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So Pure

by Carrie Tobin

Set to: Alanis Morissette's So Pure

[You from new york you are so relevant
You reduce me to cosmic tears]

Naomi is standing in the middle of her apartment with a mop, cleaning the wood floors. Every window in her apartment is open letting the breeze fly through. She's dressed for summer, in jeans, a tank top and a light layer of sweat. Her hair is pulled out of her face with a bandana. Her stereo is blaring on it's shelf, CD cases littering around it. The mop pushes across the floor in time to the beat, and Naomi's eyes are closed.

[Luminous more so than most anyone
Unapologetically alive]

The mop drops as the music picks up and Naomi gets lost yet again in the music. Her arms travel above her head, her palms opening up. Her feet begin to move in random patterns, faster in time to the music. Her neck loosens as she lets her body decide what it wants to do.

[Knot in my stomach
And lump in my throat]

She manages to get over to the stereo and cranks up the music, before her hips twist away from the shelf with the stereo, leading her towards the middle of the open floor space. One hand traces down her side, as the other drapes over the top of her head. Her movements are made just a little bit easier by the slippery floor.

[I love you when you dance when you freestyle in trance
So pure such an expression]

She laughs out loud, a crisp pure laugh, as the song brings back memories of flight camp in OZ. Her friends all around her dancing in a circular group, in one of OZ's rare moment's for letting them have fun.

[I love you when you dance when you freestyle in trance
So pure such an expression]

She remembers them all loosing themselves in the music, eyes semi-closed, smiles plastered on their faces, their hair sticking in strands to their foreheads, the occasional hand holding a drink and their bodies move to the music. Every movement is vaguely sexual. Every hand that isn't holding a drink, is holding on to someone else in the group. Eventually all the movement becomes one and they stand out on the dance floor, finally working as a team.

[Supposed former infatuation junkie]

Naomi remembers the day after when they were all hungover and in too much pain to do anything other then groan. But their commanding officer had stalked in to demand explainations...

[I sink three pointers and you wax poetically]

Naomi laughs to herself again, as she slides gracefully across her still wet floor. She's moving like she did that night, imagining the bodies of teammates and strangers around her all moving together. She'd flipped off that officer with a growl, giving him the evil eye in return to his, before rolling over on her bed the surprised laughs of her teammates ringing in her ears.

[I love you when you dance when you freestyle in trance
So pure such an expression]

Naomi starts dancing harder, her hair shaking out from it's bandana. The strands that escape stick to her face and shoulders. Her mouth hangs open as she pants in the humid summer air. Her feet begin to slide out from under her, from the force of her movement.

[I love you when you dance when you freestyle in trance
So pure such an expression]

As Naomi drops to her knees on the floor as her feet moved too far apart for her to stand upright, still moving her arms and hips to the music she remembers the rush of piloting her Gundam for the first time, the ground rushing to her face. Then looking up into pure open sky, after pulling back the throttle. Realizing that while she loves piloting, OZ isn't for her...The joy of slamming on the throttle and leaving OZ behind.

[Let's grease the wheel over tea]

Naomi is back on her feet, moving fast again. Her feet are barely touching the wet floor anymore, simply concerned with moving. Her eyes are half open and glazed over in her pleasure. She kicks up the mop and twirls around it once before tossing it aside to clear room for her dancing.

[Let's discuss things in confidence
Let's be outspoken let's be ridiculous]

Naomi laughs again recalling Katt's expression when she almost walked into the Gundam's foot, Joe-kun and his blank stares after her asking about holidays, the various faces that fill up the bar room, the thrill of the tournament...She's making use of the entire floor, moving rapidily in time to the music, and following her body's need to go wild, to twist and gyrate.

[Let's solve the world's problems]

The kiss she gave Megumi.

[I love you when you dance when you freestyle in trance
So pure such an expression]

Naomi's face grows soft as she starts to slow down in her dancing, but the smile retains it's brightness. She brings one hand down from above her head and traces her lips. It quickly shoots up and Naomi's hips pick up their twists and turns again, in her simple joy from that kiss. Naomi is laughing again, singing along to the last of the song's chorus, moving from one end of the room more quickly than before. Finally as the song fades, Naomi drops to her knees again. She smiles as she pants, and then flops over backwards to stretch out on her back, staring up at the ceiling.

[So pure]

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