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Imperial Wars: Part 5

Shadow! Raid on the Detrimental!

written by Keon Christensen, HTML corrections by Chika

The dark space, dottet with small lights of white. Dachend looked at the
main screen on the bridge of the Aberstein. then
turned in the chair towards the personal on the bridge "how long before
destination" he asked casualy, one of the a 
young ensign looked up from his screen "7 and a half minut sir" Dachend
nodded and punshed in some frequense codes 
on his consol. After a minut he had contact to the Head hunter
association. The shadow of a face appeared on the screen 
before him, Dachend knew it was the general. Dachend nodded and sayd in
the headhunters battle language "hi there 
old man" the general smiled as he regonized the black eyed man as one
of his oldest members "hello mr.Yayin what 
can I do for you" Dachend looked out the corner of his eye at the
flabbergastet personal, that didn't get jack of what 
he was saying "I need a combat team for a seach and retrive of human
subjekt, after that it will be a escort mission of 
the person" the general nodded and gestured to somebody beside him.
After a moment, he sayd calmly "very well 
mr.Yayin, I know what you usualy gets into, so you have a very good
team, they are being called up now. Anything 
else" Dachend looked over some data he had on his consol "complet
stealth system for a small carrier and a engien 
upgrade and stealth equipment for for myself and the team" the general
smiled "I shall see you will get it, we have 
you on our screens now, do you have the money with you?" Dachend
nodded   "the curer will get paid at leave. 
That'll be all General" the shadow nodded "very well, the
transporter will rendeavu with you in 28 minuts. 
Goodevening mr.Yayin" the screen turned blacked. Dachend turned in his
seat and looked at his crew, a female 
officer, asked hesitating "what was that all about sir?" Dachend didn't
even look at her "if any of you needed to know 
you would have been told" he sayd and left the bridge.

Mads looked up from the register when she heard the door being opended,
a tall man, dressed in a black military 
bodysuit. With a pair of sunglasses walked in and looked around the
room. Mads especialy noticed the red mark or letter 
he had on his forhead. He walked up to the bar and looked at her, not
taking the sunglasses off. Mads looked casualy at 
him. With the hords of wacky people that normaly came to the Retreat, it
would take more than some military dude with  
*jerk* printet on his forhead to schak her out of it. "What can it get
you?" she asked. The man calmly sat down "whisky" 
he sayd flat and sat down, Mads filled his glas and he looked around the
room shortly again. Then emptied the glass in 
one gulp and sat it down on the desk. "I am looking for two girls, that
goes under the names Meiko and Anne. They 
should come here frequently" he showed two photografs, Mads shrugged,
Emiko and CO. had been there and picked up 
both the girls, she hadn't sayd why, but Mads didn't have to strain her
head to figur out that it was something important 
and now this guy showed up and asked for them too. There had to be
trouble. "Nope havn't see'em for a while" she shok her head, He looked
at her shortly. Then stood up 
"hmm that was to bad" he sayd with a little smile "one other thing if
you see a Sparrow Adams tell him that Jerry has a 
job for him" he turned and sayd out loud, getting every body's attention
"if any body if interrestet in working for Jerry, I 
should mean you know him, then meet me at this address 11:00 tonight" he
took out a piece of paper and nailed it to the 
door frame with a dagger, there was low mutter , Mads  blinked as he
paid for the drink and left.  

Dachend walked out of the Retreat and stopped shortly at the middle of
the road, he knew that two of his team members 
where just beside him "so what did you find out?" he asked into the air.
a voice answeared seeming out of nowhere "somebody name Emiko and some
of friends where here and picked up the two girls, didn't say why. That
was all she thought of" Dachend nodded and grabbed on to the line that
was castet down from the hole that appeared in the air, twenty seconds
later the hatch closed and Dachend gave PAX order to bring up to the
Aberstein. The cloacked beastcraft, turned in the air and headed for the
skies. The two other team members turned of their OC (optic camoflars)
of. Creed, a big man with long blond hair asked "so what do we do now
Dachend" Dachend thought a second "Emiko is ACD officer that must mean
that Genesis is after our target to. the Genesis ships are specialy
constructet, they leave certain... scent and PAX should be able to
follow that scent, just hope no other genesis craft has been here
lately" lisha ran a hand through her short blue hair. "If we locate the
ship what do we do" Dachend grined "we bord"

a shadow on a nearby roof lowered it's binoculars and looked at the
place where the Dachend had dissappeared. then 

the Detrimental floatet through the inky blackness of space. It could
almost look like a huge scaled dolfin, with very 
brode side fins, it's rough superstucture visible under the plain scaled
surface, under the fins there was the shielddoors to 
the hangar area. 
Emiko sat in a chair on the bridge and looked at the window, very fare
away she could see a planet, Eva had as soon as 
she had noticed Emiko was looking at it, told that it was gasgiant, the
glowing blue color came from special light the sun 
of this system gave. Now the hologram stood motionless beside her and
looked out on the darkness with her. It was 
beginning to get late and Emiko noticed that Mai was beginning to have
difficultys keeping her eyes open "Mai-chan if 
your tiret then go to our cabine, I'll be there in a minut" Mai shok her
head and yawed "no if Sensei up Mai is up" Emiko 
was about to tell her to go to bed, but suddenly Eva gave little "huh?"
Emiko looked at the hologram "something wrong 
Eva" Eva looked at her "gomen but I thought I feelt, something" "what?"
the voice belonged to Osamu Fukamori, the 
Detrimental's captain. Eva turned "I sorry but I just picked up faint
traces of enegy, then it just dissappeared" the captain 
knit his brows, then turned to the deckofficer "make a scan on all
frequencys" Eva liftet a hand, but then lower it again 
Emiko saw it and asked "what did you want to say Eva" Eva shrugged "it
was just that I already have done that, and 
there is nothing out there. The captain hearing this rubbed his beard
and asked the hologram "your sure that it is not a 
marterial error" Eva nodded "I have checked twize there is nothing wrong
with any of the sensors of the ship" Osamu 
nodded "very well, keep looking, I don't us to be taken by surprise" Eva
Emiko sat a few minuts more and then stood up as she could see that Mai
had been stading sleeping for the last minut. 
With light giggle she pocked the little girl "don't you think it would
be better to sleep in your bed Mai?" half asleep Mai 
nodded "zzzz hai zzzz Emiko *yaw*" 

Dachend looked at the screen their ship was perfectly placed 10 km
behind the Genesis ship, he had already cooked up a 
good plan. He turnd to the deck officer "is all the new equipment
working perfectly, I don't want our cover blown at a 
critical point" the man ran some tests and confirmed. "Everything is
working hundred percent, the invisiblitycloack, the 
aurashield, the psykic damper, and the Magic nulfield. the enegy screen
although had a minor glitch when we fased in" 
"did they detect us" the man looked on his consol "they are scanning
like crazy but it doesn't appear that they know we 
are here" "good. keep it up and running" "yes sir"  Dachend turned and
left the bridge, Time for some action.  

Dachend looked the at the four other team members, Creed, specialised in
city and spaceship warfare, a well know bounty hunter. Lisha,
specialised in tracking, she had a telepatic talent that she was
wellknow for. Rifter, full body cyborg 
convertion, specialised in hard targets. Finaly Ciny, the warlock, the
red tatoos on her face gave it away. They where all 
four profecionells and had been on more than a thousend missons, they
where classified as alfa elite. 
Dracho-xian's eye looked up from the back of Dachends hand "have you
thought about what you are doing?" Dachend 
nodded "yep buddy, I have a assingment and I am going to complet it"
"but Emiko is over on that ship" Dachend smiled "I know that you moron,
we'll just sneak in, get the kids, sneak out. no body notices, nobody
get's hurt" Dracho-xian 
sighed. Creed grined "you know those people over there?" "yep.." Dachend
smiled and slamped a battery magazin into his lectrogun " non lethal
force, if we are discovered we don't want the genesis to turn on our
employer right" the others nodded "okay boys and girls suit up" every
body took their face maskes on and secured their gear. Dachend was
checking through the diffent spectrums of his vison as a hum from Pax
annouched that they where about to connect to the genesis ship. There
was a low *clang* as the beastcraft settled on the hull of the carrier.
"Activat OC and nulfields" the team members pushed some bottons on their
belts. One by one they faded away and vanished. Dachend could through
his vison, that was incryptet to see the others, see blury shaps that
was the other cloacked members. Rifters deep voice hummed "man! Dachend
where have you gotten this stuff from, I've never seen anything like it"
Dachend smiled "my little secret....Lisha you know what to do. During OP
no talking and complet radio silence. this is a stealth operation as of
_now_" Dachend gave the hand signal and Lisha focused her mind out on
through the ship, there where one or two members of the crew that had
telepatic abilitys, but she was able to move around them unhindred. Then
she found the person she looked for.

Eva who was still on the bridge noticed that one of the outer hatches
had been opened, she looked over her shoulder and 
saw one of the officers typing in the commaned. She was about to ask
why, when he shok his head and looked at the 
screen, then closed the hatch again. Then the inner air lock at the
hatch was opened, this time she saw that the officer hadn't done it, but
he had seen it to. "Sir I think I have a malfuction in the airlock in
sector 7G" the captain looked down from his control stand "send a team
down there and look at it, have them call back when they have locatet
the error" "yes sir" 

Jack muttert to himself, night shift sucked. He could hear that Yama was
of the same oppinion. They reached the area 
with the airlock, it was in the end of a long hall. Jack tapped his
intercom "sir, ensign Sanders here" "report" it came 
from the intercom "at first glanse there is nothing wrong sir, but I'll
run a system check now sir" "good report back when 
you are done" "yes sir" Jack put his tool kit down and looked at the
lock. "Hey Yama hand me the minicomputer 
will'ya....Yama?" Jack turned and felt a sharp sting in his neck then he
couldn't feel anything at all.

Eric looked up from the small databook he was studying. Hadn't he heard
something, just a low rasp of metal over metal. 
It had come from right out side his door. Eric got up and pushed the
botton to open the door. With low *psss* it slid 
open. He looked down both ways, nothing. He stepped out, the floor felt
cold against his bare feet. He had a strange 
felling of being watched, but there was nobody except himself. He
scrached his bare chest. He had to over tiret, with yaw 
he turned and walked back into his cabin. 

Dachend very slowly let out the breath he had been holding. That
schoolgirl to Ciny had been so flabbergastet when 
pointy ears had stepped out from his cabin, that she had forgot to move
away and he had been stading inches from her, 
when he looked around the hall. He could see Creed ease his hold on his
lectro gun. Dachend motioned for them to spread out and seach. He turned
his spectral vison on and seached the rooms. A most was occupied, some
where not. But non of them with people that could be Anne or Meiko. Hey,
now wait a sec, that little kid there, Anne was a littel kid, it could
very well be her, looked like she sleept. Somebody was using the
bathroom in the cabin. How would he get in with out being detectet.
Footsteeps made Dachend turn his head.

Mika walked down the hall with nimble cat steps. She stopped infront of
the door to hers and Emiko's room and pushed 
the botton to open it. She walked in and looked around. Mai was already
sleeping in the lower bunk, Mika giggled at the 
way the little girl was passonaly hugging her pillow "zzzz cute puppy
zzzz" she mumbled, Mika drew back in a offended 
way "hmpf Mika prefer kitten!" she sayd and froze, what was that,
something had made the small hairs in her neck rise. 
She checked the cabin. other than Emiko who was using the bath room and
Mai who was sleeping deeply, there was absolutly nobody in the cabine
but her and the two other. at least her human mind sayd so but her cat
instict sayd that there was something other than them. Mika squintet her
eyes and looked into the room, using every sense she had.

Dachend cursed mentaly, these animal/humans had a ability to see through
the best cover. To bad for her. He liftet his gun and placed the barrel
betwin Mika's eyes.
Mika thought that something moved infront of her, but before she could
react to her instict that told her to get the hell 
out of there. She felt a sharp pain in her forhead and then she couldn't
feel anything. 
Dachend sprang forward and grabbed the catgirl. Then quickly liftet her
into the bunk opposing the sleepping kid. Then 
he turned and got the stunner ready, if it was the right target. 
Dachend face faultet as he regonized the girl. Crap! He cursed silently
and kicked himself mentaly. He knew that this cat 
girl was one of Emiko's friends and the Mai being Emiko's sidekick would
ofcourse have to the kid in the bed. So obvius -you been a demon hunter
for to long old boy- he thought to himself.

Emiko walked out of bathroom "Mika is that you?" she asked and looked
into the bunk where the cat girl was lying on 
her side, with her face away from Emiko. Emiko pushed the her friend
lightly "hey shouldn't you change before you 
whent to sleep?" no answear. Emiko thought about waking her but didn't
really want to. Shrugghing she began to take her cloth of. 
Dachend opended his eyes wide as the Emiko shead her blause. Mentaly he
began to curse big time.                                
Emiko looked shortly at Mika again, Mika never sleept with her cloth on,
this wasn't normal she thought to herself as she 
pulled her pants off. 
As Emiko stuck a finger under the lineside of her panties, Dachend
startet on the letter Y in his curse vocabulary. Emiko 
was standing right infront of him stripping. She should just back on
steep and she would walk into him.
He whispered a silent thanks when Emiko removed the finger again and
graped a Tshirt and pulled it on. She then bend 
in over Mika to see if the was alright. If she was just sleeping she
could always fall asleep again. 
"Hey Mika, are you okay" nothing "Mikaaaa" she cued gently and shok the
other, nothing. Now really worried, emiko 
turned the other around and gasped at the others half open eyes meet
hers, the catgirls face was a  completly blank expresion. Quickly she
checked for breath and heart beat. And gaver a big sigh of releaf when
she found her friend was stabile but ucontious. Emiko thought a split
second then ran for the intercom, there was something very wrong. 
It was like running into a wall, just except there was no wall at all.
Just plain air. She could see the intercom from where 
she stood. But there was something there.
Pr instinct Emiko ducked and rolled back, hitting the door conrtrole and
was out in the hall in less than a second. She 
hesitatet a heartbeat, Mai was still in there. Then a high scream ran
through the hall. Emiko froze, it had sounded like 

Meiko stood with her hands infront of her face, in wide spread fear.
Anne was hanging like a rag doll in midair, just 
hovering there. "That's the other one, get her!" it came out of nowhere,
with a shriek Meiko slammd the door to the 
bathroom tight and locked it. With high *crack* the howle door shook
violently, she looked up and saw five holes in the 
metal, that then began to twist as the whole door was slowly pulled out.
Meiko pushed herself into a corner of the 
bathroom. As the door was halfway out, it suddenly stooped moving. First
now the sounds of fighting became apperant 
to her.

Eric stormed out of his cabine, he had been right, there had been
something. He cursed at himself. As he saw Anne 
seeming to fly down the hall way. Several other ACD's came out of their
cabines. "What the hell is happening!" 
somebody shoutet "we are being attacked" "I can't see anything"
"somebody sound the arlarm" Eric turned around and 
saw Emiko storming down the hall following  Anne. Eric had only taken
two steps before he saw his side man fall to the 
ground as if shot, althrough there was no blood. Eric rolled forward and
saw the small spects of electrisity that sprang of 
the wall. -Lectro guns- he thought, Akira stormed past him and after
Emiko, but he hadn't completet half the distanse 
before he was liftet into the air and thrown back. Eric blinked, they
where using somekind of sofisticatet camoflarse. This 
were profesionels. 
Eric looked around, four of the  twelv people around him where contious.
"Comon we have to get thise guys" he yelled 
and sprintet down the hall, After a few steps, a high arlarm echoed
through the ship "intruder alert! Intruder arlert" Eric 
turned a corner and saw a bundle of small dishes skidding, clattering
over the floor. Laser beames, shotting out from them, creating a wall of
red lines in the hall. Eric stopped dead in his traks "shit mines!"

Emiko ran as fast as she could, she had lost sight of Anne but she could
hear, the intruders foot steeps. As she turned a 
corner she saw Anne hanging in midair infront of a airlock. Two men
where lying on the floor in a heap. Quickly she 
jumped into the cover of a pipe. Then hearing somebody run by her. But
seing nobody.
"Shit they have locked all the airlocks" "overide it and do it
manualy!!" " I can't, they have made a block from the 
bridge" "..okay blow it" Emiko looked down the hall and saw how Anne
driftet away from the airlock. She then noticed 
the small objekt with the digitals on the middle of the door. The was a
high *PA-KUM* "GO!"  Emiko looked around 
the pipe again, she could see the smoke crawling over the figurs that
stood at the blown away door. The one holding 
Anne being the easiest to pick out. "Okay override this one" "can't do
it, completly sealed" "use magic then" Miko saw a 
flickering green light from airlock and heard the crackle of electicity,
then the high hiss of the outer hatch being opened, 
she jumped out of her cover and ran down the hall, just in time to see
the outerhatch close, catching a final glimps of 
Anne before it slammed shut. 

Dachend jumped into the pilot seat and released the beastcrafts hold on
the hull. PAX slowly falling away from from the 
Detrimental. As fast as he could fly without detection Dachend sneaked
away from carrier. When he felt that they where 
relativly safe he whent back to the passager compartment. "What the hell
happend back there!!" he demanded, Rifter shut 
down his suit and sayd "we thought that the kid here was alone, the
other didn't show up on infared" Ciny added "there 
was no water running, but if the moist in the bathroom was hot enorgh,
it might have consealed her body heat" Dachend 
growled " we have to hurry up and find Makendo and then we
have to get hold of the kid you missed" the 
others nodded. 
The was a bump as PAX landed on the Aberstein flight deck. Dachend
called to the bridge "this is Dachend, Evac! I repeat EVAC!" seconds
later there was a shimmer around the Aberstein and then it gone. Dachend
cursed he would have to contact Jerry about this. If the Genesis was
looking for the target to. And now both him and Dachends group had
possiblity of finding her. 

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