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Imperial Wars: Part 3

Wipe! The EDF Slaughter!

written by Ryan Matheuszik)

Deep in the vastness of space a lone sattelite hurtled past a lone
Seconds later it was transformed from an expensive piece of machinery
relatively inexpensive collection of random gasses by a plasma bolt. A
shadow crossed the planet.

Ryan sat back in his chair and relaxed. He glanced over at his
companion. Sebastian Cain remained firmly handcuffed to his bunk. Ryan
sighed. He had always thought these prison transfers were a waste of
and resources, but it did provide him with a relatively relaxing break
his normal duties. Besides, the MPD was paying him over 5000$ for this,
since they had booked passage to the Triton Detention Facility on an EDF
patrol group, there was little chance of trouble. A claxon did it's best
dispute this last claim by sounding loudly, and waking up all of the red
alarm lights onboard the ship. Seconds later the EDF patrol group #5 was
the midst of a battle for it's very survival.

The Imperial Expiditionary Force Commander looked pleased with himself.
only was he ahead of schedual in scouting this new solar system, but he
discovered a new and strange looking Strauss ship formation. After
destroying it he would salvage the remains and return them to Imperial
Intelligence. There might even be a promotion in it for him. As his main
gunship's cannons tore into the lead ship's unprotected hull, he noticed
something going awry. One of the ennemy shps had launched a good 40
or so. These were obviously not Straussian ships. He breifly wondered at
origin of the ships, but then quickly dismissed his curiosities as his
destroyed the last of the ennemy's main ships. He issued the call to
fighters, and walked off the bridge. The opponent was seriously

The odds were 4 to 1 against the EDF forces, but still they fought on.
fighter pilots had watched in horror as the entire main patrol group had
vanished in an unprovoked attack. Now they were making the Imperialists
Lazers flared, missles streaked across the vast blackness of space, and
slowly the Imperials began to win. The EDF was down to 3 fighters when
suddently a large battleship folded in next to the ongoing battle.

On board the Kircheis, Jerry gave the order to attack. The fold system
landed them god knew where, but the Imperial ships on the main screen
too tempting a target. "Three unidentified fighters reported sir."
of the Kircheis' crew. "They're being pursued by the Imperials.". Jerry
hesitated a moment before calling for fighters to be launched. If they
ennemies of the Imperials, then they had to be helped. Meanwhile the
Imperial force began to wither and retreat under the Kircheis' constant

Minutes later, the battle ended, Jerry called for a status report. "The
Imperials have gone into a complete retreat captain." reported one of
bridge crew. "We lost 3 fighters, and have minor hull and shield
Jerry smiled. A small victory had been acheived, but a victory none the
less.... "Captain!", called an ensign, breaking his reverie, "One of the
unidentified fighters survived the attack... he's requesting permission
land.". "Permission Granted," called Jerry as he strode from the bridge.
Soon he would find out just who the Imperials had been attacking.

Miko looked up as the Vrax fighter broke thrugh the magnetic bay seal
landed on the staging area deckplate. It's dark, sleek body glistened
menace. Jerry arrived just as a ladder extended downwards from the side
the fighter. It's tinted canopy slowly opened. A figure in a back flight
suit with red markings and a black helmet emblazoned with a skull and
crossbones descended to the deck below. Slowly he removed his helmet to
reveal... Ryan. "Hi Miko!", he called, "fancy meeting you in a place
this!". Miko and Jerry both did facefaults. "Ryan?" Miko asked, amazed.
it's me," he called back, "Betcha didn't know I flew fighters?"....

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