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What is CAPOW?

Feel free to read the CAPOW FAQ/Charter.

What exactly is CAPOW, you ask? It stands for "Creative Anime Prose Original Writing" (or, if you prefer, Otaku Writing..^_^). Basically, it's dynamic roleplaying in the Anime Universe. Participants create a character, and interact them with characters created by other players, as well as characters from any given anime. The primary focus of CAPOW is on the Player Characters, however. Anime characters and elements are used mainly to augment a particular storyline. CAPOW was born on the rec.arts.anime.misc newsgroup, but now operates on it's own listserver. Though the automated ML was created solely for the use of CAPOWers, we do not wish to alienate our lurkers. As such, CAPOW lurkers have the luxury of subscribing to specific Lurker Mailing Lists, where all CAPOW story material is posted. These Lurker lists can also be joined simply to find out more about how CAPOW operates, on a day to day basis. To join CAPOW as a lurker, please visit The CAPOW Listserver. For more information on the operation and regulations regarding CAPOW's automated list system, please contact the ML Admin Team.

What's anime, you ask? Click HERE to find out.

What separates CAPOW from other similar roleplaying threads of this nature (i.e. GRIT) is that, as the name suggests, a prose format is preferred. By using prose. CAPOWers feel they can best express their creative nature. CAPOW is also not dependant on any one anime in particular for it's inspiration, but rather, uses as a source of reference the vast anime multiverse. Though precreated anime NPC's are used seldomly in CAPOW, we try to ensure that CAPOW has a very "anime-esque" feel to it. The great thing about being able to draw from ANY anime out there is the limitless situations that can be created. Imagine, for instance, a story where Magical Girls and Naga Reactors are both key elements. ^_-;

CAPOW threads can perhaps best be defined as a dynamic fanfiction. That is, it is basically a single story, written by numerous people who contribute by continuing off or following up a branch of a previous post, and interacting his/her character(s) with the other characters already in the story. In that way, it is similar to a roleplaying. But any way you slice it, CAPOW really just stands for FUN! If it wasn't the exciting, fun, and unique thing is it, then no one would be playing.

Rules of the Game
We have tried our best to limit the amount of rules in CAPOW, so as not to stifle any creativity. They are rather simple rules to abide by, and are just there to ensure that the game is played smoothly.

  • Post in Prose. The 'P' in CAPOW stands for prose, and not just because we wanted a cool acronym. If you join our disturbed ranks, you are agreeing that your posts will be in prose format. It doesn't have to be perfect prose, just as long as it -is- prose.

  • No Powerplaying. Basically, all this means is that neither you or your character are God. Create your characters however you like, but keep in mind that in all likelyhood, you will be pitting them against other characters. And omnipotent characters rarely provide an enjoyable battle, simply because, being omnipotent, they cannot be beaten. If the character you create is indeed powerful, then ensure that he/she has weaknesses that can be easily capitalized on. Powerplaying also occurs when writing stories, such as when someone writes their character to an advantage unfairly and unrealistically. No type of powerplaying will ever be permitted in CAPOW.

  • No Killing. Simple enough, ne? The disposal of the occasional red-shirt is tolerated if it furthers the plot, but under no circumstances are you to bring about the death of a character that is the creation of another CAPOWer.

Those are the basics. A LOT is left up to Common Sense, but CAPOWers prefer this method instead of having a complex set of rules and ultra-specific character sheets.

Should I Join?
Well, if you've made it this far, then at least you find all of of this interesting. Perhaps you even want to join. If you do, then ask yourself just these two simple questions:

  1. Do I love anime?
  2. Do I love to write?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you will probably love CAPOW, and we will probably love you.

The process for joining CAPOW can be rather simple as well. See the Characters page for more information on how to create a character, then submit your character to me or any other CAPOWer, and we'll go from there. Before you take that final plunge and submit a character however, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with what CAPOW stories are like. This is in order to a) dispell any misconceptions you might have about CAPOW, b) prevent you from joining for the wrong reasons, and c) help ensure that when you do submit a character, it will be accepted without a request for revision.

There are two ways that you can go about familiarizing yourself with CAPOW. The first is to visit The CAPOW Library, and peruse the stories there. The second way is to subscribe as a lurker to our story list, where you can see the material as it is posted. This can be done by visiting The CAPOW Listserver.

What Else is CAPOW?

CAPOW, for various reasons, has become somewhat of a rather close-knit group of people. Much of this is due to the fact that even while CAPOW still officially operated on Rec.Arts.Anime.Misc, the CAPOW-ML was already in existence. It was crude, but effective. Also, very noisy. When Nathan Williams created the automated CAPOW lists, the CAPOWNOISE list was also created. If you can handle the volume, there is absolutely noplace on earth as entertaining for social discussion in an electrical forum. Of course, you must be a CAPOWer to join... ^_^ (Don't worry, joining the NOISE list is optional though... heck, I can't even handle the volume. ^_^)

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