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CAPOW Photo Gallery

Wondering what your fellow CAPOWers look like?! Wondering what the strange people who write in this anime appear as off-line before you sign up? Look no further! All shall be revealed in the CAPOW RL Picture Gallery!

Current Members:

Supposedly in control of Elyssa and Kimiko (ed. note: that's what I let him think), writer and maintainer of the Character FAQ and Capow Buttons, ever patient, ever enthusiastic and willing to even try and come up with good things to say about Toronto and it's Escalators. Dare *ALSO* maintains the CAPOW Marriage Prospects page. Maybe someone should explain "Vacation" to Dare? ^_^;;

Writer of Marie, Jerry and every other character in Imperial Wars.. (KIDDING! Jeff!) Jeff is the fairly easy going gent who generally has a technical answer for everything. He may, or may not be a southerner. ^_^

Demon Hunter, Smart mouthed, short-tempered and holder of the second cutest bum in CAPOW is one description of Dachend, one of the characters Keon writes. The other of course is everyone's favourite sword -- Dracho'xian! When you look at the picture of Keon, don't let the sweet and innocent smile fool you..!

Not what I expected Chris to look like in the least, this is him dressed up as everyone's favourite sour bartender Madoka. ^_^ Chris writes for both Madoka and Chika. I can't wait to see him as Chika. ^_^ Chris used to run the CAPOW Library before all the sites were merged into the one you're currently looking at.

More fun than is legal without a permit from several different government branches in both Canada and the US. Ryan plays the every chipper and cheerful (After several pots of coffee) Free-lance police agent ... Ryan. Ryan (the RL one, that is) also writes and updates the Meta-Physics FAQ as well as the Character CreationFAQ. ^_^

The water-loving teenager with as much sensitivity as Ranma. And then there's his character Joseph, too! Joseph is the king of comebacks and witty references and recepient of many online hugs. We worry about Joseph and his fetish for women's clothing.

The enigmatic Alex, AKA Xandé, AKA Alex. We often see him plotting sinister campaigns by which we would actually have to write something, and so we therefore have endeavored to keep him under sedation for as long as possible to prevent this from happening. He also eats Wheaties.

Who is the person hiding behind the pseudonym of 'Ian Arisugawa'? A wandering enigma, he seems to enjoy not only every shade of hentai and yuri (he _is_ the creator of Yugo, after all), but also hitting innocent people with tuna, or burying them underneath tons of said fishes. His only comment to this matter: "You gotta be able to defend yourself with all those hentai-seeking anvils flying around! Oops, here comes another one!" *SMACK!* He proclaims to have stopped wearing those nice, white jackets with the arms tied onto the back (at least in reality), but still his state of mind can only be described as "warped" -- so beware of the hentai, folks!

Past Members:

The most secretitive member of CAPOW, I'm honoured I managed to badger a picture out of him. Although, true to his nature, he won't reveal which one in the picture he is! >_< Ace is everyone's favourite mail boy, sport's jock and smiley guy. No matter what dimension, what part of time, or location, Ace will deliever!

The illustrious, the mallet wielding, the one, the only .. ANNE-CHAN! Anne has more characters than anyone else in CAPOW and each of them is unique and interesting. She's also the reason why all of CAPOW is female, why all of the supposed males are well behaved (fear of the mallet) and is one of the original creators of CAPOW. Anne's the one on the left. ^_^

Always happy, always bouncy, always ultra-Kawaii! .. Except for when dealing with certain Biology teachers. ^_^;; She writes Jinx, Silber, Pixel, Pixel's Grandma and all sorts of side comments. ^_^ Jinxie-chan is also in charge of the CAPOW Image Gallery where pictures of the characters can be found!

Also known as Weapon Sex, er, X. The only one to send me not *one* picture, but *TWO*. Yet again Kirk shows his true dedication and believe in CAPOW. ^_^ The silent wizard Rekishi (I hope I spelt that right) is a true gentleman and a scholar whom is shy, quiet and quite cute. Of course, he resembles his writer in no way ab-so-what-so-ever. ^_^

Also known as the writer for Tenris and Katt, also the person who wrote this website. She doesn't really have much to say about herself one way or the other, 'xept that this picture is about three years old, she looks way different. (Lorna: I need a new picture. ^_^)

Miko-kun helps run the CAPOW mailing lists, he's probably one of the quietest members of CAPOW and unfortunatly that leaves this relative new member to CAPOW at a loss on how to decribe him other than he's a lucky man. (Reason shown on the left side of the picture) Miko is the gent on the right. ^_^

The last person I thought I would be able to get a picture of, Nathan excels in being secretitive right next to Ace. ^_^ Nathan runs the CAPOW mailing lists in co-operation with Miko. Nathan is the writer for Hunter Nabiki, a never seen but often wondered about character. Nathan's also unique in his fanatical support of Windows and products by Micro$oft. (But we luvs him anyway)

The Video-game junky himself! He writes for .. Susano, the avatar form of some grand and powerful god that the author of this website really isn't familiar with in the least. ^_^;; Susano is one of those optimistic gents with always *something* to say. He says this picture is a little on the old side, but I'm not quite sure if I believe him or not. ^_^

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