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Imperials Wars: Part 7

Help! Assitance from Dachend's friends!

written by Keon Christensen

[the Kircheis ] 
Dachend looked out at the dark space before him, it was nighshift on the
Kircheis, exept for the crew on shift every body 
was sleeping. 
The Wu was standing on the flightdeck that was completly desertet for
human activity.he looked through the magnetic 
barrier out into the black space. Pax hummed a little, as it could fell
it's masters dark mood. Dachend looked over his 
shoulder at the darkgreen beast craft that was standing betwin the other
fighters, then he looked back at the black 
He walked forward until he stood inch's from the barrier. Dachend mused
a little, to think that this thin wall of 
pressurised air moluculs keept in static, was the only thing that keept
him from a short, but very painfull experience. 
Dachend a moment wondered if decompression was like being blown apart.
He had been blow apart many times, even 
completly vaporised a time or two. he smiled a little, most people
thought that dying in a nuclear explosion was a horrible 
way to die. The detonation was nothing, the problem first startet if you
survived, Dachend hatet radioactivity, it could 
take weeks before his body had healed it's cell. It was  all a matter of
time. Dachend looked out into the void again and 
touched his Wu mark, the sign of his bless or curse. Sign of the void,
mark of nothingness. Dachend let his finger trace 
the letter, as a Wu he had no freedom, no soul and he didn't have a
Sanjiyan either. The only thing he had was time, all 
the time in the world.  
"Hey Dachend you seem a bit moody, what's wrong" Dachend looked down on
his friends red eye that had appeared on 
the back of his hand "I don't know Dracho-xian, it's just standing here
and looking out into the emptyness, makes me feel 
so...I don't know" the eye blinked "hey what's wrong that's not the
Dachend I know" Dachend smiled slightly "I mean it's 
been so long and some times I wonder if, there really was a time where I
could die, I had a soul.." he placed two fingers 
on the mark again "maybe I was born with this mark and these soulless
eyes, maybe I just made up the Sanjiyan to give 
myself a excuse for being like this" the red eye rolled "aw Dachend
comon, it's usualy me that says things like that, your 
the young one remember, young tender 500 years, I'm over 10000 years old
and you don't hear me asking questions of 
who I am" Dachend smiled, Dracho-xian was the best friend he had ever
had, they shared so many things, the red eye 
contiued "besides if your soul wasn't taken by your Sanjiyan how do
explain that tress of hair you have?" Dachend 
smiled, Dracho-xian always looked right through him when he was
emotionel. He pulled out the tress from the little 
inchantet statis shell he keept it in, it was as soft as he rembered it
and it still had a weak weak scent of her, he ran his 
finger over the hairs "I really miss her Drac" he sayd as much to
himself as his friend "I know Dachend, I know" the 
demon weapon replyed and pulled into his body again. 
Dachend seached through his mind, looking for the memory he wantet,
Dracho-xian had tried to teach him this techniqe, 
but he wasn't very good at it, there it was, he felt the compressed
sphear of thoughts and fellings. He opended it, the 
memory was as clear as the day he stored it.

[Some place in Dachend's past]
Dachend sat in the grass on the small hill, ignoring the cold wind that
blew over him, grumbling to himself. What kind of 
magic was that witch using at him, he had been so determinat to hate her
for the rest of his life for stealing his soul. But 
now he was only angry at her and even that he was beginning to doubt. He
was her slave, it was his duty to protect her, 
be her shield, but she was corcerned for him, tended to his wounds even
through she knew he would heal by himself. 
How could he hate her, when she aways was so friendly and caring, no she
was a three eyed freak a monster that had 
devoured his soul. But she had done it to save his life and she was so
beautifull... "Dachend?" he looked over his 
shoulder, he could see her slender silohet in the light from the stars
"what is it?" he grumbled unable to put the irritation 
in his voice he had wished to, she walked up to him and knelled down
beside him "it's cold and I'm frezzing a bit, would 
you mind if I sat with you" he was intending to say yes, but somehow it
came out as "no" she pulled in close to him and 
leaned her back against his chest, her soft hair brushing against his
neck. Dachend took a deep breath trying to ignore the 
intense shutter that whent through his body. They sat like that for a
moment, then she leaned her head back a little 
"Dachend!...look at the stares..they are so bright tonight, aren't they
beautifull" Dachend looked up following her 
pointing arm, yes the stares where very clear tonight. "Do you what that
star's name is?" she pointet at a certain cluster of 
stars, Dachend shok his head mumbling a "no" she giggled lightly and
brushed her hand against his face "it's your star 
Dachend, it's the guardian star, it protects the ones it shines over,
keeps them safe" she looked up at him and took his 
hand, her hand felling delicat and soft against his own hardend skin
"will you keep me safe?" the question was honest and 
innocent, what ever hatred Dachend had held against the Sanjiyan
dissappeared like dew in the morning sun "yes forever" 
Dachend uttert without a doubt in his mind, she leaned back and restet
her head on his shoulder and sighed happy, then 
driftet of to sleep. Dachend looked at the beautifull face knowing only
one thing, that he was helplessly in love with this 
beautifull triclops.

[the kircheis] 
Dachend looked up as he heard the intercom beep, he tapped it annoyed
"yes what is it" "sir! Jerry wants you on the 
bridge" "what's happening" "we are being approged by a group of vessels
are about to phase in" Dachend slid the shell 
with the tress of hair back onto the chain and put it around his neck
"I'll be there right away" 

Jerry looked up at Dachend as he entert the bridge "I really hope this
is the people you contactet" the seer, that was 
sitting with his eyes closed in concentrasion sayd with a completly
montom voice. "They are slowing down and preparing 
to phase in" Jerry nodded and Dachend walked up to a screen and looked
at it together with Plum. It showed the 
Kircheis and the Straussian fleet in the middle and the surounding
space. Plum pointet "theres one" there was small blip 
on the screen and then a dot appeared, then another small dot appeared,
then another and another, soon a cloud of small 
dots had appeared, Plum was about to say something, when there was a
deep beep and a big dot appeared followed by a 
handfull of more or less big dots. Plum looked at the screen with wide
eyes. Dachend just looked rather surprised and 
then he looked at Jerry and sayd with dry smile "well if they'r hostile
we in deep shit, if it's the headhunters, your credit 
card just expired" Jerry groaned. Plum staired at the screen with a very
nervous expression as the cloud of dots began to 
head for the  Strassian, Dachend smiled "it's the head hunters alright"
Plum gasped "is that, one ship?" Jerry looked over 
her shoulder and blinked in disbelief, a huge dot had appeared behind
the others and the whole fleet was now heading 
strait for the Strassian fleet. Jerry turned to a deck officer and sayd
"let's have'em up on visual" the big screen flickered 
alive and Jerry, Plum, Dachend and the rest of the commandcrew looked at
the fleet that neared them, the huge ship 
dwarfing the others ships that was scattert about them like small fish
around a whale. Dachend grined and pointet at the 
biggest of the ships "that's the Headhunter capital ship" Plum blinked
and sayd, not as calmly as normal "oh Sh*" but then 
caught herself in it "that thing's gigantic" Dachend nodded "it's a
mighty dragon class battlecruiser, the Abaddon" Jerry 
looked at a deck officer "how many are there?" the man looked at his
screen "there is the gigantic cruiser, 12 standard 
ships and then there's 17 of the small ones" Jerry nodded with a smile
"quit a fleet".   
The huge battleship stopped about five hundred meters beside the fleet,
even through the Kircheis was well in the middle 
of the group of ships, the juggernaut almost filled out the view from
the bridge (starwars empire music thankyou). Plum 
gasped "it's more than a mile long" Jerry nodded. "1700 meters if I
remember right" sayd Dachend, Jerry could see the 
heavy armoured surface that was covered with huge canon bastions, missel
racks, a little after the middle of the ship was 
a huge shielddoor that Jerry guessed had to be a hangar door, Jerry
noticed the big marking on the door, a clawed hand 
holding a skull. he looked at Dachend "will you be so kind to greet
them" Dachend nodded and tapped in some frequense 
codes, a man appeared on the screen. He looked avrage old, his eyes two
slits of blue and his mouth a strait line, giving a 
impression of athority, Plum thought to herself that here was a man that
was cut out to command and lead. then the man 
spoke out in a strange language as he saw Dachend, Dachend answearing
with a sly smile in what Plum guessed to be the 
same language. After a few exchanges of words Dachend gestured towards
Jerry and Plum "this is Jerry leader of this 
fleet and Plum his tactical advisor, they will be your superiors" the
man cocked a eyebrow and sayd in his dry voice "very 
well, Goodday sir" he nodded to Jerry "and miss" he bowed slightly
towards Plum "I am Christopher Shakobsa Captain 
of the Abaddon and temporary leader of the headhunter fleet at your
service, I report all ships 100% opperationell and 
ready for duty" Jerry thanked "would you mind if we came abord and had a
look at your ship" Christopher smiled "not 
the least sir, infact my men are already preparing a space bridge, You
can come abord as soon as you fell you have the 

Jerry looked at the tall man that stood before him, Christopher looked
like he had lived his whole life on the ocean 
instead of space. His skin was rough like leather, he looked granled and
hardned like a pirate. The man smiled and 
walked up to them, shaking Jerry's hand, Jerry noticing that his left
arm was artificial. Christopher then procceded to 
Plum that he gently took the hand that she had offered and kissed it,
then bowed slightly "miss please forgive any of my 
crew if they seem a little hystical with your presense, but it is a long
time since such a beautifull flower as you have 
graced this old ship" plum not totaly uncharmed by the man, blushed a
little, Dachend grined widely and Dracho-xian's 
eye peeked out at his forhead above his left eye, giving the impression
of a third eye. "Ha ha, Christopher you old pirate, 
still can't see a pretty face without having to play gentelman" the
captain looked at the Dracho-xian and natuly enorgh 
Dachend and sayd with a smile "well when the poor girl most put up your
dirty remark and Dachends bad manners, I 
should meen a little takt was at it's place" Dachend threw a sly smile
"same old Chris, havn't changed a bit" Christopher 
placed a hand on Dachends shoulder "and I can say the same thing about
you lad, in the words every meaning.." he 
looked shortly at Jerry and plum "..still no luck?" Dachend's smiled
dissappeared "no" he sayd dry "have faith my friend, 
you know as long as you live so does she" Dachend nodded, Christopher
then turned to Jerry and Plum "well let's head 
down to the bridge so you can see what the Abaddon is caparble of.

Jerry smiled, now this had really given them some chances to win back
Blucher. 17 small destroyers that could be used 
both for bording action and as atmousferic dropships. 7 frigats that
could be used as guard dogs and or for orbital 
bombardments or ship to ship battle. 3 carriers with almost a twohundred
starfighters in total, that could also be used in 
planetary attacks. 2 big cruisers. And at last the Abaddon, it was
gigantic, it might be slow but it could really deal a 
hammerblow of proportions. Jerry also liked the fact that there was 50
Reapers plus 30 Glitterboys on the flightdeck of 
the abaddon, both mechtyps capabel of both space combat and planet
drops, from the ship. Plum had already worked out 
several planes where the mechs could be used to make surgical strike on
the imperials on the planet. But the space 
Wyverns, now that was craft he had never heard of. 
Jerry looked after Dachend as he walked into the trasportater with Plum,
he had sayd that he would show her the 
Wyverns, while Jerry meet the ships mighty weilder.

Plum studied the tall black eyed man, out of the corner of her eye, it
was impossible to say where he looked when he had 
no pupils. He opende a door and they walked onto the catwalk above the
flight deck, the Reapers standing lined up along 
the wall like huge knights in darkgrey armour, the head hunter markings
on their shoulder guards. Plum took a moment 
too look down at the floor almost 20 meters below her. One of the huge
mechs that was manned at the moment suddenly 
turned and looked at her, Plum waved and the huge humanoid waved back.
˘Hey are you coming÷ a voice asked, Plum 
turned and looked at Dachend and Dracho-xian, the demon sword was
peeking out with itĂs eye on the left side of the 
WuĂs forhead. She hurried up and they crossed the cat walk and exitet
the Reaper hangar. 
They steeped into a elevator and drove up a couple of levels, Plum still
amazed by the shear size of the ship, as the door 
opende she asked Dachend ˘what kind of craft are the Wyvern?÷ Dachend
smiled sly and sat dryly ˘the Wyvern is not a 
craft÷ as if on cue a scream rang through the hall, that made the chills
run down Plums back (kinda like the alien scream)  
˘what was that?÷ she asked even through she already knew, Dachend
explained to the door guard why they where here 
and they was let through a big armoured door, before he asweared ˘that
was a Wyvern÷ he pointet and Plum gasped as 
she looked at a huge head, it had some dragon in it, but it looked more
slick, sinister. The huge head turned to the side 
and studied her with itĂs pupilless red eye. The head that was almost as
long as Plum was tall turned towards her again 
and bared itĂs teeth that was as long as knives. Plum stepped a little
back as the mouth opende slightly ˘donĂt worry he 
wonĂt bite÷ sayd a young masculin voice, Plum turned and looked at a
young man that stood beside Dachend, he smiled 
and ran through his long yellow hair ˘he may look a bit scary but Ariman
wouldnĂt hurt anybody unless I told him to÷ 
Plum smiled, but still stepped a little back from the beast.
She looked down through the room it wasnĂt as big as the reaper hangar,
each wyvern had itĂs stable. Plum studied the 
night black animals carapace covered bodyĂs, that glistert like they had
been just hatched. The Wyvern was a cross 
betwin a dragon and a snack. It had a long powerfull snack like body,
messuring over 15 meters from head to tailtip, on 
the middle of the long body was two strong clawed feet, that the animal
balaced around on, about two or three meters 
behind itĂs head was a set of sinewry wings. The whole creature was
shinning black, exepts for itĂs bloodred eyes.
Plum looked at the beasts, counting twenty. She looked at Dachend ˘why
do you have these animals as weapons÷ 
˘stealth÷ replyed Dachend ˘what do you mean?÷ Plum could see that as the
animals had no electronics or machinary it 
could be difficult to track, but still. Dracho-xian guessing what she
was thinking sayd ˘Well the space Wyverns have a 
strange natural ability that makes them impossible to detection,
magical, electronic or genetic. The only way to sense 
them is to see them÷ Plum smiled now this was getting better and

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