Emiko waves a greeting as she wades deeper into the
melee. Reaching the bar, Ryan greets Madoka for the second time today. She
looks dissapointed when Ryan merely orders an iced tea. Most of The
Retreat's patrons drink sake, and The Great Wall Of Sake behind the bar is
legendary around here. Madoka doesn't like it to be ignored. Still, Ryan
pays for all his drinks in cash, and The Never Paid Tab is almost
as famous as The Great Wall. Looking over Ryan spots Anne and Joseph in a
heated discussion about something. Ryan decides that Joseph could probably
use rescuing, and starts to make his way towards the pair. Unfortunatly,
Joseph's mouth is faster than Ryan, and suddenly Anne is holding a large
mallet which she uses to crush Joseph. Ryan begins to move faster, hoping
to stop what he knows will come next, but he is too late. Joseph grabs a
glass of water and throws it in Anne's face, drenching her, and transforming
her into a large orangutang. She responds in kind with her own glass of
water, which leaves Joseph, hurt, wet, and female. Ryan sighs as he heads
back to the bar for some warm water. On the way he explains that Joseph and
Anne are victims of a Jusyenkyo Curse, which causes the victim to be
transformed when doused with water. Many residents of CAPOW have Jusyenkyo
Curses, but Anne and Joseph tend to get wet more often than others. Back at
the bar Ryan is about to order some hot water for Anne and Joseph when his
watch beeps. Looking down he swears and dashes from the bar.

        That evening we find Ryan in a small alley on the outskirts of a
nearby metropolis. Ryan is paying his respects to his lost partener, who
dissapeared on this day 2 years ago. Ryan last saw him in this alley. Ryan
still has hope that James is alive somewhere, but he no longer knows where
to search. The drive home this night is quiet and somber, and after dropping
us off at our hotel, Ryan drives off into the night, to wait for the next
morning's light.

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