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Imperial Wars: Part 4

Begin! The Imperial Wars!

written by Jeff Jarlett
(The genesis portion written by Ian Kim (aka Emiko's Agent)).

[The Kircheis]
The comm officer was signaling Jerry, telling him that one fighter is
toward the ship.  Jerry barked, "Ugh, can I at least have one dinner in
with my wife?"   Jerry signaled the fighter, which requested permission
Jerry granted this permission, but set a detachment of security to the
in case...
Dachend boarded the Kircheis, and asked to see the Archduke.  The ensign
said he'd ask, and pressed the comm to the bridge.  Jerry agreed and
came to the
docking bay.

Dachend presented himself and bowed.  "Dachend Yayin at your service..."
took one look at Dachend and recognized the nature of his condition.  He
Dachend "where's your sanjiyan?"
Dachend said "I'm not telling.  Besides, I'm here to help Emiko, not
my secrets.  Oh, we're here to help Eva as well...." Dachend shot a look
at hisword.

Jerry considered Dachend's offer.  While Genesis was neutral to Strauss,
was a personal friend.  Jerry thought it was wrong to use Dachend in a
knew nothing about, for a side that was not his...  He did have an idea
to use him without breaking any moral principles.
"Say, Dachend, could you do me a favor?  I will provide the necessary
Dachend looks at Jerry, "What exactly is this favor?"
Jerry explained.  "You are going to look for the third senshi of
Strauss.  Legend states that senshi are reincarnated in the body of a
teenage girl
when a senshi dies, and Makendo has recently died. The only people who
will be
able to recognize the new Makendo are the two other senshi, Anne and
Meiko.  I
will provide you with a ship, the Aberstein.  It's not much but it's
transportation and it carries a few fighters, and enough money to hire a
few people.  This will be dsngerous, and there probably are also enemy
agents also searching
for the third senshi- agents of my brother and the Empire.  Do you
Dachend nodded.  At least he wasn't going to have to go into space
combat.  Dachend preferred ground combat anyways.  Jerry smiled. 
"Good.  The first
thing I want you to do is go to the Lurker's retreat and pick up Anne
and Meiko.  Washu will be with them, I think.  Hire some other people as
 The Lurker's retreat usually has several people milling around who
could help,
but remember you must protect Anne and Meiko, especially Anne, at all
 When you find the third senshi, send them to the Strauss homeworld,
then contact
me at once.  If you run into Imperial agents, fight only if absolutely
necessary, unless they have the third senshi, in which case contact me
and I'll give you further orders.  If you want a meal, we can provide
one, but I would prefer
it if you leave soon, this mission is critical since the three senshi
will guarantee the safety of my people.  That is why I need to find
I also have one more request.  Tell Sparrow Adams that if he wants a
job, I have one for him.  He should be at the Retreat.  If you can't
find him no
big thing, but leave a message with the owner, she'll know what to do."
Dachend grabbed a quick meal and left for the Lurker's retreat.

> [The Imperial Hall]
> Durg, the High Emperor of the Fifth Galactic Empire, rose from his
>  Many emperors had public rising ceremonies, but Durg had eliminated the
> custom.  Many people said this was due to his practicality, but a few said
> secret that the reason was that he wore a dress to bed.  The truth was
> somewhere in the middle.  Durg hated the public ceremonies of his father,
> he also did not want people to know about his underwear choice because
> leaders aren't supposed to love the feel of panties.  He rose and put on
> imperial robes.  Today was an important day- the day they finally got to
> past those pesky Straussians.  He respected them, but progress, Imperial
> progress, was to be attained at all costs, for the sake of the conquered.
> mused about Jay's comments about his brother, who had unfairly usurped
> There were other reasons why Durg loved these chats, and that was Jay's
> beautiful face and body.  No Imperial citizen could ever please him like
> and Jay would feel the benefit's of the Emperor's love- in private, of
>  Jay's brother would pay for his sins in a public execution- he swore.
> A few hours later, Durg rose and spoke to the Galactic audience...
> Citizens of the Empire present and future, acts of aggression have been
> comitted in the Grand Duchy of Strauss, a protectorate of the Fifth
>  These acts have included the treasonous usurpation of power by a false
> Strauss by the name of Jerry.  This traitor has even attacked an Imperial
> without provocation.  We of the Fith Star Empire are going to help remedy
> situation, but this is a Straussian problem and Straussians will solve the
> problem.  The rightful Archduke, Jay, has been given command of an
> fleet.  Headed by his own battleship, the Lohengramm, he will correct the
> injustice himself and restore proper values to Strauss.  This goes out to
> citizens of Strauss- we are your friends, Jerry's tyranny will end soon. 
> the Fifth Empire will fight those who acquire power for their own ends-
> our will and our destiny."
> Durg felt better after giving that speech, the Empire was built on
> not setbacks.  While Imperial expansion everywhere else had gone as
> Strauss put up a fight.  Their culture was powerful, but Durg mused, no
> for ours, for it is out destiny to rule...
> [planet Holmsund- Straussian/Oni border]
> A moderate-sized tiger-striped fleet entered Straussian territory.  The
> Kircheis and its fleet faced them.  The Oni clan chieftain asked for
> to board with a small staff.
> Jerry obliged.  The docking bay opened and a shuttle carrying the Oni
> negotiation team boarded.  Every male member of the Kircheis stopped
> their duties- they saw the chief's daughter.  She waved at them, and shook
> Jerry's hand.  Jerry noted, much to Marie's disgust, that Zin's daughter
> not one for much formality.
> "Hi your excellency!  I'n Plum!  Pleased to meet you!"  Most of the male
> members of the Kircheis noticed her body- there was plenty to see, since
> she was wearing was a tiger-striped bikini.  The horns also added a
> scintillating effect to her appearence.  Zin, the Oni chieftain, got ready
> speak.
> Zin commanded attention.  Anyone 8' tall and weighing 760 pounds tends to
> command attention rather easily.  He was, of course, a large man, but also
> jovial one.  Zin's faction  and Jerry went way back.  In the tournament
> Jerry and Jay were both 14- Jay won of course, but the quarterfinals had
> and Zang, Zin's only son, engaged in combat.  Jerry was about to barely
> a win on decision when as assassin's beam headed for Zang.  Jerry managed
> see the bullet coming and deflect it into his leg, saving Zin's life but
> ruining his chances to win the tournament, and it left a nasty scar on his
> for life.  Ever since then Zin had promised to protect Jerry like a son,
> one of Jerry's prized possesion was his pair of honorary Oni horns.  Zin
> the first person to hide Jerry when he ran away after the Sarazano
> after which Jay assumed power.  Jerry was also eternally grateful to Zin
> this, and as soon as Jay assumed the Archduchy, Strauss and Zin's clan
> allied both personally and politically.
> Zin and Jerry hugged each other as soon as they met.  Such displays were
> uncommon for the two men, but such was the bonmd between these two- Jerry
> viewed Zin as his uncle in many respects, especially after his father
>  Jerry asked how Zang was doing, and Zin replied that he was busy doing
> business for him on the eastern border with other Oni.  Jerry knew Zang
> do well, he was one of the brightest people he had known.  Jerry then had
> ask the question,  "Why did you come?  You're always welcome, but this is
> time."
> Zin laughed.  "i know this is a bad time, but we are here to help.  As
> our agreement, we are providing ships and advisors to help you against the
> Imperial invasion.  Besides, I have a score ot settle with them."
> He pointed at his artificial eye.  You've already met our military liason
> advisor, Plum.  Take care of her, she's precious to me.  I ought to warn
> she is stubborn and has a bit of a temper.
> Jerry turned around.  Apparently one of the ensigns tried to make a pass
> Plum, and there was a sizzling sound where the ensign was standing.
> Jerry knew that he was going to have a hard time expalining to Marie why
> going ot have to spend a bunch of time with an Oni-girl in a tiger-striped
> bikini.  Jerry shook Zin's hand and said "Well, let's get those guys..."
> Plum said,  "We have to do some planning first..."  Her lecture was
> interrupted by the voice of the radar officer who told Jerry that a 4
> much bigger than anticipated, of Imperial and some Straussian ships,
> the Lohengramm, were heading for Blucher.  Plum grabbed Jerry and headed
> into the battle room.  Jerry mused, "At least she isn't a slacker..." but
> didn't ahve time to think of much more as Plum started to bark tons of
> information on how to combine Straussian and Oni fleets togther and some
> theories...
> [Straussian Fighter Bay]
> Miko and Ryan were talking about general fighter strategy, Miko listening
> intently to some of Ryan's tips.  While Miko had "the gift" that fighter
> dream about, she still needed some more experience.  Then the alert came
> "Orange alert.  Expect battle sometime soon.  Orange Alert."
> The flight leader asked everyone to gear up and be ready in 24 hours,
since a
> massive fleet of imperial and renegade ships are heading our way.  The
> were to try and eat and rest, and be ready to go at any time.  Ryan
> services to Strauss for the duration of the war.  Ryan immediately told
> Leader of the decision and thanked
>him for volunteering.  He immediately pathed the info to Jerry and Plum,
> and immediately Plum started to muse about how this helps out.  Plum was
> now the odds were about even, and only slightly on the Empire's side, but
> was a little concerned about going up against Jay's rumored genius,
> with the ship under the command of a goof like Jerry.  He was a nice guy
> friend of the family, but Plum could tell he was not meant to be in a
>  His preparations were good, but she could tell by his questions that he
> not know much about large-scale battles.  She mutterd to herself,
> this guy knows he's not Napoleon and will let me do the fighting..."
> Meanwhile Miko and Ryan suited up and got battle briefings, Miko then
>  dinner with a young pilot who had caught her eye.  This young pilot's
> Dave, that's all he knew about him other than the fact he was gorgeous.
> [The Lohengramm]
> Jay was busy preparing his deathstroke to end the battle in one sweep.
>  Dr.Gargoyle then entered...
> "Jay-sama, I've did it!"  Jay enquired what the hell he was talking about,
> again, with Gargoyle you rarely can figure out what he says.
> "I've made a machine that will allow you to get into any dimension without
> phase effect.  One problem, though, it requires a ton of psychic
> only way I can see it working is if it uses your power and the three
> am calling my invention the Absolute Gate."
> Jsy chuckled.  "I see."  he flicked his blonder hair back.  "Well, I see
> have there's going to be a slight alteration of plans.  I will tell Huck
> now he has to acquire all the senshi, not just 1.  I hope Meiko is not
> suffering, but I trust her.  I am going to have to figure out what to do
> Anne- she seems to have sided her lot in with my brother.  That can come
>  Right now I have to work on the steps to my dream: first Strauss, then
> Empire, then Genesis, then everything..."  Jay sent a message to Huck and
> associate about the cahnge of plans, then worked on his battle plans to
> the Straussian fleet.  He knew it would be easy, Jerry was not a good
> but never underestimate Jerry- he had learned that lesson the hard way,
> also knew that Jerry surrounds himself well for a goof.

[Ian's portion]

> [Genesis, Emiko's Apartment]
> Emiko and Mai awoke to another morning.  Mai was having some sort of dream
> about fried chicken, and thought Emiko's leg was the chicjen.  Mai licked
> Emiko's leg, tickling Emiko awake, who reflexively pulled  her leg back
> Mai tooka  big bite out of it.  Mai awoke and mumbled.
> "Chicken.  Yummy."  She then looked at Emiko staring down at her.
> "Ohayoo, sensei. "  She then snapped out of it.  "Mai reporting for duty
> sensei!" Emiko smiled and got on her uniform.  She then checked for email
> any duties, assignments.  

Flicking through the e-mail, she noticed Mai enthusiastically looking at
the mail from over her shoulder.  
"Mai!" Emiko cried with a crimson face, "Don't look at my mail!"
        Mai giggled. "Gomen nasai sensei!  But I think that if this
keeps e-mailing you like that, maybe you should..uh...'go on a date?'"
        Emiko clenched her fist with a vein popping out of her head. 
Mai, have I ever told you what an 'insensitive jerk' is?"
        "Haaaaaaaiii!!!"  Mai cried, her hand waving in the air like she
answering a question in school.  "You told me that one lots of times! 
You said Hiroshi-san, Shigeaki-san, Takao-san, Peter-san and
Masafumi-san were aaaaaall like that!  Wai!" She seemed very pleased
with herself, which got a mean sideways glance from her sensei.
        "Hai." she said flatly.  "You see, the problem with Terry-san is
he only cares about my bo-"  Suddenly the monitor began to beep
rapidly.  "Nani?"  Emiko flicked the monitor on, as Mai returned to her
position over Emiko's shoulder.  When the screen snapped to attention,
the words "Priority 1 message" flickered across the screen.  With Eva's
added touch, there was an additional "Are you decent?" attached.  Emiko
slapped the 'y' key and leaned back.  The display disappeared and was
replace with Eva's face.  
        "Konnichi wa Eva-chan!" Emiko said with a cheery smile.
        "Konnichi-wa Emiko-chan." Eva in return smiled keenly.  "Gomen
but I have an assignment for you."
        Emiko waved the apology away. "Okay okay, it's okay.  It's my
        "Hai." she smiled again.  "Here is the assignment message that
given to me for relay.  Eva's head scaled down to the top left of the
black, where a text message

Assignment Senshi-Retrieval
Location: CAPOW

Emiko, you are to go to CAPOW and find the third senshi and send her
here.  Our
moles in the Empire have revealed that Jay is going to try and acquire
three senshi in an attempt to capture Genesis, and that he has found a
way to
circumnavigate the Recall effect.  It is known that Strauss is trying to
the senshi as well, but for what effect is uncertain.  It is known that
believes the old custom about the senshi reuniting in desperate times to
Strauss from harm.  However, his intentions are unknown and may involve
as well.  

        As part of this mission, you will be assigned to the ACD vessel
It's a relatively small carrier, but it holds a crew compliment of 50
as well as 15 gesault fighter craft, along with an added number of
defensive weaponry.  
The rest of the armada will be remaining in Genesis
space to prepare for any unexpected surprises Jay may have planned.  The
captain has been
informed that engaging the enemy is a last resort, especially when the
senshi's onboard.
4 carrier craft and 2 destroyers will be on standby in case the
Detrimental needs 
assistance.  Captain Osamu Fukamori will be your superior when aboard
the Detrimental.  
More specifics on the the assignment will be explained once on board the
Here are the assigned

Emiko gazed down the list to notice that all the regulars that shared
her shift were on board:  Eric, Mika, Tamiko, Max, Akira, Maya, and
        "SU-GOI!!!!" Mai cried with her hands to her mouth, barely able
contain her enthusiasm.
        "Mai-chan?" Emiko questioned.
        "Now," Mai said, "I have another chance to improve myself and
>from my sensei!"  She clenched her mitten hands.  "After this mission,
maybe I'll become stronger, better, just like Emiko-sensei!!"  Mai
seemed to be talking to herself more than Emiko, who looked at her with
quiet concern.  A little too much sugar for breakfast, she thought.  Eva
enlarged again on the screen, and Emiko noted some look of depression on
Eva's holographic face.  Not many people could tell, but Emiko was a
master at reading people's faces.  Eva was probably upset that she was
not going.  Then it came to her. 
        "Hey Eva-chan!  Haven't they installed an Eva console on the
        "*sigh* is a smaller vessel, and does not need me.
        Emiko held an expression of The Thinker...when a sly look passed
her face.  "Hmm..well...I don't see what problems would be caused if I
just "happened" to carry an Eva remote unit on board, ne?
        "B-but that's against regulation..and I'd have to release one to
        "No no no, don't worry about it.  I still have a damaged sphere
that assignment a while I know Max is a good mechanic..if he
could someone get it repaired while on board...."
        Eva was had a infinite capacity for knowledge, but her ability
to draw
things out of insinuations needed work.  After a few seconds Eva finally
caught on.  "Hai!" She blurted out excited.  "I-I mean..." she blushed.
        "Hai hai!  Now I gotta get going.  See you on the Detrimental!" 
said with a all-knowing wink.  Mai, after her brief
"aura-emminating-motivation-speech," returned to the computer to return
a fairwell to Eva as the screen fizzed out. 
        "Waaaah, I almost missed saying bai!"  
        "No time to worry about that, we gotta get going!"
        Suddenly Eric appeared on the screen. "Ohayo!" he began.
        "ERIC!" Emiko screamed, "Haven't you ever heard of
        "Eh heh heh.." he chuckled. "Ah give me a break Emiko-chan, I've
you naked before, there's nothing special."
        "OH REALLY?!!" Emiko shouted, her face red with anger and
embarressment.  Eric waved over to Mai pretending not to notice Emiko.  
        "Ah you know I'm kiddin' Emiko-chan."  Eric gave on of his best
Not like it mattered which grin he gave...he always looked like a
professional model.  "Look, it seems just you, me, and Mika --"
        "and me!!" piped Mai.
        "Of course Mai-chan.." Eric smiled, "but your bond with Emiko is
great I keep mistaking you two as one person." he gave a wink, and Mai
grinned ear to ear.  "Anyways," he continued, "we were given the
assigment to get the senshi.  The other officers will be staying on
board the Detrimental."
        "How do you know this?"  Emiko asked, raising an eyebrow.
        "I'm already onboard.  Oh don't worry, we still have time. I
happened to be near the space dock at the time of the transmission. 
Meet me on the bridge when you get on board.  Ja na." 
        Emiko looked at Mai, and then fell completely off her chair when
saw Mika up against the sliding door.  Mai looked down with concern.
"Are you okay Emiko-sensei!?"
        "H-h-hai.." she replied, grumbling something about lack of
"Let's go before we get a circus in my room."  Greeting Mika, they
headed off to the space port, damaged Eva sphere in tow.

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