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Imperial Wars: Part 2

Start! Dachend's Prologue

written by Keon Christensen

Dachend looked up from his allmost finished ward. as a projektion was
powered up in the middle of the bar. the other bountyhunter, mecenarys ,
assasiens, hunters and thiefs looked at the projektion. it was the
general, DAchend wondered why he was called that, he didn't look like a
general more like a buisnessman. a elder man with long blak hair in a
ponytail and a scar over the left eye. Dachend knew that the eye was
artificial. his mouth a strait flat line and his eyes two blocks of grey
ice. a proffesionell "ladyies and gentelmen, I have importent news. it
appears that the Imperium has begun to move and we have possible of a
full scale war. there will be chances of hire to mecenarys with
fighterpilot skills" the projektion dissappeared. most of the people in
the bar stood up and began to leave, now with money and action in reach,
they saw no need to stay. Dachend just returned to his ward.
"why dach-baby, are you not going?" Dachend smiled "nope Tanja, war is
not me, I prefer close combat.." he finished the ward "..besides you
know how I fly" Tanja giggled and brushed her brown hair away from the
patch that covered her left right eye "yeah I remember" Dachend looked
up "hey I didn't force you to fly with me" the Brown haired pilot grined
and left Dachend by his table. Dachend sighed, Tanja was a nice girl,
she was a good pilot and she had a body that Dracho-xian could comment
on for hours. Dachend wonder why his partner had been so quit lately. he
hadn't hear the demon swords well know "I just love female anatomi" once
this intere evening. it was weird consitering that the amazon twinse had
been in. tanja stopped at the transport elevator "hey I heard that you
got your ass kicked on Genesis Dach-baby" DAchend growled "jezz is it on
goddamn tv? it seemes that every body knows that some snotnosed kid
wopped my ass" Tanja smiled "just thought you would know that Genesis is
taking part in the war against the imperium" Dachend sat back and
grabbed his beer "I don't give a flying fuck" the brunet shrugged "just
mentioned it" DAchend downed the beer and put his feet on the table
"yeah but don't do it again will ya" Tanja waved "see ya" Dachend
crushed the can "yep..take care kid" the door closed "I will" was the
last he heard of her. Dachend sat and thought about getting another beer
when Dracho-xian sayd "you heard that Dachend, Genesis is involved"
Dachend groaned, "forget it Drac, we are not going"

Dachend looked up at his space fighter "how does he do it?" he muttert
as he ran his hand over the hull. the craft made a humming noise as it
regonised him "Hi Pax. been a long time huh?" the craft hummed again,
with a grin he crawled omboard, as the mekanic closed the shield into
the enegy chamber "I've feed him well Dachend, he'll fly from here to
heaven with all that enegy crystal he has eaten" Dachend grined "okay
now get your ass out here boy, my friend is a bit impaciant" he
streached out and Dracho-xian linked up with the fighter , Dachend could
feel how earger his craft was to get out and reach the heavens "I still
can't believe I let you talk me into this Drac" he growled as he checked
the systems "I really hope we meet her" Dracho-xian mumbled not hearing
his friend , Dachend cursed "jeez is it still that hologram girl, comon
Dracho-xian she's just a stack of chips and wire" "NO! she is not, I
could feel that their was a mind, a soul inside her, but she's not
human, she kinda like me" Dachend groaned "yeah right" "when I first saw
her beautifull eyes.." "SHUT UP WILL YA..crist!" Dachend sealed the
cockpit completly airtight and powered up the boosters. "what do we do
if any of the other sides pay more than Genesis" Dachend grined as he
could feel how Dracho-xian jumped in his body "don't even think about
Dachend, we'r on Eva and Emiko's side, got that! or you can kiss my help
goodbye" "to bad we are link together forever huh" "oh shut up and get
us out of here" mumbled the demon weapon. Dachend pushed a few bottons
and the craftet liftet it's three birdclaw like landing feet.
then with a roar the throttle was increased and the slender craft jumped
out of it's hover position and less than five seconds later it had
passed the ten mile long tunnle to the guilds hangar. out in the open
the craft rose to a vertical climb and increased it's speed even more.
minuts later it broke through the last of the atmousferic layers and
turned for the space warp hole a few hundred thousend miles away. in a
glint the green beastcraft had dissappeared.

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